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  1. Laser treatment Combo

    The pain was pretty tolerable with all the numbing cream. It felt like a 6/10. No pain whatsoever after the procedure. The worst part is just looking like a freak of nature. And I have to go back to work tomorrow. FML. Day 3 Pics. Excuse my bad hair day as I haven't showered since Friday As you can see my skin has already started peeling, and these photos were taken before I washed my face, so it looks even better right now.
  2. Laser treatment Combo

    Hey guys, Today i just got a laser combination treatment for my acne scars. I basically have all of my scarring on my temples and cheeks which are mostly boxscars, and a old chicken pox scar in between my eyebrows. I'll spare you guys the long storey of my acne scarring struggle and just get straight to the treatment. Today I just had my first round of Micro Laser Peel + Fractionated Laser Resurfacing. Both lasers are made by the same manufacturer called Sciton. The Fractionated laser they used was called the "ProFractional". See below for the before shots and the gruesome day 1 photos. Warning it is bloody.It was super sketch making my way out from the office to my car. I literally had to cross one traffic light and sprinted 2 blocks to my car lol. Hopefully I will be ok by Monday. Also the before photos do not show my scaring on my cheeks that well, as I was only focusing on trying to show the scarring on the temples.