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  1. I just ordered some the other day bb ultra thin 30g syringes I got them from newegg there's only 10 in the package, before that i ordered from another site but they wanted a RX so I ended up buying the 10 pack since I read on the Internet that you don't need an RX for that amount I didn't even bother looking to see if they had a larger pack because of what happened on the other site.
  2. Have you tried the gycolic aha 10 percent from this site?
  3. I was in the same situation when my son was 17 years old I gave my son his first pill and after that decided to search on the Internet and told my son what I read. I let him make the decision I didn't want to be responsible if something happened, long story short he decided against it, there has been alot of ups and downs over the last 7 years not gonna lie but ever since he turned 24 his acne just stopped now we are just working on scars with peels and dermaroller/stamp.