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  1. Gut/skin relation can anyone help

    Hey guys, yeah ive looked into candida and actually went on a diet and had supplements for it as well, stuck with it for bout 6 weeks, but it messed me up quite a bit. was having a lot of break outs and it seriously messed my sleep up. I actually saw more of an improvement when i stopped and just started with the probiotics. At the moment im trying the dht route, i got myself some supplements that help reduce dht. Im just gonna have to careful as i have some negative things regarding saw palmetto, which is a supplement i got. But i read that increased testosterone will increase dht production, so ive been looking at what foods i may of eaten which could lead to more testosterone. At the moment my skin has been alot better, with minimal break outs, no large nodular ones. For about 3 weeks now ive been taking acidophilus probiotic, vitamin d3, omega 3, multi vitamin, hri clear complexion and spoon of coconut oil. I have recently (last 5 days) been taking saw palmetto, pumpkin oil, nettle root and beta sitosterol, for the dht. But im going to be monitoring the last ones carefully.
  2. Gut/skin relation can anyone help

    Hey Thanks for the reply. I'm guessing the vital D is a vitamin d supplement, that's interesting as another possible cause for me getting acne could be DHT as like I said I'm balding. I have read that vitamin d3 can help with DHT. Also d3 helps with sleep, which I've been having a lot of trouble with. I'm lucky in the sense that I don't have extreme breakouts, but most of the ones i get are very painful nodular ones that are deep under the skin that cause large red swelling, they form in a matter of hours and take ages to die off often leaving the red marks for weeks. The reason also why I think maybe the gut/dht is that the general condition of my complexion issue poor, it's dull and doesn't seem to have life to it, it's like summit isn't working in side. It's just strange how I've had at least 2 times when I've been clear for 5 or 6 weeks and all i can remember is the probiotics. I keep trying to think back, was there something else i was doing. it maybe something in my diet or something trigger the DHT..... Anyone else have experience with DHT or gut?
  3. hello, haven't messaged for quite some time, which im sorry for. spent a long time trying to sort my issue out. so where to start.......im now 35, had very bad acne in my teens and went on Accutane which worked. I was clear for years and years till I was about 27. this was when I noticed my skin getting oiler and also my hair started to thin(don't know if theres any relation). so basically since then my acne/spots have come back, now I will stress that its not as bad as when I was a teenager, however they have come back and this time they tend to be more nodular and are usually concentrated around my mouth(worst place to get em), sides of my nose and between my eye brows. then in the last 6 to 10 months ive starting getting a few where my hairline is reseeding at the front. so up until 2 years ago I was trying all the soaps etc etc etc but nothing was working at all, then I watched a documentary about allergies and immune systems and it mentioned things like probiotics and gluten free. so at the time I was thinking that maybe I had an intolerance to something, so I decided to go gluten free as well as try taking acidophilus, I started to see some good results, the oiliness decreased and I was getting a lot less spots, especially nodular spots, there was also a point in time when I headed to Thailand and I was completely spot free for ages......nothing coming up, skin looked matted and had a lovely tone ot it. at this moment in time I was thinking it was the gluten free and finally thought I found the reason. until maybe about a year later, when I started to get nodular spots again, even tho I was gluten free. I struggled for about 5 or 6 months with getting the nodular spots. I went to the doctors who wanted me to see a dermatologist, so that they could give me anti-biotics etc. I went home disappointed at the doctors visit and was trying to think what it could be that gave me the clear skin, especially for some lengthy periods of time when I was getting nothing. I then released that it could be the probiotics, so I bought the firsts ones I could which was a bad mistake as they broke me out really bad..........but then I checked which ones I used the first time and it was acidophilus. I went out and bought some more of them and after about 2 weeks of taking them, my skin was clear. finally I thought I had found the cure, until about 4 or 5 weeks after that when I started to break out again. at the time I thought it may of been the creatine I was taking for the gym or the aspartemine sweetner in the powdered drink mix I used, so i stopped them. I have now read that too many probiotics could cause SIBO and in turn cause spots. recently I have been breaking out bad and also not been getting much sleep. I haven't been taking the probiotics that much, cut them down to maybe 1 or 2 a week, but for the last 6 days I have been taking 1 a day to try and help my skin. im sure the acne I get now is related to my gut. im just wondering if others out there may know more about gut to skin relationship. thank you