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  1. Hi,

    What results did you have from your subcision and PRP?  How long was the downtime?  I think we may have gone to the same Dr.  I had mine done with Dr Rapaport and am having a second round on August 8th.  

    1. 51WithSkin


      Hi Sorry for the late reply.
      I did not go to Dar Rapaport although I did get a consultation from him.
      I only had one session with subcision and PRP.  I am supposed to get 5 sessions.
      The results were okay with one. But I will need 5.  My scars still bother me. I really want them to improve more.

  2. Hi Michiganmom,  how is your lump doing?  It sounds like from one of your posts that you went to a different dr to treat the lump?  

    The dr who did my subcision would not inject cortisone into my lump, he said it was too risky (may cause an indentation)

    I am not even massaging anymore because it caused me to breakout.  I am still recovering from the pimple as a matter of fact!

    1. michiganmom


      Its much better! 3 kenalogs kater from my wonderful skin doc. Now 3 more lasers, im finally hapoy w my skin. :)))