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  1. My AM and PM skin care routine are just one product. I use the Derma E hydrating cleanser. I've tried a ton of different cleansers and this is one of the few that does not break me out. I think it might be because it does not contain glycerin. That's really all I use because so many other things break me out. If I need moisturizer I just put vaseline on damp skin. I hardly ever do that, though. I plan to be on the low dose indefinitely. I don't plan to stop unless I get bad side effects or it stops working. I started the low dose a month after a full course of accutane because my skin already started getting worse during that time. I saw improvements almost right away (2 weeks?) probably because I already had some left in my system. I've never really had a purging phase with accutane. If I'm breaking out badly it's usually something topical I used that my skin didn't like. I also have a few food that break me out if I eat them in excess like dairy and nuts. Are you male or female? Like I said, I think accutane is only one part of the puzzle for me. Birth control doesn't work alone for me and neither does accutane. For me I think I have to have the two combined.
  2. My skin is pretty sensitive too and on high dose tane my skin gets very red and cracks. I don't have this issue on low dose tane. My dose is super low, though (40mg a week). The only real side effect I have is mildly dry lips. But it's really barely noticeable. The only actives I use are TCA peels about once a month. Yes I can do a TCA peel on accutane! I get the same reaction to the peel like I'm not even on accutane. The pill I use is Zovia. I've tried so many others (mircette, yaz, yasmin, ortho cyclen, ortho try cyclen, ortho tri cyclen lo, desogen, belara, etc.). Zovia seems to be the only one that works for me. I don't think the low dose tane would be nearly as effective for me without the pill.
  3. Hey everyone I haven't been around in forever because I have been so busy with grad school. I just wanted to share what I'm doing for my acne now since I think it may help some people. Last year I did a second round of accutane and got to try many of the different brands (Amnesteem, Claravis, Zenatane). IME, the brand you use does make a difference. Here's my experience with all of them: Zenatane- The first one I tried. Works well, but at high doses it gave me joint pain. Amnesteem- The second one I tried (and my favorite). No side effects except some dryness even at high doses. Claravis- Third one I tried. I tried this one because it was what I used during my last course. Works well, but causes massive hair loss for me. None of the other brands did this. The hair loss stopped when I switched back to amnesteem. After I finished my course of accutane my acne and oily skin started to come back. I spoke to my derm and we decided I would try a very low dose of accutane indefinitely. I now take 40 mg a week and it works pretty well for me. I still get mild clogs every now and then, though. During this course of accutane I messed around with my bcp a lot. I realized that for me, when I wasn't on the right bcp, even with accutane I am not completely clear. During my most recent course I tried Belara, ortho cyclen, and zovia. It wasn't until I was on the zovia that my skin finally started to get clear. Like I said, though, it's not perfect. I still have clogs on my nose which I have to extract every couple of days and my skin still gets a little oily, but it's a lot better than what I was working with a year ago. I'm just hoping this regimen will continue to work for me. So yeah, that's it. Hope this helps someone!