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  1. l33tpete added a post in a topic Emu vs Jojoba vs Manuka vs TTO... whats the diff?   

    thanks for the replies, went ahead and ordered some of the east cape manuka and emu oils.
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  2. l33tpete added a topic in Over-the-counter acne medications and products   

    Emu vs Jojoba vs Manuka vs TTO... whats the diff?
    Ok, so My skin just doesn't like the Neutrogena oil-free stuff mixed with BP.

    After a few days it just feels too dry and when i'm putting on the Neutro moisturizer, it feels like my skin is just burning. And then later on i'm red and flaking, and then by the end of teh day i'm just greasing out >.<

    i'm definitely yearning for more natural products like a lot of you guys (eventually i dream of like just using a cleanser only once a day or something )

    I've seen lots of peeople talk about using these different oil's in their regimens, but i'm not sure exactly how they all fit in to your guys' regimens. At first, when i read "oil" i think moisturizer but i'm not so sure after reading lots of these posts. Here's my guess from what i've read so far...

    Emu Oil - moisturizer or toner (dry skin??)

    Jojoba Oil - moisturizer or toner (oily skin??)

    Tea Tree Oil - like 5% BP replacement or cleanser ??

    Manuka Oil - like 10% BP replacement, exfoliating ..??

    Manuka Honey - exfoliator/moisturizer ???

    Really just want like a simple description of each, like what part they play in a regimen. I'm really wanting to try them since they sound more natural than BP or the ingredients in my current moisturizers. Also, if theres any problems / complications that can happen when mixing this stuff with the other things (i.e. SA, AHA's, BP) in regimens. Preciate any help on this, thanks
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  3. l33tpete added a post in a topic I have scars and want to tan but...   

    although i don't tan, if you think about it when was the last time you saw a guy laying out in the sun to tan himself? I remember trying to do it a few summers ago and i couldn't believe how girls can stand that, it freaking sucks!!

    whenever i see guys that are tan all over, they're either running around naked, or hitting the tanning salons man
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