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  1. jen0489x added a post in a topic What Did You Eat Today?   

    What I ate today: (All 100% Organic)
    530AM Cucumber, spinach, celery, parsley juice (32oz fresh pressed & organic)
    6AM 16oz blueberries
    730 AM Fresh pressed 14oz Carrot Juice & 14oz of fresh pressed beet, basil, apple & kale juice
    11AM: Kale salad with raw lemon vinagrette, blend of cucumber, spinach, onion, green peppers, apple cider vinegar, garlic, mint & cumin (Sooooooooooo delicious, oh my gosh) & coconut milk
    Noon: Lemon & Turmeric Juice Mangos
    2PM Collard vegetable wrap & dandelion pine nut salad
    4PM blend of cucumber, spinach, onion, green peppers, apple cider vinegar, garlic, mint & cumin
    6PM Lemon, Lime, avocado, stevia & coconut blended shake

    As a snack later I may have carrot sticks & fresh hummus
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    Clear skin, happy, active and confident
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  3. jen0489x added a post in a topic What Did You Eat Today?   

    freeliving, it was actually a pretty good amount of calories1 I'm sure over 2000, with the tahini in the hummus and the nut 'cheeses'. The amount of carrots/celery as well as the salad were VERY large portions. Trust me, I'm not starving. Always am sure to be very full and satisfied with my foods! I feel like I'm constantly eating, but I'm always getting amazing nutrients in my system.
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  4. jen0489x added a post in a topic What Did You Eat Today?   

    Morning: 2ounces of organic juiced ginger. 16oz of organic cucumber juice

    Afternoon: Arugula Salad with nut 'cheese' dressing, 32oz of water

    Dinner: Hummus and carrots/celery

    Snacks: 2 bananas, 1 bar of raw organic vegan chocolate, mmm
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  5. jen0489x added a blog entry in jen0489x's Blog   

    100% Clear
    Ok well my journey with spiro has been a long one. I've been on it now for over a year and a half. It helped me dramatically... changed my skin from being moderately severe to mild/moderate. Probably had an 80% improvement.. However, I yearned to be 100% clear. I finally added birth control, ortho tri cyclen, and also added differn .1% gel. Differin worked great for me in high school, but had to stop because I no longer had health insurance. Well, one and a half months into these new additions and I am 100% clear, and have been so for a week (and I'm on my period, no less!) My skin tone has dramatically improved, and my skin is great, no clogged pores, no whiteheads or blackheads... this has never happened to me before. I've also dramatically changed my diet in the past two months. I cut out gluten, dairy, and eat mostly leafy greens and daily green smoothies. I have never felt better or more confident in my life. Spiro is a wonderful drug, guys, and it helped clear me so much, but only now am I 100% clear. Spiro was a great step in the right direction though.
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  6. jen0489x added a blog entry in jen0489x's Blog   

    Just what I needed?
    Ever since I wrote my last blog, my skin has been perfect. Not one pimple. I think I really needed the added birth control to really step things up, and it's done wonders. While spiro cleared me up a lot, the birth control did that extra push to make things THAT much better, and I am left thrilled. I am so happy, so much more confident, and just yay
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  7. jen0489x added a post in a topic Drinking and Applying Apple Cider Vinegar   

    I'm the same age as you, and I loveee apple cider vinegar. I tried the Heinz version, the Braggs, and the Trader Joes. The Heinz version did nothing, and left a terrible lingering smell. The Braggs and Trader Joes both worked good in my opinion. Make sure you get one that is organic with "the mother". It really truely helps. I personally have grown to love the taste of this vinegar
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  8. jen0489x added a blog entry in jen0489x's Blog   

    Great, but not perfect.
    One year and five months into spiro, my skin has never been 100% perfect always. It has improve4d dramatically, and I appreciate it greatly, but it's just such a tease when my skin looks flawless for three dasys and then I get a few pimples. So, I just decided to go on birth control. I've been taking Ortho-Tri Cyclen for six days now, and it hasn't seemed to give me any adverse effects. I'm not terribly moody, not craving massive amounts of foods, and I haven't had any big pimples since being on it. I really hope this new step helps me achieving completely flawless skin, even though that's a lot to hope for.
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  9. jen0489x added a post in a topic WHAT IS THIS? I am so depressed!!   

    Do you think it could be folliculitis? I had that on the sides of my mouth going onto my cheek. I put Bacitracin on it all day when I was inside, and that really helped me.

    Don't feel depressed. I know, it sucks. We've all been there. I had some terribly severe skin problems, but you know what? After years of trying new things, I finally found out what worked for me and am clear. You will too in time. The time leading up to it is awful but keep fighting the fight and you will win.
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  10. jen0489x added a blog entry in jen0489x's Blog   

    1 year and 2 months on spiro
    Even when you think a medicine is perfect for you, it gets better! This week before my period, I only got one teeny tiny pimple. A speck. Wow. What happened to the numerous cysts, clogged pores, pimples, blackheads of a little over a year ago? My skin's looking great. I even go out without makeup. It's incredible. I feel so much more confident. My redmarks are fading, my skintone has a glow. Spiro just keeps improving even a year later!
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  11. jen0489x added a post in a topic powder foundations   

    I loooove Physician's Formula Mineral Illuminating Duo loose powder. I have been using it for dang, almost five years now. (well, the original for four and this new illuminating duo for one) It's a great deal of product for your money, and it's a mineral foundation. It is sold almost everywhere also, so it's convenient. But yeah, I've tried every drugstore mineral makeup, as well as Bare Minerals, and this, in my opinion, is by farrrrr the best. I love the duo one more than the original, as it gives more of a pretty glow and radiance to my skin. This powder gives medium coverage, and has great staying power.
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  12. jen0489x added a post in a topic Omega 3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids   

    I have been taking ground flax seeds for about a month now in my yogurt every morning. I really believe this was a great contributing factor in my improved skin tone, reduced acne and reduced redness. My skin looks better than it has in ages! I have tried flax before, but not on a constant basis. I hope my skin keeps looking as great as it does today with the added omega 3's.
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  13. jen0489x added a blog entry in jen0489x's Blog   

    Skin is still flawless :-D
    Well, one year and almost two months since first embarking on this journey with spironolactone, my skin is perfectly flawless. I am so happy. Anyone considering spiro, please try it. It can really change your life in dramatic ways. It is so nice to not have to hide my face, put hair over my skin, turn around when people look at me, and sit all day inside while having a bad breakout. Looking at photos of myself from then, my acne was completely awful. I had about 4-5 cysts at a time, and numerous smaller pimples spread throughout my face. Now? Nothing Except for the week before my period, where I usually only get one or two small pimples. I feel so confident, so free. For the first time in my life, I let someone see me without makeup, my boyfriend of two years. Want to know what he said? "Oh my God you look so amazing without makeup, never wear makeup again you're naturally stunning". That was the best thing I've ever heard in my entire life.
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  14. jen0489x added a post in a topic Do the side effects from Spironolatone decrease?   

    It'll go away with time! It did for me!! But do you take it with food?
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  15. jen0489x added a blog entry in jen0489x's Blog   

    Clear :)
    One year and one month since being on spiro, and right now, my skin is perfect. I have some redmarks, but no active acne. I only get acne now the week before my period. I would looooove to figure out how to stop that, but whatever. This time last year, I looked like such a different person. My face was FULL of acne, I rarely left the house... NOW? I love going out, feeling much more confident and happy! My moods are so much better now, and I get to LIVE! I don't have to worry anymore. Life is mine now. I love living it without the stress of acne. I don't even remember a time in my life that I haven't had to worry about acne. Since I was 11/12, I have been getting pretty bad acne, and now being 21, it is so nice to just wake up and not be terrified of being seen without makeup. Spiro is a true lifechanger, and I am thrilled.
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