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  1. oldguy added a post in a topic SELF Injecting Fillers for Rolling and Depressed Scars   

    Hi, I am going to try Perlane or Restylane myself pretty soon. I have not decided which one, yet. Probably Restylane, since it works best for more superficial indentations, and I have had a doc do it twice. He did a poor job the second time. About cost, Pete: You can get a syringe full for about 200 US from Canada, and docs charge anywhere from 400-1000, so it would be cost effective unless someone missed their scars badly. I suppose it would be a bit obvious to say don't try this at home.
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  2. oldguy added a post in a topic 90% clear...It's a long read but well worth it   

    This would be funnier if you had used broken English and talked about being a sinner. Maybe you could edit the post.
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  3. oldguy added a post in a topic cell stimulator called "Return"   

    Excuse me, but there is a "not possible" machine that has been running for years in view of the public in Norway. http://www.reidarfinsrud.no/sider/mobile/foto.html

    I support your skepticism, and actually share it, but this protein drop bashing is getting tiresome. Some of us will be trying it for free so why not just chill out until we see if it works?
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  4. oldguy added a post in a topic It's all relative   

    Cars are just a way to get from point a to point b. I drive a fairly old vehicle right now, because I have discovered that people do not look up to you because of what means you use to get from a to b. In fact, they tend to be jealous if you have a nicer car than they do. I also kind of laugh at people that always seem to have car payments, because I use that extra 300-400 dollars a month to invest, or whatever I want to use it for. I think you made a very wise choice.

    300 a month = 3,600 a year.
    Invest that 3.6k in simple index or mutual funds every year, and in 4 years you would have enough to put down on a house that you could live in or just rent out and keep that small positive cash flow for other things, like dermabrasions.
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  5. oldguy added a post in a topic new and deep rolling scars   

    Hi, I’m sorry that happened, and believe me I do know how devastating it feels to see that in the mirror. I have found that the best way to deal with deep rolling scars is with fillers. There are many other treatments that could supplement this and improve it even more, like subcision or resurfacing. You could get Restylane injected in them as a temp fix, or if the whole area is sunken in, you may want to get fat transfer. Sculptra may also an option for a longer lasting filler. I got about 70% improvement from Restylane, but it is now leaving me so keep that in mind. Let me know if you need any assistance
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  6. oldguy added a comment on a gallery image a bigger pic   

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  7. oldguy added a post in a topic New here and just want to say hello   

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  8. oldguy added a post in a topic Restylane Lumpiness   

    I have a sort of Restylane thread here that might be of interest.

    Even I know that Restylane is not supposed to be injected under the subcutaneous fat layer, and I'm not a doctor. (Although I sometimes like to play dress up. ) If they inject it too shallow, it will have a bluish tint. I watched my surgeon so attentively in the hand mirror when he injected me that I actually would feel comfortable doing it on myself, as far as the technique. It stung quite a bit though near my eye so that wouldn’t be wise, though. heh. And of course, hit a nerve and it’s all over. Unless you want to have a blank Cher-stare.
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  9. oldguy added a post in a topic Restylane Lumpiness   

    Hi, my surgeon overfilled some places in my temples as well. It must be very difficult to make it look right on the very thin skin in that temple region, since my cheeks came out quite well. Call your doc's office and tell them what happened and he can easily remove some of it and smooth the lumps. (I am 99% sure they would not charge you or make you wait long for an appointment.) Personally, I didn't do what I just suggested, because a few smallish lumps did not bother me like the pits did/do. Btw, I still have maybe 50% of the Restylane left after 5 months. I have probably said this 5 times or more here so sorry if I’m redundante*, redundante*1, but anyone considering Sculptra or any long-lasting filler should consider “auditioning� their surgeon or derm with a syringe of Restylane or collagen.

    * It’s French, b*tch ~ Steven Colbert

    *1 this is a secret message
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  10. oldguy added a post in a topic smoothbeam   

    They must have been changing the site - now it's redirected to the main company site:
    Click Patients, Provider search.
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  11. oldguy added a post in a topic smoothbeam   

  12. oldguy added a post in a topic OMG It was so Amazing   

    I liked dressing up as KIZZ when I was a kid; you couldn't see any acne because of the white shoe polish.
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  13. oldguy added a post in a topic Non-Ablative Yag laser story   

    Dr. David Goldberg is actually something of a pioneer and has authored some published articles on lasers. I have read some of them and recognized his name. It is wrong (and technically illegal) to slander someone like that. If you could be more specific though, it might help someone in the future who is researching him for possible treatment.
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  14. oldguy added a post in a topic Non-Ablative Yag laser story   

    This is a personal message to doctors that are considering buying a new laser in the unlikely event they may be reading this. Tags and destination charges not included.

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  15. oldguy added a post in a topic African American Skin Problems-Hyperpigmentation   

    Hi, there is now a new forum just for that. It's still under:
    Scar Forums >
    Red marks left after acne
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