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  1. karma89 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    Some of you may remember me as one of the strongest advocates for this methid and the dude who left the site based on my success of achieving "normal, teenage looking" pimples instead of big pustules..my skin was 95% clear due to jus water and olive oil at one point - though it was only for a month.

    I got off my topical (benzamycin) in May of 2008. I had perfectly clear skin from the topical but I just wanted to see if I could cure myself naturally. And I was succesfful. Partially. From May - July and November - December, I had wonderful skin. Unfortunetly, those were the only pimple free months for me. Since (and between) then, I have consistently and constantly battled with breakouts, seemingly for no reason. Nowdays, I'll come back from work and there will be 3 new pustules (not even pimples!) waiting for me. Whereas I used to only get pimples on my cheek area before, I'm currently breaking out in my "upper cheek" level, which traditionally used to only happen once every 3-4 months for me. On top of that, I'm just starting a new job and have to deal with people everyday, so my skin being bad (and I'm talkin BAD) consistently is not something I can tolerate, simply because I wont be able to be myself (I'm pretty outgoing but get super self-conscious), and people feed off that energy by using my sudden passiveness to thier advantage.

    So, I officially gave up using nothing on my face today. I had been previously only using olive oil and nothing else. It wrked in november and december but then everything seemed to go downhill. I cant figure out what it is. Masterbation, maybe? My sleeping patterns are a little better now, but I still breakout. I eat good foods, mostly meat, and I have plenty of vegetables (broccoli, carrots) everyday. I always drink lemon juice in the mornings, swallow a clove of garlic a day and take spoonfuls of coconut oil with my meals. None of these are bad for you, so I don't expect any of them to have a negative impact on my skin. Basically, I've given up. The lemon/carrot/garlic/broccoli thing is something I've only been doing for about a week for, at most, and its made my skin GLOW, but what is a glow when thers pustules popping out of it?

    At the moment, I have 6 big pustles on my skin. On average, I used to usually only get one with a couple of little manageable ones, so I'm really not sure what is triggering all this for me.

    Simply put, I have resorted back to benzamycin. Once (if) I am clear again, I'll tone it down to every other day, but its quite obvious I still need it. I tried using no topicals for 8+ months...and though 2 of those months were relatively pimple free, there were always pimples, whereas when I was on benzamycin I didnt worry as much. Im not sure if I'll ever be completely clear again like I was the last time I was on benzamycin, but I just want to say going completely natural has been an awesome experience. Yes, the pimples are still there, but the amount of internal cleansing I am incorporating into my diet will come back to me positively one way or another.

    I HATE losing, and I hate taking topicals to clear my skin up, but in 2009, especially when you're 20 years old, experimenting with your face while you're trying to deal with people looking at you from REALLY REALLY upclose really shakes your confidence. I think I gave the experiment a GREAT dfeal of time to work (8+ months). Unfortunetly, its not my time at the moment.

    Like I said, I'm still doing massive internal cleansing (acne is an INTERNAL problem, not an external one) because that is how I can stay PERMANENTLY clear, but for the time being, I am sad to report that I will be using benzamycin again.

    P.S - It is also my birthday, and I am celebrating it by going to wor with huge pustules on my face and making a "return post" to acne.org.

    This is not to discourage you...I would reccomend ALL of you to stic to it and try it...but if your acne is still bad after 4-5 solid months, and the results are inconsistent, then maybe a topical is necessary HOWEVER! That doesnt mean you need to overload your face with topicals.

    ONE should be enough, and just once a night should suffice. Why some of you put medicine on your face everyday and every night is beyond me.

    Good luck with your trials and I'm sorry that I couldn't have a more uplifting post. My last post before this one on this topic was much more optimistic tho, so you can chec that out.

    Peace guys.
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  2. karma89 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    To anyone not sure about doing the regimen...go ahead. What's the worst that could happen? If you're on this site, you're suffering from acne. OBviously your products aren't of much help if you're still complaining about pimples. Do this regimen (or modify it to include water but stay "cleanser-free"), try it for atleast a month and see how you feel about it. I don't get what the big fuss is...like I said last time, some of you are making this WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more complicated than it needs to be. After you start doing this, you will start wondering WHY it was that you even used topicals in the first place.

    Most of the people who haved tried this have had success (me, Adam, Snow, etc). We all have had our own ways of doing it but the key is to ditch everything you put on your face and the solution is... NOTHING. Stop being so damn clingy and get rid of your shit.

    My face has stopped being oily. It looks normal. I used to have the kind of face that by 4 pm would be oily as hell.

    However, don't expect it to be a cure all. Other factors (i.e - stress, sleep) could still affect you, but atleast through this you know if it was the topicals that's causing your pimples. I've figured out the cause to my pimples as being because of stress. Follow this regimen and sleep, eat and excercise right and you will be acne free...I'm pretty sure about that.

    Like Snow said, a key to this regimen is that it gives you the freedom to believe that you never had any acne. No longer do you have to follow a strict plan...use water when you want, leave your face alone when you want. You feel normal and any pimples you get won't be that serious because chemicals aren't there to aggravate the problem.

    People don't get nodules or cysts when they first get acne. People get nodules and cysts when they start using products to combat the initial acne that they get. Just food for thought and once again, read the bottom of my sig.

    There still hasn't been one person who's PM'd me to answer the challenge in my sig:

    "Link me/show me one person who grew out of thier acne while simultaneously putting on topicals and I'll take this off my signature."

    This going to be my last post on this site...probably for a long time. I consider this regimen a success for me because my acne has been regulated to the point where I dont really notice it....basically, my skin looks "normal". Plus, I dont use anything on my face, and I dont follow a strict plan.
    I have a bit of scarring left over from the past but scars fade over time so I don't worry about it too much.

    Thanks to all the members who've helped me out, and I don't know where Adam disappeared, but I want to thank him for bringing my interest to this method and making me realize the things my Dad had told me when I was 14 and when I was getting my first pimples.

    Let nature do its course and stop fucking around with your face so much. Leave it alone.

    Good luck.

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  3. karma89 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    I'm the only one doing that. Oil's not bad for your face, especially if you're not using anything else on your face. I literally just take a shower in the morning and every other night spread O.O across my face and rinse it off before I go to sleep. That's it. There's my regimen. I dont have much acne (knock on wood).

    Some of you guys are worrying too much about this that and the other. I couldn't stand the flaking after a week cuz it was an INSANE amount, so I incorporated O.O, and around that time, the flaking started to go away. I still get flakes here and there now, but its "meh" flakes that I dont care much about cuz it looks normal. And who says you have to follow the regimen exactly word for word? Everyone's skin is different...as long as you're letting your skin be in its natural state, you're following the regimen. Since when is water a bad thing? The key is to not "WASH" your face...rinse it with water whenever you feel like it and voila, there you go!

    Its not that complicated.

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  4. karma89 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    I wouldn't say for "years", but I experimented with clindamycin, differin, clindoxyl and benzamycin between 2005-2007. There were all succcessful in clearing me up, looking back, but they always had thier share of problems. Differin was the worst.

    I used benzamycin from February of 2007 till May of 2008 and I was like 90% consistently clear while on it. I abruptly stopped BP because I seriously had a revalation while on this site that most of the people who consistently use BP or other topicals have had to consistently use it for the REST OF THIER LIFE. Look at the veteran members (I'm not knocking them, its an observation) - they are either on accutane, or are taking medication of some sort, and have had to take medication. The ones who have healed themselves naturally (i.e - the member who cured herself through smoothies), did it in a healthy manner without doing damage to thier skin topically.

    Like it says in my sig, we're not MEANT to have serious acne beyond a certain point. "BLEMISHES" are a historical fact, but "ACNE" is a modern disease and "ACNE" is prevalent in the Western world more than any other place. Yet, this is where all the "advanced" treatment is....yeah, put two and two together. Sometimes, what you're told by the people that are trying to get as much money out of you as possible isn't always correct. Taking into the fact that no one in my family has acne, and the fact that I'm the only one who ever chose to go the "westernized" route instead of sticking to the stuff my dad had recommended ("just eat and sleep properly, and rinse with water"), I decided I need to experiment with the natural route.

    I started by ditching BP and only used ACV on my face. - Still broke out
    Then I only used cetaphil cleanser on my face mixed with tree tea oil. - Still broke out terribly
    Then I resorted to just water and tree tea oil. - Still broke out terribly, started flaking
    Then finally, down to just water. - Breakouts subsided, flaking increased...eventually, flaking subsided, and the breakouts are just minimal now.

    This whole "natural experimentation" started in May of 2008 and I finally settled to a water/olive oil routine in October and haven't had to make adjustments since.

    It was a long process of trial and error. Basically, my acne was aggravated by factors other than what I put on my face, so it didnt matter what I put on my face. In fact what I put on my face just AGGRAVATES the size of my pimples. Whereas I would normally get small sized pimples if I left my face alone , I would get huge pustules when I was "cleaning" my face the traditional way that ones taught by derms.

    I would say to wean off BP slowly...like every other day, every 2 days, everyay 3 days, week by week, etc. Or you can go cold turkey. With the cold turkey approach, you're likely going to get a breakout into the second month of not using BP, as it happened to me as well as a lot of other people on the thread that this thread was originally based off of.

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  5. karma89 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    I shave once every 3 days. I shave under the neck with a razor and foam, but I never got pimples there anyway, maybe like one every 5-6 months so I don't really care. The other parts I use Phillips' brand electric shaver...but I use the portion you're supposed to use to fix your side burns and stuff. It doesn't give you a "smooth" shave, but it leaves the PERFECT amount of stubble on your face to look good yet not caveman like (how ironic) at the same time.

    Look at those products, and look at the products people in the Western world use for acne and you'll realize why Western countries have a higher rate of acne among thier population in comparison to "developing" countries. I'm South Asian too, no one in my family has had acne cuz none of of em ever put anything on thier face other than water or maybe mustard oil in the case of my mom.

    People aren't meant to get NODULAR acne and stuff like that. The more you try to suppress your acne with useless and counter-productive means such as oral antibiotics (the WORST possible thing someone could do), or a plethora of topicals day by day, the worse your skins going to react if its not compatiable with it, which, in most cases, it isnt.

    Its so funny...there's people on this board using THREE things on thier skin per day, yet still bave acne problem. If you're using more than one thing on your face, you need to calm the eff down and get off your topicals. Hell, if you're struggling with acne and have been using topicals for as long as you can remember, get off your topicals and try this method out.

    Like I said, you don't have to NOT WASH your face, modify it to your liking. I wash my face with water once a day, just splash it for like 10 seconds and I'm done. Ta-da!

    How long have you been doing it? Thing with me and Adam08 was that both of us had stopped using our topicals a LOONG time before this. I stopped using topicals in May of 2008. If you're used to using topicals and having cysts, than this is going to take a while to kick in, first and foremost...second, I'm like 2 months into this and I still get pimples here and there. I dont care for the pimples that I get, but I mean its not perfect by no means. Im not really looking for perfection, Im just glad I dont WORRY about my face. Half the times I just go to sleep without washing it, sometimes if I feel like it, I'll rinse it for 10 seconds.
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  6. karma89 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    I'm going to add something to this discussion, that I've found interesting.

    One of my housemates always has had small bouts of acne...like he would get a pimple once in a while. He never used anything on his face last year, from what I remember. This year, after a breakout, he started using Sepctro gel's line of BP or whatever they have. Funny thing is, last year he'd get a break out and then not get any serious pimples for another couple of weeks. This year however, since he's used the Spectro line, he's continually gotten pimples on an almost daily basis. It's really wierd to see the negative effect that acne "treatment" has on normal skin. The sad part is, once you fall into the trap of using them, you just want to keep trying different ones thinking your skin isnt "compatiable" with one product over another.

    This dude is a consistent dude. He always eats the same ways, the same patterns, sleeps the same time everyday, wears the same clothes in the same order every week, so its NOT that he did something different with himself...the conclusion is the adding of the "treatment". But yeah, just an interesting pattern that I've noted. I swear to God, if EVERYONE on this site tried the "caveman regimen" for a while, we could extract the success rate of it and see the effectibility of using no topicals. At this point, I regret ever having let my face be exposed to any chemicals or skin irritants at all. Keep it simple.
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  7. karma89 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been here. My skin's not doing bad, I still get pimples but seriously, its "normal zits" like you would see from an average teenager, so I don't really care. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm only getting zits cuz of my terrible sleeping patterns at this point, cause it went from 1-2 am to 3-4 am and that's usually when I start breaking out, so I'm gonna chill out on the late sleeping, but its kinda hard with excessive assignments and exams coming up.

    I seriously haven't paid that much attention to my face, and am getting pimples I used to get when I was in grade 8, which were the pimples that I freaked out over and started using soap and cleansers on my face for (harshly). I'm 100% convinced I only get pimples because of stress and (unorganized) sleep patterns. I don't think food makes much difference for me personally.

    Oh, I also take a lot of olive oil in my diet, and have been taking Vitamin C pills and Cod Liver oil for a while now. I am by no means perfectly clear, but I'm "normal" teen-type clear, which is more than I can ask for. I think even that will get better if I sleep properly, so its my fault at this point.

    Good luck to all you other guys trying this out. Just modify the regimen to your liking if you'd like (which is what I did) and its all about experimentation. Don't worry so much about the process, as much as the result....its going to very discouraging at first, so I think the wave of people who're encouraged by the experiences of me and Adam should try this over the christmas break if they're too scared to try it while school is in session or something. The flaking generally lasts 1-2 weeks (did for me atleast) and in that time, the flaking is TURRRRRRRRRIBLE.

    But just go thru with it. Seriously, a little bit of flaking we can all handle, zits we can't. Plus, I'll take a couple of small pimples over two big ones anyday. KEep your goals realistic and dont look for a completely clear face within even a month. At this point, I do this regimen not for the sake of doing a regimen, but because its what I actually should have been doing ALL ALONG. This is how my family has treated thier skin, and they're all fine, and this is how I will always treat my skin from now on.


    The end and good luck. I'll be back sometime and answer any questions or whatever else I see on here.
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  8. karma89 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    I actually might drop the water, but, do you think I'll have to go thru that excessive flaking period again? Also, I remember I did "no water" for like 3 days in early september and got like excessive blackheads on my nose and I NEVERRRRRRRRR get blackheads, so that was really wierd.
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  9. karma89 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    Wow, wierd. I've actually been thinking recently that my chronic bouts with dry skin are due to the excessively chlorinated water in my area. I'm living off campus in university right now, and my area is KNOWN for being highly chlorinated. So, despite not using any topicals on my face, and only using water, I'm still fighting with dry skin. It's not even flaking so much anymore, just a tight, dry feeling. It has nothing to do with the olive oil (which I'm only doing every other day for the moment), but I'm convinced its because of the chlorine. I'm actually naturally allergic to chlorine, because I used to get sick almost every time after I used to go swimming in a cholorinated pool when I was younger.

    I'm probably going to buy a shower filter...I have one at homee actually, but I haven't really thought about my dry skin problems there because I'm always busy with one thing or another. How much do they cost??
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  10. karma89 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    As far as the natural oils go, I actually only did it AFTER my flaking period subsided. Like I literally walked around with TERRIBLE flaking for 1.5 weeks, and then right as it was subsiding, I started using olive oil. O.O is known to give you radiant skin, and I can't tell you guys how smooth my skin looks. I do have red marks but scars fade over time so that doesnt worry me as much as the pimples. Seriously, if I have one or two pimples I dont really care, I just dont want big cystic type pimples like I used to get once in a while back in the day. Whiteheads and pustules go away fast so I dont mind them much.

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  11. karma89 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    I think the dead skin part is the toughest to go through. I remember that week where I had REALLY bad dry/dead skin everywhere. It was terrible, I didn want to leave the house. After a week though, it started to subside, so just have patience and keep faith in ywhat you're doing. Essentially, you're not doing your skin any HARM, that's what people need to understand. The shit you were putting on your face before? Yeah, THAT'S doing the harm. Simply putting water or not putting anything on your face cant do anything bad to your face....your skin just needs time to adjust to it.

    If you're going to do Adam's approach or even my approach, do it for atleast a month. It's worth the results IMO, plus you figure out what rwally triggers your acne. In my case, its stress. I'm not one to ever put pics of my self on this site, but maybe next week I'll put up a pic of my skin to show you guys how its coming along.

    Sorry about the terrible typing, I'm kind of tipsy as I type this lol.
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  12. karma89 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    No actually, my face feels really nice after, and there's no flaking.
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  13. karma89 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    Well, the thing about how I've been doing it was just modifying your original approach. The reason is because by the time I discovered this thread, I was well into the "no topical" phase, and washing with only water has been great for my skin. The olive oil was only added cause I read its benefits and it was lying around, so I wanted to give it a try. Plus, my flaking is pretty much gone now, and my skin looks smooth most of the time. I have one pimple at the moment, and the pimple I had yesterday has already disappeared.

    I did nothing to the flakes for about a week. Right when I STARTED using OO, is when the flakes started decreasing themselves, so I'm assuming the olive oil just sped up the process. Plus, I used to hate using lotion so OO has been great for me. It's just seriously water and olive oil....that's my big combination. Well, and some supplements (Cod liver oil, vitamin C). But once again, I'm not CLEAR CLEAR yet....I still have pimples but the scale of them is like "barely noticeable" to "somewhat noticeable" wheras it used to be "ONE HUGE MOTHERFUCKER ABOUT TO EXPLODE AND WORLD CAN SEE" levels.

    How is your skin holding up Adam? Pimples wise I mean.

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  14. karma89 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    ^ Well, I only leave it on for 20 mins, not the whole day. And it hasnt broke me out yet. In fact, when I DONT use it, my flake starts flaking again a little, so I'm actually goin to use it twice a day now since its winter up here in Toronto and it will make my face dry as shit.

    I heard cocunut oil was really good though. I wanna get it, but more for my hair.
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  15. karma89 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    My acne is mostly pustules, some small whiteheads, and I've had like 3 blackheads my whole life.

    When my acne flares up, its big BIG pustules, but yeah, its usually pustules that range from small to really big.

    I generally only get 3-6 pimples at a time, and at my worst its usually around 8-9 pimples, ranging from small whiteheads to big papules. Usually though, I'll only have one or two BIG pimples at a time. So I guess I go from mild to moderate. I've also gotten cysts in the past but they're more rare.

    lol, my skin stopped being oily since I've been using only water and oil :S

    It might, but what do you use at the moment? How long have you used topicals? What is your family history of acne?

    If your skin is already dry and flakey using whatever you're using (assuming its not only wateR) than you need to calm down on it and maybe stop or regress its usage.
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