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  1. Starlite added a post in a topic Does Tca Cross Work?   

    Well, every skin type is different. I have thin skin. I've read reviews on this board of people reducing or eliminating their ice pick scarring with TCA cross. Ice Pick scarring is very difficult to treat, and TCA cross is one of the more effective and cheaper methods of treating it.
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  2. Starlite added a post in a topic Does Tca Cross Work?   

    I believe it depends on your skin type. Thicker skin tends to respond better, from what I've read. Ice pick scarring around my brow where the skin is thicker responded well and almost disappeared after three treatments. My cheeks and forehead did not have stellar results.
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  3. Starlite added a post in a topic Treating Very Severe Scarring   

    Hey OP! Thank you for sharing your pictures! It makes me want to try that laser! I've had three subcisions and the most improvement has been from combining subcision with laser. The scars got untethered and the laser promoted collagen production. Can you suggest that to your doctor? I'm a also considering subcision and filler, including fat transfer. I've experienced loss of volume as a result of some of the procedures I've tried, on the other hand, subcision combined with filler would be cheaper and require less downtime.
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  4. Starlite added a post in a topic How Do I Convince My Mom To Let Me Go On Accutane?   

    Show her the pictures in the scarring thread on this site.

    Seriously, I am 31 and still struggle with acne scarring. Scarring is MUCH harder to treat, and very expensive (I've already spent a couple of thousand dollars and will probably spend more.) I WISH I had gone on accutane as a teenager!
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  5. Starlite added a post in a topic Mixto Sx Co2 Fractional Laser Surgery Diary: Asian With Ice Pick Acne Scars On Cheeks/temples.   

    Well, every doctor has their own idea on how to treat acne scarring. I went to one doctor who pushed dermabrasion which seemed like it would be a disaster for my skin, since I'm thin and sensitive skinned and Fitzpatrick 4. I think it's good that your doctor is suggesting treatments that he genuinely believe will help, but from my perspective TCA cross is worth a try because it is a less expensive/invasive treatment. Did he tell you why he prefers not to do punch excision or punch elevation?

    I'm also happy for OP! I've been debating whether or not to try Mixto and have been hearing nothing but positive reviews on this laser.
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  6. Starlite added a post in a topic Mixto Sx Co2 Fractional Laser Surgery Diary: Asian With Ice Pick Acne Scars On Cheeks/temples.   

    I know that I'm Fitzpatrick skin type 4. I think my skin tends to be a little lighter.
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  7. Starlite added a post in a topic Mixto Sx Co2 Fractional Laser Surgery Diary: Asian With Ice Pick Acne Scars On Cheeks/temples.   

    TCA cross was INVENTED by a Korean doctor, and was widely practiced by Asian doctors before it made its way over to the United States. The original studies and before/after pics were performed on Asian skin types.

    I'm Hispanic and have never had complications or hyperpigmentation from TCA cross. African American skin types may be different though.

    It takes about six rounds of TCA cross before you're supposed to see results. Depending on the person, results can be mild or dramatic.

    I've tried TCA cross. Saw the best improvement around the bridge of my nose and the least on my nose and cheeks. That makes me think it works better on people with thick skin.
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  8. Starlite added a post in a topic Mixto Sx Co2 Fractional Laser Surgery Diary: Asian With Ice Pick Acne Scars On Cheeks/temples.   

    I think punch excision or TCA cross might have been better for the kind of scarring you have. subcision is usually ideal for rolling scars, not ice pick. I'm happy you've had improvement. Maybe try TCA cross for continued improvement.
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  9. Starlite added a post in a topic Scarred Pores On Nose   

    I have the same problem. They've improved over the years, but are still noticeably big.

    I remember someone on this forum mentioning botox....there are lots of tiny muscles around the nose. Maybe combining botox with a laser resurfacing/fractional laser would help.

    I also came across this:

    "Intradermal Botox (Botox injections in the skin) is a very safe and effective way to reduce the size of pores. In addition the skin gets a nice tightened tone and smooth "matte" appearance and texture to it. Results last 4-6 months and are very satisfying with no down time from the injections. Dr. Kamran Jafri"

    I think combining this with laser could help.
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  10. Starlite added a post in a topic Airgent For Acne Scarring   

    Maybe he didn't treat aggressively? Or maybe there was a different amount of HA injected.

    The first couple of subcisions I heard hardly any sound when the scars were getting untethered. This last time I heard a lot more on the side of my face where the scars are the worst/deepest. I had assumed it was fat loss but the scarring was just that bad.
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  11. Starlite added a post in a topic Recell Spray On Skin For All Scars   

    Ernesto had recell combined with subcision and Fraxel Repair and his results were AMAZING. Like any other acne scar treatment, you need to combine this with another modality to make it work.

    ReCell is sooo expensive, it's like $3500. I also wonder if one of the reviews on this thread is fake.
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  12. Starlite added a comment on a gallery image pic3.jpg   

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  13. Starlite added a post in a topic Fat Graft Dermal Graft Prp Dermarolling   

    I will be stalking this thread. I've called up several doctors about fat transfer. Some claim that it isn't permanent and that the fat gets reabsorbed within a couple of years, some claim at least 50% remain because some of the cells die off(?) during transfer and some survive, I read on one site the doctor noting that fat contains stem cells and that results are permanent.

    The super expensive doctor in my city who claims to offer permanent results had a very negative review in the last few months...the woman claimed he lied and the results only lasted 6 months.

    Also, some people may not come back on this board if their scars are gone or mostly non-existent!

    I think Datura got the grafting done in California...I tried sending her a message asking who the doctor was who performed the grafting and she won't respond.
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  14. Starlite added a post in a topic Best Treatment For Nose Pits? (Pics)   

    After seeing your second picture, I actually think TCA cross might help. They look a lot like ice pick scars. You might be able to find a doctor who does punch excision/punch float.

    I think most people wouldn't believe it's scarring. Your skin looks good.
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  15. Starlite added a post in a topic ATTENTION: To those that have used or are using a dermaroller/ dermastamp.   

    I've heard of it causing scarring in some cases. I assumed that's why you asked the question. My mistake.
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