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  1. paigems added a post in a topic Bicalutamide Log   

    No, but I do eat gluten free, dairy free, nut free, egg free, and I don't eat processed things.
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  2. paigems added a post in a topic Bicalutamide Log   

    So Bicalutamide is not going to work. The side effects are too much even on the lowest dose possible. I'm not even sure what to do now
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  3. paigems added a post in a topic Bicalutamide Log   

    It's been a few days now that I've taken bicalutamide. I'm feeling a little foggy so I'm going to reduce my dose. I did a little research, and bicalutamide has a half life of 1 week, and when you take it daily the does increases by 10x. Because of this I'm now going to be taking 12.5 mg once a week. My skin is looking really good. I have the least amount of blackheads I've had in a long time. Some of the blackheads on my nose are surfacing and turning into lovely inflamed spots.

    Hey! My skin was getting worse after stopping the tane. It was starting to get oily and clogged again. Bicalutamide is supposed to be stronger than spiro. It is also a non-steroidal anti-androgen so I'm hopeful that I'll get less side effects from it.
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  4. paigems added a topic in Hormonal acne   

    Bicalutamide Log
    I'm officially done with my accutane course. Accutane was not successful for me the second time around so I'm going to be trying bicalutamide which is anti-androgen. I can't tolerate spiro, but it works well for me so I'm hoping bicalutamide will work well and be more tolerable. I'm going to be taking 12.5 mg every day to start. I took my first pill today and I'm hoping it will start working quickly.
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  5. paigems added a post in a topic Zentane 80 Mg Log - 19 Yr Old Male, 124 Pounds - Please Start Working   

    That's a really serious side effect. Have you talked to your derm about it? Maybe you wouldn't have that side effect on a different generic.
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  6. paigems added a post in a topic I Got This Red Bump On My Nose Somebody Please Help Life Or Death Question!   

    It just looks like its a cyst coming to a head. Just leave it alone for now.
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  7. paigems added a post in a topic Let's Talk Acne Safe Make Up : )   

    I think what makeup breaks someone out will be very individual. All the makeup you listed except for the Alima would break me out. In general I think mineral makeup is best for people who are prone to acne, but some people even have problems with ingredients in mineral makeup. I would suggest for someone with acne prone skin to start by testing the very basic mineral foundations first. This include the ones that include the most basic ingredients such as mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxide.
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  8. paigems added a post in a topic Rambazole, Future Acne Treatment?   

    This is exciting! Thanks for sharing

    Edit: I don't see any recent info on this stuff... Can you find any?
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  9. paigems added a post in a topic I've Ruined My Life   

    I am so, so sorry. What you've described is exactly where I was a year ago. I had just started grad school, my acne was flaring, and I was just so stressed. I did't want to leave the house but I had to. I'd pick at my face because I was stressed and then feel even more stressed because I picked. Thankfully I am in a much better place now (even though I'm not completely clear and I still sometimes pick). Everything may seem out of control right now and like it will never get better, but you need to remember that it will. Can you maybe find someone to talk to? Practice relaxation techniques? Exercise? I had to up my dose of anxiety meds to get things in check (I also suffer from panic attacks). Not saying medication is the best option for everyone, but it is an option. I hope things start getting better very soon.
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  10. paigems added a post in a topic Is Accutane The Only Solution?   

    Totally agree with everything you said. For some here topical work...they don't work for me. For others diet makes a difference...I really don't see any for me. For me, birth control, anti-androgens, accutane, and avoiding comedogenic products works for me. I agree for OP doing may not work, but it also one of the easiest things to try. I wish it was something I had done when I was their age.
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  11. paigems added a post in a topic Is Accutane The Only Solution?   

    ? I have high testosterone. My acne is hormonal. I can almost clear myself just by eliminating products which break me out. Unfortunately for me that is a lot of products.
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  12. paigems added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    How Long Does It Take Hair Loss To Stop After Accutane?
    This is my second course of accutane. I'm at the end of my course and my hair has started falling out. I had this issue during my last course too, but I can't remember how long it took to resolve after I stopped taking the accutane. Do any of you have a general idea?
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  13. paigems added a post in a topic Is Accutane The Only Solution?   

    You've got lots of people suggesting cutting your regimen down to the basics, so why not just try it? I have hormonal acne too, and hormonal acne can be exacerbated by products. It's worth a try.
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  14. paigems added a post in a topic Was Sick For About A Month, Ate Like Crap (Pizza, Carbs, Etc), But Acne Completely Vanished   

    When you were sick were you washing your face like you usually do?
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  15. paigems added a post in a topic Zentane 80 Mg Log - 19 Yr Old Male, 124 Pounds - Please Start Working   

    Not sure, but if you're having a bad experience just ask your doctor to switch generics. I got bad joint pain on zenatane and I didn't feel like it helped my acne as much as other generics. I'm not trying to scare you. I just want you to know that some people react differently to different generics and if you don't like one you may do better on another. Good luck on your course!
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