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  1. winter09 added a post in a topic Is Genetic The Same As Hormonal Acne   

    I understand there is no cure, would ike to know if anyone with Genetic acne was able to control it with diet and vitamins.

    His father was on accutane back when there was no internet so had no idea what it was. trying to find another alternative for my son. .

    He is seeing a nutritionist right now he has alot of intolerance to differnt foods including eggs, wheat. oats, rye, and millet.
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  2. winter09 added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Is Genetic The Same As Hormonal Acne
    I have read several post of people clearing there acne using various methods diet vitamins ect ect, the post dont specify whether there acne was Genetic , Hormonal or just intolerance to certain foods.

    Is the treatment the same as far as vitamins and diet for both types?

    My son is 20 yrs old and has had acne since he was 17, his father had acne so I am assuming its Genetic.

    Has anyone cleared there Genetic acne with vitamins and diets or is accutane the only option?

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  3. winter09 added a post in a topic Tretinoin and Topical Antibiotic (clindamycin)   

    My son uses the clindamycin int he morning and the tretinoin at night thats how it was prescribed.
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