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  1. Scars On Forehead And Nose, Orange Peel

    hey I still have it, I think it's like the skin ist permanent damaged on the nose. Very, very thin skin. On my foread I used dermaroller and it got better, but it's not completly gone. I really believe if something helps than it's microneedling, but I went to an doctor in cologne, who said they do medical needling, but it was just 0,5, which is not deep enough I think to help. I just went there because they have the pen, I think its better than the roller.
  2. Scarring

    I'm so depressed again. I had one scar in my face for more like a year and I thought maybe it will take a year to fully heal but I think it wont go away on its own. Sometimes you cant see it and in the near it doesnt look bad but under special light I'm so scarred that it maybe hypopigmentation or is that still the healing process when you see white borders around it? Af if that isnt enough I've accepted that my forehead still has big pores or scars but i tried to ignore that but when i talked to someone I said that i had acne when i was young and he said: yeah if I look at your forehead I can see that u had bad acne... no one ever told me that. All the others are lying, cause I haven't pointed my scars to him. He saw it himself. I though I had improvement from dermaolling but maybe he was just honest. Feeling so bad again.