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  1. Losing my battle with adult acne. advice?

    I'm 35-- I had a very similar experience in my mid-late 20s. My acne somehow changed and turned into "a million little zits that never go away" whereas when I was a teenager they were bigger, less numerous, and once I'd pop them, they'd heal. Enter my mid twenties and they became tiny little deep cysts that would magically grow back over and over again. Ironically, I did try bare minerals for a while and it didn't seem to help. Nowadays I try to go with as little makeup as possible. I also had a Mirena pulled a few years ago, and although I've had bouts of bad skin it's not as bad as it was when I was on the Mirena. My dermatologist realized after a few rounds of antibiotics and a trial on spironolactone that my acne was resistant to treatment, so he put me on Accutane. As the previous poster wrote, if you are concerned about the side effects, ask for a lower dose. Honestly, I had fewer side effects with Accutane than I did with most antibiotics.
  2. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    Looking at this post again, I just had a bout of what was probably peri-oral dermatitis. Since I'm female, I can't grow a full beard... However, if I were a male and had this kind of problem, I would grow a full beard. I have a young relative with similar dark facial hair (similar to the poster) that's prone to becoming ingrown-- Sometimes I think my mouth/chin acne is hormonal in nature, and kind of hard to tackle. I try to stay away with fluoride toothpaste, since it's supposed to aggravate the condition. Interestingly, topical steroids are supposed to be bad for this kind of condition. I've been prescribed Dapsone recently, and it seems to have helped (probably because I've never used it before).