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  1. Scar Journey

    Maybe I am a bad example but a lot scar treatments turned out horrible. My first needling wasn't that great cause the doc was too agressive and gave me new scars from it. I got dermaroller treatment in a clinic and the results were stunning but after weeks it looked normal again. A little better maybe. I did it 3 or 4 times there. I thought i Have to do it a lot to see improvement but every single needling session costet me like 200 euros. The doc wanted to sell me obagi products. Which i do not believe in to be honest. And last time I went to a doc who did dermapen cause it cant create more damage - I thought. Now, new scars again. Maybe i should stay with this scars cause otherwise i would have seen improvement. The only thing I wanted to know is if someone had really sucess with tca peels cause I've never tried it out and if its more risky than rolling. Cause you always look for different treatments. But at the end of the day theres no real solution. And i always read about different scar types but to be honest I dont know which type of scarring i do have. I put some pics here and would like to hear what type it is. And please avoid things like it doesnt look that bad or something. Cause for ME it's a big deal. I think we all want to have good skin. And there will always be someone with better skin or worse.
  2. Uneven forehead texture (pics)

    right now I am so scarred of beauty salons and docs becaue I thin they dont give a fuck about what they do to us. I once went to a botox party (yeah crazy i know) but there was a guy who said hes a doc but he wasnt one. But he could clearly see my damage and I am sure he can fix that but hes in jail right now. The real docotrs I went to caused even more damage and just want to make easy money. I'm feeling so bad right now because of my skin texture and the new scar an beautician caused. Actually there are two new scars. I think it would be much better to have some scars and not that bad texture too. Sometimes I feel my skin looks like an orange or something. Even my brother said one time my skin looks like outmeal. I once got injected silicone1000 in one area and actually it looks better. I wish i had done it a second time. But here in Germany nobody does that prcedure. It can't get badder now so I'm not scarred of injections going wrong.
  3. Scars On Forehead And Nose, Orange Peel

    I know that my forehead was the only place I had acne before. And there were a lot, but why are there lines and stuff. I can't explain why there are those mini dots. Some people got this look after a terrible laser experience Ive never heard that. But I put on thousands of creams from the derma maybe they caused the problem? I did some dermaroller treatments and they worked a little but I think it's risky too. Even got new scars from it and I thought that dermapen is better and I did something a few days ago and now I see a new line on my froehead dont know if was there before but now it catches my eye and i definetly got some small line from it too, which was definetly from the dermapen. My life is like a roller coaster right now. Sometimes I think I need to accept this crap maybe it will fade alone. The funny thing is some small scars disappeared when I didn't have thought about it. Maybe thats the key. But right now I think theres nothing to fix anymore. Some other crap happened last year to me. One Idiot scratched my face and I even have a line on my cheek. And my cheeks are the only place where i had almost zero scarring. Sometimes I feel ok but then I see special light in my face and I can cry. All this skin shit is getting on my neves. Because I have a horrible Face too and I think when my skin looks better, I'm more like normal looking. In December I wanted to get my nose done but dont know if thats something that would make me look better cause i Still look like an orange with that weird texture
  4. Scars On Forehead And Nose, Orange Peel

    I dont have this weird skin on my cheeks. Its more like on my forehead. Like thousand dots and lines. I wish it would be just a layer of dead skin and I could remove that. But its not that easy. I think its permanent damage from my acne past. But I dont know why the scarring is superficial. Yes, I think doctors and stuff just like to treat people with deeper scars and if you "just" have a weird texture they say thats not bad. If I compare to myself to all the other young people than my skin is much worse.
  5. Uneven forehead texture (pics)

    mine looks similar. Under direct light it looks okay but under dark light it looks like I have thousand clogged pores or something. Just got some improvement after 3 dermaroller sessions. But some of them and even the dermapen experience left new scars. So i dont know if thats the right way of treatment.
  6. Damage from Dermapen

    I dont know if theres a reason for my panic but I had a Dermapen treatment a few days ago. I got one very small new line scar from it which you cant even see in photos and maybe it will fade but I have this super weird new line on the side of my forehead or maybe thats normal and just a wrinkle. Dont call me crazy but I want to know what that is and if thats too a damage from the dermapen treatment I had.