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  1. Hi tgere the darkest largest scar you can see in this picture is following a cyst that I had a cortisone shot into 5 weeks ago. It is still very dark red. The other scars are about 10 years old. I'm amazed that this scar would look indented so quickly. Do you think it will flatten out?
  2. Thank you, I know you're right. I really overthink my scars. Get so down about them
  3. I guess that was a compliment!
  4. Do you think the scars look worse now?
  5. Hi everyone Here are photos of my scars 5 years ago and today. I have a bit of powder on in today's photo. The newest scar is the dark red one. I'm trying to find out if there might have been an ice pick there before, because it seems to have scared very quickly for a 3 week old scar. Can you help?