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  1. adamrodriguez added a post in a topic Shaving and Acne   

    never take a razor to acne lesions, you will create a red scar that will last for a long long time.
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  2. adamrodriguez added a post in a topic What is this? and How can I improve it *pic included*   

    I personally believe what you intake has nothing to do with acne, although fatty acids like primrose are good to keep the normal moisture, most of the time acne is due to what you put on your face. So with that in mind youll probably have alot more success in changing whatever you are using topically rather then trying to solve it internally.
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  3. adamrodriguez added a post in a topic The Regimen That Works   

    i already took before shots about 4-5 days ago
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  4. adamrodriguez added a post in a topic The Regimen That Works   

    ill be posting before and after photos in a month in this thread, its only been 3 days i know but i already see a huge difference in my complexion. Im just sharing how well aloe vera has helped other people in this thread and other threads, but ill be showing my results in 28 days.
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  5. adamrodriguez added a topic in Personal logs   

    The Regimen That Works
    I have been painstakingly trying to figure out how to improve my dull, lifeless, acne ridden, red, oily, flaky complexsion for a few years. I have tried Dan's Regimen, Acne Practice Regimen, AHA, Scrubs, Sea Breeze Astringent, CeraVe, Cetephil, Several Organic Oils and Cleansers.. you name it i tried it. Along the way i started noticing the more cleansers and soaps i used the more oily and dry i've become (some more than others), so i started searching for a cleanser that didnt contain chemicals, exfoliators, oils and soaps. And i found one!

    It's a deep pore cleanser that is a gel, its all natural and produces no lather like ordinary soaps (remember, the more a cleanser foams or suds, the more damaging it is to the stratum corneum, the top layer of your skin, when the stratum corneum is damaged it tends to produce more oil/dryness and more acne breakouts). The cleanser is called L'Bris Pure N' Natural Deep Pore Cleanser, i use it with a nice sponge that the company provides. I use the deep pore cleanser because my skintype is oily/combination/normal skin (most people have this type), if you have normal/dry/sensitive skin there is a Gentle Cleanser the company provides. Basically all their products contain Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel and other natural ingredients, the company is very strict on what goes into their products and strive for 100% natural yet still provide amazing results.

    Basically just use this Deep Pore Cleanser 1-2 times everyday, one in the morning and one before you goto sleep. Just a nickel sized amount on your fingers, rub the stuff around, and with warm/tepid water under the shower just gently rub again with your fingers to get the gel off, use their sponge gently wiping the face in downwards strokes all over the face and rinse again then pat dry. Thats it! I do this once everyday and i have seen amazing improvements in my complexion and basically the way it looks and feels. I am indeed less oily, less dry and red/irritated. The red dots (non pustile acne) on my cheeks is completely gone and the blackheads on my nose have been reduced and all of this occoured with in 3 days!

    Aloe Vera is called a miracle plant, its been used by Ghandi as a health supplement and Cleopatra as her beauty secret. Aloe vera has been proven to heal cuts, scrapes within weeks and burns ranging from sunburns to 3rd degree burns. Aloe vera has been used for major wounds and has healed many with no visible signs of scarring. It's also been proven to cure such things as eczema and psoriasis, which is one of the skin disorders that has been said to have no cure. Lbri's products it cure complexion problems ranging from redness, itchy skin, enlarged pores and blackheads, wrinkles, acne, dry skin and etc.

    Aloe vera is one of the greatest moisturizers on the planet, it renews skin cells and protects and moisturizes the cells. This makes all the skin cells in your face work properly and allows normal cell turnover to continue giving the skin a flawless glowing complexion that isint dry/oily or dull.

    Modern acne treatment tells us that harsh chemicals like benzoyl peroxide, rubbing alcohol, petroleum oils are good to maintain a flawless skin complexion. However everyone is beginning to notice that this isint true in the majority of cases! Oils chemicals and alcohol are the enemy of skin, they make the skin age faster and makes skin more vulnerable to irritated, dehydrated, oily acne and large pores/blackheads. So if you are fed up with products containing these things only leaving your skin worse off then when you started you should atleast try L'bris Deep Pore Cleanser (or the gentle cleanser for people with normal/dry/sensitive skin) and just try it out for a week and see if you notice any change in your skin condition... the cleanser l'bri provides is best when coupled with either their oil-free moisturizer (oily/normal/combination skin) or their gentle moisturizer (dry/normal/sensitive skin).

    There is another company i have my eye on that also base their products solely on stabilized aloe vera gel, they are called Forever Living Products and they have an excellent product called "Aloe Vera Gelly" in these cases it has cured severe 3rd degree burns on a woman's face and there was no sign of scars. Another patient used this gel for Psoriasis on his entire body, he is now 100% cured from psoriasis! Don't believe me? watch the video below.

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  6. adamrodriguez added a comment on a gallery image Just a picture, Nothing special   

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  7. adamrodriguez added a post in a topic Seriously, this isn't working   

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  8. adamrodriguez added a post in a topic whats the dumbest thing you've ever done to your face?   

    that reminds me, i used to use those scrub things that girls use to get makeup off, huge mistake!
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  9. adamrodriguez added a post in a topic whats the dumbest thing you've ever done to your face?   

    the dumbest thing i ever did to my skin was put sea breeze on my skin, it has alcohol and completely dried out my face and didnt recover for about a few days of alot of moisturizer. The 2nd thing was put BP on my face, it turned my skin into an oil slick, got a bunch of red bimples, and made my face completely red for a day and a half.
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  10. adamrodriguez added a post in a topic Help me help my hubby pls!   

    before taking advice from complete strangers online, i suggest you let your boyfriend deal with it instead.. he will probably resent you for trying to solve a problem as emberrasing as acne. All chemical acne products, antiboitics and medications will eventually stop working.. and your husband will start back from square one... just remember that. The best thing you can do is go natural, read my article below.
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  11. adamrodriguez added a post in a topic About BP   

    i think aha is better then BP with acne and blackheads, its less damaging then BP imho
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  12. adamrodriguez added a post in a topic About BP   

    its best only on pimples and blackheads and NOT all over the face... your face isint a pimple now is it? you shouldnt put BP on clear skin areas.. just clean normally
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  13. adamrodriguez added a comment on a gallery image hate hate hate!   

    pls just go away...leave me scarred but dont stay
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  14. adamrodriguez added a comment on a gallery image P1030170.JPG   

    This is a picture of my back a month after its WORST. I had just had a baby and my hormones were going crazy and it got horribly bad. I've always had back acne problems and after I gave birth it just got really bad. I took a picture the day I started a new regimen. I washed with PanOxyl Bar Soap every day and put Benzoyl (lots) peroxide on my back every night at bed. This picture is 70% better then what it was when I started. I recently started a Chemical Peel (30%) to remove scars. They did a test spot first to make sure I would scar. The test spot scars are alot less, and I haven't gotten a pimple on the spot they tested. That was over a month ago.
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  15. adamrodriguez added a comment on a gallery image IMG00155.jpg   

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