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  1. Afterlife of Proactiv

    You are the same age as my son 24 years old he still uses proactive plus been on it for years it never really cleared him completely back in June he had a flareup so I researched for vitamins that would help acne and came across some reviews for innate skin clear skin vitamins pack I ordered a double pack 2 months supply and was gonna give it at least 4 months to see if it would work he is currently on month 3. I don't know if its the vitamins or just that he is finally outgrowing acne but a couple weeks after taking the vitamin pack he stopped breaking out in the last 2 months he had 1 or 2 pimples max, he still uses proactive plus but like I said it really wasn't working. I ordered the vitamins on amazon it's cheaper when you get the double pack they are a bit pricey but definitely worth it , which I would have discovered them along time ago might have prevented alot of scars.
  2. If i where you I would not switch products not worth the risk of breaking out, my son used acne free years ago and it didnt work ,he has been using proactiv plus for a couple years he gets lazy with the product and has flare ups but out of the tons of products he has used proactive plus has been the best product. He gets his proactiv on ebay the prices are alot cheaper there he gets the 90 day bottles.
  3. My son just started this yesterday I boil water and add sea salt put in a spray bottle he sprays his face and leaves on for an hour or so before he takes a shower. He also uses proactive plus been on it for several years, in the last year his acne has significantly slowed down but when he turned 23 last month bang he got a really bad flare up out of nowhere right now he is dealing with that desaster hoping the sea salt will help calm everything down, it is a really cheap method so it's definitely worth trying .
  4. Covering up acne for men

    My son uses almay clear complexion concealer he takes a makeup wedge and breaks it in half and uses the rough side and just stipples a thin layer here and there, he doesn't use it all the time, it looks pretty nature when you stipple it on.