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  1. fredjones added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Hi What Is This On My Eyelids? And The Overall Quality Of My Skin? (Pic)
    [attachment=42092:2012-05-04 18.09.07.jpg]

    Sorry its sideways but what is under my eye? In the left corner you can see some white dots under it. What are those? I think I've had that for maybe a year... I know that hasn't been there my whole life.

    Also for my skin under my eye what are those open holes or w.e? Are those just large pores or something?
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  2. fredjones added a post in a topic Pimple In My Mouth?   

    could someone explain why i got 2 in such a short time period after starting my 2nd course of accutane?
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  3. fredjones added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Pimple In My Mouth?
    Hey theres a sore in my mouth, i don't know if its a pimple, i think it is!

    i am on my 2nd course of accutane and i this is the 2nd pimple in my mouth i've experienced since starting accutane for a 2nd time. It's really weird cause i've rarely ever had this issue in my mouth before and now i've had 2 in about a 1-2 month period.

    its like a bump on the inside of my mouth on my cheek and it stays for a few days and really bothers my mouth usage.
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  4. fredjones added a post in a topic Laser surgery   

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  5. fredjones added a post in a topic Laser surgery   

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  6. fredjones added a post in a topic Laser surgery   

    could you tell me more information on what you went through?

    $300 a session, 3-4 treatments and you've only recently seen a slight reduction in redness? :\ that sounds like shit.

    how much % would you say it helped?

    any side effects? ive read it causes bruising / swelling / redness for a few days after wards
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  7. fredjones added a post in a topic Laser surgery   


    no one has had laser surgery?
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  8. fredjones added a topic in Scar / red mark treatments   

    Laser surgery
    Anyone have any experience with laser surgery for red marks?

    I have been trying to find information about this on the internet but have not been able to find anything with worthy information. Does anyone have a site or links they could share so I could read?

    I have been thinking about getting something done for my red marks. I was on accutane for about 6-7 months and was done about a month ago and emailed my derm. He said time was the best healer and later laser. He said to wait until November, which I will because after accutane i guess its good to let my skin heal.

    anyone go through laser surgery or know anything about it? does it work? Are there risks?

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  9. fredjones added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Good article to read

    Good article to read. I think my acne was the worst when I started smoking weed heavily. The problem was on my cheeks always and now i learned that smoking does cause acne in my cheeks! Time to face the facts and quit smoking for good!
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  10. fredjones added a post in a topic Day 4 - Still Nothing   

    you are going to miss these first 4 days when you're in month 4 and dying from annoying side affects
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  11. fredjones added a post in a topic does vitamin e oil really work for red marks post hyperpigmentation   

    my derm told me that vitamin E does little to nothing, studies have been done

    i told him i was taking vitamin E pills and he told me that, don't know about vitamin E cream though, but probably the same result (nothing)
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  12. fredjones added a post in a topic Should I come off Accutane???????   

    9 weeks? smh

    i been on it for 5 months and am not seeing consistent results. dealing with the side effects for the future portion of my life when i dont have to worry about acne
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  13. fredjones added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    you can't just say 'dont' take omega 3 pills trust me' and not give any reasons why...smh

    i talked to my derm about it and he said fish oil pills are fine, just don't take it at the same time as accutane pills cause it'll flush it away and the accutane pills won't do anything or something like that so take it another time of the day
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  14. fredjones added a post in a topic So I've been on Minocycline + Accutane for 3 months...   

    if it can cause damage to the brain and you're experiencing differences in your head...then yes stop...

    i wouldn't continue if my side effects were scaring me

    for me accutane isn't causing that bad of side effects just annoying i continue to use it
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  15. fredjones added a post in a topic Accutane flushing/blushing   

    i had social anxiety before accutane and would turn red everytime a slightly embarrassing situation occured / when im around attractive women

    but i have slowly been healing from that over time...its 100% caused by acne for sure cause thats whats on my mind when it happens (people looking at me and me caring about my skin)

    since i have been on the course i was worried that it might get worse...but it didn't, probably unrelated but my social anxiety has gone down a lot, basically dont have it anymore

    my cause was mental though, sucks that your cause is physiological
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