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  1. Goodluck!

    I found this old account from a quick google search I did. 13 years ago I was 13 and struggling with acne. I tried every home remedy, over the counter product, even went to the derm once and tried antibiotics for a bit. I frequented this board in middle school, throughout high school. Went through bleached shirts and tca off amazon, and all BP and SA. It was something that I eventually just got used to. I was always spotted with marks all over my chest and back like a leopard, and I was conscious but used to it. Maybe 3 years ago, I finally decided to try the dermatologist again. I got prescribed Accutane!!! (Asorbica) and it was the best decision I've ever made for myself. I feel like a normal person now. Instead of worrying about acne... I can concentrate on things like working out, getting fit. I remember popping was the only control I felt I had. To all younger people that don't have the capability to go to a dermatologist - I feel for you. It will get better. Look ahead! I wish you much luck.