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  1. MIT researchers develop artificial skin

    The problem is these companies will always market the product to where the most dollar potential is. There is more potential in treating aging issues because everyone is a potential customer. While I agree we suffer WAAAAY more and are more deserving we will not usually be a top priority for new technologies. I did read about this product and it is legit and will most likely improve acne scars. We will have to wait a while for it however, as the company is going after FDA approval for a slightly different weaker formulation that will be marketed mare as a substance that is applied to the skin to keep medications on the skin. The formulation that is stronger that reduces eye bags (and therefore scarring) will be applied for later.
  2. Hi did anyone catch the news of this second skin polymer developed at MIT Harvard? A press release made all the news outlets May 12th. If you google "polymer second skin MIT Harvard" You will find it. It hides wrinkles and tightens the skin so I'm sure it would improve the appearance of acne scars as well. Unfortunately it is only temporary and would have to be applied daily but if there was a cream I could apply to my scars I would be very excited. And as usual we will have to wait until it gets approved by the FDA and they have not even submitted for approval yet. The company that is taking over the product is Olivo Laboratories. Just wanted to pass this information along.

    Hi templeofdoom,. How long did the improvement last? I understand this is not a permanent treatment as the filler that is used is not permanent. I personally would pay $1000 for say 6 months of improvement but anything less than that would become too expensive.

    If your Dr suggested Enerjet you must not be in the United States right? No one in the States has the enerjet as far as I know so you may not get any response to your question. I am curious about the enerjet though. Please keep us updated if you have this done. Thanks
  5. I had the infini with subcission by Dr Rapaport in mid February. I only had it done on one large very deep rolling scar on my cheek. For 2 weeks after the procedure I suctioned. Dr. Rapaport told me I did not need to suction due to the fact I had the infini done at the same time. However, I chose to suction because I have read that so many people had good results doing that. It has been a little over 2 months since the procedure. I am still pretty red. However, I do believe most of this redness is from me suctioning. The area that is still red is the area I suctioned more aggressively. I still have a large nodule that is very visible. However, even with all of these issues I am happy with the result. I am going to give it six months, if the nodule has not gone down I will go back to get Dr. Rapaports advice and maybe a little cortisone injection. Obviously I want to be very cautious with the cortisone so I am hoping it does not come to that. I may need one more treatment, because the scar was so large that the nodule that was formed doers not quite cover the entire scar. I do think that when all is said and done I will have had a significant improvement. His nurse took before pictures, when I am healed I will have them take after pictures and I will post them. There is a significant down time with the infini. I think if I just had the sub with out the infini my recovery would have been much faster. I never had subcision before so its hard to say if I would have had the improvement without adding the infini. But my advice is be prepared for a 2 week to one month downtime with the way he uses the infini, you will be red for a while.
  6. Will lump from subcision go away?

    I am in the same boat! I had subcision February 18th. The lump has not gone down at all! I am trying to give it time before I try a cortisone injection. For obvious reasons cortisone scars me! But at the same time I am worried if I wait too long the lump might become permanent. When was your subcision?
  7. Punch Excision

    Good luck, keep us posted
  8. Hi Noa27, I know exactly what you mean! I had subcission 3 weeks ago. I think I have had an improvement. But it is a weird feeling. I understand waiting for the scars to re appear. I think you are far enough out that this is a permanent result. I'm only three weeks out so I could still have micro swelling so it is too early for me, but I get where you are coming from. I'm also starting to notice other imperfections in my skin that I never noticed before. This disease really can mess with the mind. When I am 6 months out I'm going to post pictures.
  9. Infini Acne Pit/scar Treatment

    Hi all, I had subcision with infini for a large deep rolling scar on my cheek and I think I am seeing positive results. It has only been three weeks (still way to early) but if I do indeed see positive results at six months I will post the before and after pics from my doctors office.
  10. Hi Michiganmom, I know you don't want to drive. (I don't blame you). But I just wanted to make sure you saw my post about Mr. Matts subcission Dr being in Columbia Missouri. I know thats a far distance from you but it is drivable so I just wanted to make sure you were aware.
  11. Radiesse

    As far as I know all the effect you get from Radiesse is immediate. There is no additional collagen that will be generated over time. So the effect you have now is the final result.
  12. has there been much success on these boards with laser shrinking pores?
  13. Punch Excision

    It looks way better! I would just leave it alone! i think you have nice skin. You are lucky that is the only scar you have. I have similar skin to yours but I have one really really big rolling scar on my right cheek that is much worse that yours. So really consider yourself lucky. It could be much worse. But thank you for sharing your story, it gave everyone valuable insight into punch excision,
  14. Punch Excision

    Just curious if you have a recent picture? I'm sure it doesn't look as bad as you say. It does sound like the scar is tethered down which is why the filler is going around the scar and not filling it in. You may benefit from subcision (undermining the scar) or you may be better off leaving it alone. Subcision has VERY low risk of looking worse off than were you started, however there is a lot of down time (at least two weeks.) where you started I mean
  15. MSM: The verdict?

    Hi Dan34, how long does it plump the skin? a couple of minutes? A couple of hours?
  16. Absorbable suture thread as filler for acne scars (i.e. Vicryl)

    Another similar procedure is dermal grafting. This is a subcision procedure where a dermal graft is placed under the scar. There dermal graft is harvested from the patient I believe usually from behind the ear. There is a doctor out west somewhere who treats many acne scar patients with this procedure. I can't remember his name. If you search this scar forum you should be able to find his name. From what I remember his reviews on this site were not good. And I believe the incision requires more than just a needle hole.