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  1. Read This If You Have Scalp Acne

    Heh! To be honest, I've tried things on and off. The only thing that helped remotely short-term was to try to pop them with a mirror and blackhead extractor when they were beyond the extreme inflammation stage. It's really difficult to spot treat on your head, especially when your hair is as dry and frizzy as mine. My general practitioner prescribed me doxycycline for breakouts as needed, which sometimes helps.  Good shampoos/conditioners marketed towards "people with thinning hair" seems to help to some extent as well-- often those marketed towards men (shampoos and conditioners with minty scalp-cleaning ingredients). Sulfur8 shampoo seems like an option that is less noxious and is comparatively cheap, and doesn't smell like Sulfur. I'm still at a loss as to whether to sacrifice my dry hair for a nice scalp.