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  1. gMARIAs added a post in a topic After reading Sweetjade and a dozen of veteran members... I figured why acne occurs (why it starts during puberty)   

    You always seem to beat me to it, alternavista!

    I will add that cutting out harmful junk food is not the end of your social life. Your friends want to go our to a restaurant? Order a salad. It's not that difficult and in time, your taste buds and body will adapt. I never fully understand why people automatically assume that they can't have a social life without eating garbage? I go out with my boyfriend all of the time as well as my friends. Nobody thinks I'm weird. Nobody tries pushing stuff onto me. I don't eat crap even if they do and it's still sociable.

    If your friends are trying to sabotage your healthful endeavors, then they aren't friends worth having.

    You can enjoy life and good food without such foods being junk. So I'll repeat what's already been said:

    - The liver is not the sole reason for acne and treating it alone probably won't "cure" you.
    - Acne often occurs from a combination of things and the best way to combat it is to live your life in a healthy manner with proper diet, exercise, sleep and sunlight.
    - You need to eat a well balanced and rounded diet consisting mainly of unprocessed meats, fruits, veggies and nuts. You may even be one of the lucky folk who can tolerate whole dairy such as plain yogurt on occasion. You need to cut out things like processed sugar, excess gluten, trans-fats, soy and dairy (except perhaps in small amounts of the full fat stuff)
    - You can lead a perfectly normal social life and eat some damned good food while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
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  2. gMARIAs added a post in a topic What Did You Eat Today?   

    Lunch: Large vegetable mixture of sugar snap peas and carrots
    Dinner: baked sweet potato with salt and butter + roast beef.
    Dessert: 8oz of Chocolate Amazing Grass Superfood mixed with 1/2 banana + Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk.
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  3. gMARIAs added a post in a topic Success Compilation Thread   

    I probably should have done this sooner!

    I actually managed to clear up my acne in January of 2010 after having varying degrees of it for a good 12 years. I cut out all grains, processed sugar, dairy, soy and dramatically reduced processed meats. I consume meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts. I've experimented with various food options and have always reverted back to these basics. I did, however, discover that putting small amounts of organic cream into my coffee wasn't a problem, but all other dairy was. I do tend to eat most of my fruits and veggies raw, as when they are cooked, I don't seem to get the same energy boost. Still haven't quite figured that one out yet.

    I do not take any supplements and I follow a moderate exercise routine - and by routine, I mean I do it when I want to. This typically involves 30 minutes on a treadmill whilst watching a show of some sort in the Winter and Summer, some push ups, lunges, squats and mild yoga. The walks typically take place outdoors in the Spring and Fall. When weather permits, I hike on the weekends.

    When I started eating this way, my skin was quite literally clear of active acne within one week. Within about 2 and a half weeks, it was 100% clear.
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  4. gMARIAs added a post in a topic One sweet potato with every dinner = clear *update May 2001 - Doesn't work anymore*   

    Fruits and vegetables ARE carbohydrates and just because someone isn't gorging themselves on tons of calorie dense carbs doesn't mean they're starving. Fat is an excellent fuel source for the body.

    As far as sweet potatoes are concerned, they've never really seemed to offer any immediate affects on my skin. They're nutritious and taste wonderful mashed or as breakfast potatoes, but even before I cleared my skin, eating them regularly never seemed to help.
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  5. gMARIAs added a post in a topic be careful with apple cider vinegar   

    I've heard of several instances in which people have had negative reactions to topical (even diluted) ACV.

    I used a VERY diluted ratio a while back. It was maybe 25:75 because I know my skin can be sensitive. It STILL burned my skin. I also drank it diluted with water. It had a nice placebo affect at first, I think, but never really did much for me.
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  6. gMARIAs added a post in a topic What Did You Eat Today?   

    Ugh great. Thanks alternavista - now I'm craving both cinnamon sweet potatoes AND hot cocoa! I have discovered how delicious cocoa can taste in a piping hot cup of almond milk. Heavens - I may have to skip my morning coffee and go for that instead. Though the sweet potatoes we have on hand are for Thanksgiving, so I'll have to pick one up for myself later.

    I didn't eat too much today:

    -leftover grilled chicken strips for breakfast
    -spinach salad with chicken, black olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and olive oil for lunch
    -some ground beef with onions and garlic (my folks had actually prepped some for spaghetti sauce, so I snagged some before they smothered it in Prego and topped the pasta)
    -1 banana nut muffin (made with almond flour)

    I've really gotta get a sweet potato...

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  7. gMARIAs added a post in a topic water only   

    Nobody is telling you to change your diet. I'm merely suggesting it. I'm also merely pointing out that unless your acne is STRICTLY and SOLELY being caused by topical solutions, then just using water is NOT going to clear your skin up entirely nor permanently.

    If you only wanted to see who had tried this method - then use the search bar. There are more than enough topics about this same practice. There's a huge one called "Caveman regimen" that may offer more insight.

    You made a topic about using water only and I responded with water only will only work if your acne is caused simply by topicals. This is rarely the case. I HAVE used water only - and I did it while eating a "balanced" diet of whole grains, dairy, and processed foods labeled "healthy choice". It did absolutely NOTHING for my skin.

    I support the idea of not using a ton of topical solutions - but I also don't think it's going to help much in the end for most people. (you'll be in the minority if it actually works for you)

    People offend too easily

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  8. gMARIAs added a post in a topic water only   

    Almost all acne is internally caused. Just because a route is easier doesn't mean it's the best.

    Most external routes merely treat the symptoms. It's always best to try to find the root cause and more than likely, the root is internal. So why would you spend months trying to externally treat a problem whose chances of actually BEING external are slim?

    I believe the best approach to be both. Fix your diet and overall health while eliminating harmful chemical topical solutions - simply because you shouldn't be slathering these things on your face in the first place.
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  9. gMARIAs added a post in a topic water only   

    Have you cut out refined sugar? Have you cut out gluten? Have you cut out grains? Have you cut out fruit? (some people have sensitivities to it) How about soy?

    Cutting dairy alone may not have an impact if you're still consuming other things that your body is sensitive to. Cutting out dairy, for instance, isn't going to clear your skin if you're still consuming gluten and are sensitive to it. It's also not going to clear your skin if you're still bombarding your body with high glycemic foods and screwing up your blood sugar.

    Like I said - it could easily be that topicals are causing your skin to break out. If topicals are the sole purpose of this, then ceasing them would inevitably clear you up. If you find, however, that you're still breaking out - then the problem is an internal one.
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  10. gMARIAs added a post in a topic water only   

    "Always having it" doesn't mean it's NOT caused by hormones. It could be hormonal. It could be foods you're sensitive to. It could be stress and poor sleep. and yes, it could be because of the crap you were slathering onto your face. It could be a lot of things.

    Define your diet changes. A lot of people tend to assume they're eating healthier than they actually are. The mainstream idea of healthy is an absolute joke.
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  11. gMARIAs added a post in a topic water only   

    Nobody said always. :/ I said for the most part...

    Nobody mentioned hormones either. Hormones are merely one potential cause of acne. There are several other internal factors that can contribute. An internal problem requires an internal solution.

    Using water only will not clear your acne if it is caused by hormones, allergies, or other internal issues. Period. If may, however, aid in clearing you if your acne is caused by or exacerbated by topical solutions.
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  12. gMARIAs added a post in a topic water only   

    An external solution will not fix an internal problem.

    Water only may work if topicals are causing irritation and acne. But for the most part, an internal solution is necessary
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  13. gMARIAs added a post in a topic Negative Health Implications of Low-carb Diets   

    1. (this is perhaps more of a question than a problem). Will someone please define how this "higher risk" is measured? What are they comparing these to? If I eat a ton of red meat - then my risk of developing cancer increases by 1/3 as compared to what? What is the other 2/3? That and how is this figured in the first place? Are these scientists somehow able to determine that our cells show signs of future cell division abnormality?

    2. Most articles posted was strictly talking of red meat, not meat in general. As was the second. One of the proposed ideas as to why red meat may cause colon cancer isn't the meat itself but the PRESERVATIVES in the meat - which seems a great deal more likely.

    3. The one article mentioned that chicken also produced HCAs as did red meat. Chicken has yet to be "linked" with colon cancer.

    3. The article about cancer among blood cells does not take into account other dietary factors and does not include information as to what kind of meat. For all we know, they could be referring to people who eat mostly hot dogs and bologna which would be more likely to cause health complications than organic grass fed beef. Actually, none of the studies take these factors into account. Nor does it account for mere chance or genetic disposition.

    4. Correlation does not automatically mean causation. ie. A woman lives to be 120 yrs old. Scientists study her habits and notice that she drank a cup of carrot juice everyday for 75 years. Does that automatically suggest that drinking carrot juice daily for several years will singularly keep you alive longer? Not at all.

    5. The paleo diet consists of meat, fruit, nuts and veggies. This does not mean that everyone who eats a paleo diet consumes mostly meat.

    6. 1 week is not a sufficient time span to measure someone's health improvements nor degeneration. It takes longer than a week for a body to adjust to using fat for fuel. I also must mention that the body runs on glucose and if necessary, the body is able to and will convert fat and protein into glucose. The study mentioned also does not explain what TYPES of foods these people were eating. Paleo foodists may also consume fruits - which are clearly carbs. And in personal experience, my mind cleared and memory improved once I cut most of them out.

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  14. gMARIAs added a post in a topic paleo diet   

    I don't have an allergy to wheat, dairy, refined sugar or soy yet these things all break me out.

    It's not just about intolerance. It's about hormones, inflammation, blood sugar and so on (these things are typically interconnected)
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  15. gMARIAs added a post in a topic paleo diet   

    Note taken.
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