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  1. Its Time to give Up

    Redness is never permanent and without that your scars would be barely visible. Redness isn't all bad though as it also means that the scars are still healing and possibly filling in if there's any indentation to them at all.
  2. Laser treatment, need advices

    Treatment will of course be done on clean face so better to just go there with clean face imo. You probably can't wear make up for at least a day or two after the treatment (on treated area) but remember to ask about it if they don't tell how long you should go without. If they are professional at all they'll give you proper aftercare instructions  
  3. It's so minor I personally wouldn't do anything. But since you've had success with rolling how about using a single needle model to really just poke the scar area. I suppose a normal roller or stamp would mostly miss the scar since it's so small. I've had a good experience in skin care with vitamin c-serum ("c20"), which I think could also be useful in aftercare to promote collagen and to prevent pigmentation. Certainly no home subcision or you risk making things a lot worse  I'd hesitate to have that done even professionally for something so small.
  4. Frustrating acne

    Honestly I can barely notice the red marks even in your photos focusing on them.. I'm sure no one in real life would pay any attention to them. I think it's best to just wait for them to heal on their own. Treatments could just irritate the skin and make things worse... and they're mostly just waste of money anyway. If there's some actual hyperpigmentation some product with vitamin c or some sort of tretinoin/retinoid or a gentle chemical peel such as low potency glycolic acid could possibly speed things up a bit.
  5. what will help ?(pics included)

    You seem to only have mild acne and some redness. I think a tretinoin cream would work very well. But you'll probably need to visit dermatologist to get a prescription for one..  visiting one is a good idea no matter what. I certainly wouldn't poison whole body with accutane unless acne is severe cystic acne or nothing else works.