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  1. Question about dermaflage

    I have used an orange peel!
  2. Dermaflage Work For My Bad Acne Scarring

    Hi I just started using dermaflage a few weeks ago. It is pretty awesome. I am still learning though. I did email the company asking if they had a texture pad with more texture to it. Being that I am covering an acne scar obviously the surrounding skin is no where as smooth as the texture pad. I feel if the texture pad had some more large pores in it the dermaflage would blend perfectly. They emailed me back and suggested I use an orange peel (apparently makeup artists use that method sometimes). I tried it and the texture was awesome however it made the finish to shiny. Does anyone have any ideas on how to impart more texture to dermaflage?
  3. Subcision

    Have you tried dermaflage? I started using it a few days ago. it conceals depressions. you should try it before anything invasive. I only wish I knew about this before my subcision, ( I was left with needle holes)
  4. Have you tried dermaflage, it is like a make up to conceal depressed scars, for both men and women. it works wonders.
  5. Cover lower cheeks scars with beard?

    Have you tried dermaflage, its is like a makeup for depressed scars, for men and women . it works wonders.

    This is off topic but have you tried Dermaflage? It is like a makeup for depressed scars, like a topical filler you apply yourself. It is for both men and women - not really a make up. Yes you have to apply it everyday and it is really hard to learn how to apply but it is amazing. It has given me my life back. I don't think I will go in for another procedure to try to correct my scars ever again because with each procedure my face has gotten worse or shown no improvement. (I have probably spent almost $10,000 on one scar over 9 years). Dermaflage is my answer for now. I wanted to make sure I shared this, I feel I owe it to everyone on here.