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  1. realangel added a post in a topic i feel so guilty   

    sad caroline, you may have to face the fact that the previously neglected horse may never get as fat and furry as you two well taken care of all their life horses. i don't think you are neglecting him but i think he is kind of like an adopted drug baby, he will need more attention, love and nutrition to fully thrive. if i were you i wouldn't feel guilty but i would give him his vitamins. soon enough he will be running around happy as can be like the other two, he just needs time.
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  2. realangel added a post in a topic I am picking and I can't stop!?   

    slap your hand
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  3. realangel added a post in a topic glycolic peels   

    sorry adam, don't peel. kentucky rn uses lactic acid peels at 40% gets them on the web, says it gentler than glyco.
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  4. realangel added a post in a topic whats a good cleanser made of?   

    i personally agree with jsbee, analogy was great, but that's me.

    what's in a great cleanser is not a question easily answered.

    there are many great cleansers out there. what works for some may not work for others.

    Mdawg, best bet is for you to experiment.
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  5. realangel added a post in a topic BP Facial Cleanser?   

    the important thing is that it works. give it some time, most docs recommend at least 2 months before you give up. botchlas regime might help you since you have those small bumps too. he uses a bp wash and an sa wash, the sa exfoliates the bp eliminates. they do work well together. if you gop that route a gentle version of each is probably needed with your sensitive skin. my skin is real sensitive too and i can't handle bp, maybe if the made a 1% but i've never seen one. it's too drying for me. lots of people can't live without it though, to each his/her own.
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  6. realangel added a post in a topic FOUND A GREAT PRODUCT!   

    jonyboy, what's in it?? thnx
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  7. realangel added a post in a topic BP Facial Cleanser?   

    you don't have to have stinging for it to work, are you seeing any improvement? my cleanser does not sting me. does it suds? i suds mine up and then let it sit on my face, or maybe try a bath and lie doewn so it won't slide off? as long as you are seeing results in your skin than what you are doing is cool. also even with mine it took prob 2 months before i really saw an improvement, so don't give up too soon. give it a chance to work. best of luck...
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  8. realangel added a post in a topic BP Facial Cleanser?   

    imo the bp wash alone should be enough, no need to wash with the baby soap too. i have a friend that has a problem with excema is about 38-45 i'd guess (i don't want to ask) anyway, she never had relief of the excema till using babywash, the liquid kind. if the bp gel is too irritating if i were you i'd probably mix it with a little babywas (dilute it) so it won't irritate as much till your skin gets used to it. as for how long you should leave it on my dr recommends about 2 minutes to allow the medicines to work (i use an sa wash though), don't know if bp has a better time frame. also if that doesn't prove to be enough you could always up the dose later, but esp with your sensitive skin, i would start out slow and low.. good luck...
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  9. realangel added a post in a topic BP has turned skin kinda strange...   

    the one dan recommends probably works well, eucerin, cause its got AHA's in it. Betterdays says he/she uses a different AHA, maybe his brand works better. AHA's are acids.
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  10. realangel added a post in a topic Moisterizes and Cleansers   

    i use a cleanser with sa, glycolic, vit e and vit a called Clear Logix. i have been using it for years. Kentucky Rn, you are right, it does cause dryness, in the beginning, if you stick it out, your skin will bould up a tolerance at which point it works great (the Clearlogix one does for me, not any others) at keeping the breakouts away and fading spots. Like almost any acne treatment you have to start slow though, maybe once a day or once ever other day and on the opposite day wash with babywash (that's what i did) or some other really gentle cleanser. hope this helps. I really got to say I came across this board months ago looking for my beloved ClearLogix cleanser cause for about 1 1/2 years here it has not been sold in stores. I finally found it online at cosmeticamall but was surprised when i first came to this site that noone mentioned it or where to buy it. I'm sure like everthing it won't work for everyone, but honestly for me it's the greatet stuff. They also make a cream/gel which when applied a couple times a day to any given spot, fades the spot to near gone in about a week. Another thread says they like the Herbal Logix cream and cleanser, both are made by the same CA company, but Herbal logix contains willow bark, which is basically a natural form of
    SA, that cleanser doesn't have some of the other ingredients though which is why imo it doesn't work as well, i tried that one of luck..
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  11. realangel added a post in a topic What do you think of this?   

    ps, i also use differin, probably 4-5 times a week at night, not bp, unfortunately my skin gets so dry on bp i can barely move my face...glad it works for you though!
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  12. realangel added a post in a topic What do you think of this?   

    the sa wash will fade the spots, but it takes time, maybe a lot of time. that's the gentlest way to go, other than that peels work great, but it may be difficult finding a strength that your skin can tolerate on the bp. i recommend professionel help here. i use a wash called Clear Logix which for me helps fade spots fast, it has sa, glycolic, vit e, and retinol (vit a), i find this cleanser works much better than anything else. i haven't tried the one you are using but i have tried clean and clear, neutrogena, avon, phisoderm, proactiv, etc, etc, etc, and truly this is the only cleanser i love. you can get it online at, or maybe where you are it can be bought at the store. also this really helps (so the threads say) Herbal Logix scar and spot creme, i think that's what it's called. i use the clear logix sa creme when i have a spot a couple times a day and in about a week it will be almost gone. good luck.
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  13. realangel added a post in a topic BP has turned skin kinda strange...   

    what better days said is true, you need some kind of acid to help with the roughness issue on bp, bp kills p.acnes, but doesn't help slough off the dead skin. you may even start to feel like there is some of cast over your face, but the acids will give you a well rested glow..
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