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    hi there,
    i'm about to use this regimen due to all of the positive feedback, and plus my acne isn't too bad so i'm hoping that it won't get any worse.
    the thing is,
    1) i'm in germany at the moment, and they don't seem to have clean and clear here. i think though that it may be under another name - bebe young care. the blackhead clearing wash you describe sounds very similar, and i think that johnson and johnson make bebe young care. i've also used a moisturiser from it (it's for under your eyes and face) and it's gorgeous.
    2) i love in ireland for the rest of the year, where i know that you can get clean and clear. i don't think that you can get the 10% bp wash there though, but i'm willing to order if off the internet (fingers crossed that shipping won't cost too much!). does anybody know of websites that ship internationally?
    3) i have my prom in less than 2 weeks, and i would love clear skin for it. if i get these products within the two weeks, do you think that i should start using them, or am i at risk to a big breakout? i don't mind getting a bad breakout if i get better skin after it, but i do mind having a breakout during my prom. i know that my skin won't be wonderful for my prom either though, since it's showing no signs of clearing up even though i'm on an antibiotic (ethyro or something?) gel. i have acne on my tzone (esp. my chin) and my chest. i also have some on my back, but that's cleared up since i've been swimming and sunbathing lately.

    thanks very much for all of your help!
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