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  1. Hello, I just wanted to let everyone know Instantly ageless works for scars!  I could not believe it!  The only problem is it only lasts for a few hours at best.  I decided to buy it from amazon after seeing the constant stream of advertisements that kept coming up on my Facebook.  Seeing what it does for wrinkles I thought for $20 why not try it.  If you google "instantly ageless acne scars" you should get a you tube video of what it does for acne scars.  It truly erases them in 2 minutes no Joke!  The only problem is as I said it only lasts for a few hours.  (They forget to mention that little part on the video!)  Also sometimes depending on how you apply it your skin can get a white appearance but I am slowly figuring out how to avoid this.  I have one big rolling scar on my cheek that I used it on twice so far.  I think it worked so well on me because it is on a fleshy part of my face.  Just for kicks I also tried it on my forehead where I have some scarring (that doesn't really bother me) and there was no improvement.  So I think this stuff most likely only works on the softer areas of the face.  But OHHH MYYY GOOOd what is in this stuff?  I don't get it- why does it work?  And how can I make it last longer????  I think my derm sells something similar that is very expensive for under the eye.  (I wonder if that script version would last longer?)  Please please everyone try this right now and start posting your results.  We need to get together and start a dialog of why this works and how it can be improved. its only $20 to $25 for 5 vials on amazon.  Each vial can be used a few times.  I am pretty excited.