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  1. dom88 added a post in a topic I hate it when...   

    I hate it when...

    you can feel ppl staring at your acne/scars and then when you loook up they quickly look away. it drives me insane! they could at least be sly enough and look away before I look up. I just hate people staring at my acne/pigmentation/scars it makes me feel so self conscious!!


    all the time/money I've invested in trying to get clear skin ugh i dont even waNna think about it right now.

    ACNE SUCKS!!!!!! :/

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  2. dom88 added a comment on a gallery image <3   

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  3. dom88 added a post in a topic And So it Begins, The Changing of My Life   

    Hey tommy!

    I;m so happy to hear your skin is getting better!!!! its such an awesome feeling isn't it!?

    Well i look forward to your continued success!!

    Good Luck!
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  4. dom88 added a post in a topic 31, Afraid and Starting Accutane   

    Hey Carmelle!!

    So i read your log and just wanted to give you some words of encouragement. I was on accutane in 04' and my initial BO was very bad like yours so i know how it feels And you've been through so much In the past month or so! with your job and personal life and your handling it very well in my opinion you go girl!!! And then your interview at school WOW well its cool they picked you in a way ya know it means they like you and your work! And kudos to teachers!! My mother is currently disabled but she used to teach preK and damn what a job teaching is!! so hard! you guys are the unsung heroes of the work force!!! And from your last pictures your skin is looking much better so try to keep your head up. And i'll hope and pray your Initial BO is over!! Its such a horrible experience!! Well I wish you well and will be reading your log! & try to post some pics would ya!

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  5. dom88 added a post in a topic let's get this going already!   

    Hey nichole!!!

    well i read your log today and just wanted to say good luck with the proceess!! i know its been over a week for you but still wanted to say it!

    and I'm an accutane vet. Not a fun experience but worth it. And i must say you are taking your initial BO very well, your strong!! when i got mine i hated my face and the world! lol i was just really depressed and didnt wanna function so major kudos for that!!!

    and idk if someone has mentioned this but i recommend taking more fish oil. You said your taking three? I take 5-6 a day so you might wanna think about taking more, just a suggestion. Oh and look into zinc if your not taking that already. Thats beneficial as well. I'll be reading your log!

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  6. dom88 added a post in a topic Night only?   

    Hey there,

    well...i've noticed no one has replied so i'll give my input...

    well i'm a total newbie to dans products/regimen BUT my advice to you would be just to really try and stick with the 2x's a day of BP IF your acne is really severe. And about the dryness did you purchase some jojoba oil? that would help but not too much because if you overload on that stuff you could fry an egg on your face because it would be so greasy! another option is cerave<sp> its really nice as well for peeling/flakeness.

    If you do want to just stick with nightly use then i'm guessing your progress will take longer.

    But i;m no expert! Just thought I'd give you my advice. It kinda sucks when no one responds to posts you write!

    but lots of luck!

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  7. dom88 added a post in a topic Fish Oil Pills????   

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  8. dom88 added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Fish Oil Pills????
    So if this has been asked which i'm sure it has someone can just give me a link to the thread but if not....

    For those of you that take fish oil how many pills do you take daily?? Dan says he takes 6 a day i've been taking 5 a day and I'd like very much to start taking more. I read some girl takes 10+ a day. I love FO pills because how much inflamation it reduces on my face. But i just dont wanna take too much. Replies are appreciated!!!


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  9. dom88 added a post in a topic Good skin vs Good body   

    My opinion....I would say good skin..I'm satisfied with my body, i'm a size 3 5ft 1 but i'm constantly suffering from acne!! If a person was over weight they could at least lose it. There's no cure for acne
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  10. dom88 added a post in a topic New to   

    thank you so much ayeek! your response was very helpful and since i do have sensitive skin i think i'll do the aha every other night and after the first kit is gone then just use the aha as a moisturizer.
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  11. dom88 added a post in a topic New to   

    Thank you elsewhere for the speedy reply! and wow thats great to hear. Gives me hope!

    ANOTHER QUESTION FOR ANYONE: Is combining AHA & Jojoba a wise choice or will it affect the aha+ negatively? Has anyone tried that.

    (and thats me.)

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  12. dom88 added a topic in products   

    New to
    Hey everyone!

    I'm so incredibly happy I found Dan's site! I've been suffering from acne since I was about 12 or 13. At that time I had full-blown cysts all over my face that were inflamed and hurt like hell. That's when I went on infamous accutane.(sp) It cleared up the cysts and the other acne and I was only left with scars. Now I'm 20 and am no longer suffering from severe acne (thank god) but still have moderate acne which is frustrating because i have extremely fair skin which means even after a zit is gone I'm left with red marks. It's really frustrating when I have no zits on my face but the red marks are still there. <---- SO THERE'S MY STORY.

    I want to start buying Dan's products But I only want to use the cleanser, BP, & AHA+. I want to use the aha+ as a moisturizer to hopefully fade the red marks. I have very sensitive skin and I'm worried that the BP & aha+ together will dry out my skin. Should I purchase some jojoba oil as well and put that in the aha+ to reduce/stop dryness???
    Answers/suggestions/& advice in general will be GREATLY appreciated!!!

    again i'm so happy dan made this site. I know so many people have acne but its nice we can all come together and talk and give support to others!

    Thank You,
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