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    SensiClear just came out last year to the public, it was only sold to modeling agencies - it's not widely known yet. But I have tried their kit and it did work better for my acne than any of the other companies. It just did not address the cysts. If you look at other customer reviews, you will find out that SensiClear was on the Oprah show at one time recently. This doesn't mean Oprah endorses SensiClear, but look at the SensiClear website - it just won first place in Second City Magazine and it is the official skin care line for a supermodel agency.

    I have one free unopened kit if you live in Houston and want to pick it up. I asked my younger sister who has mild acne if she wanted to try thekit and she didn't, so if anyone wants the kit, you can come get it. SensiClear has a one month free trial so if you got the kit I have - you'd get two months free.

    I had to cancel because it wasn't doing anything for inflammation. BUT it did help much better than TriClear and Exposed and Proactiv.
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    Wait a minute... are you believing that Accutane will CURE?

    I know that you are only on Accutane for six months and then you have to go off it. For most people, acne slowly returns - but not as bad as it was before Accutane. Rarely does Accutane ever cure.

    I was n Accutane - side effects included dermatitis (itchy dry skin, red spots) on my arms, red and dry eyes, lips were chapped with severe dry skin around the corners of my lips... these side effects persisted throughout the entire six months of m course.

    I don't remember if I had initial breakouts or not.

    My acne returned slowly but I didn't get those painful large cysts again until recently. that was 2004 and now it's 2008 and my ance got out of control since last May.

    I have an appointment with a derm the second day of September to discuss going back on Accutane with hopes that this drug will tighten my pores.
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  3. ChaiPassion added a post in a topic Acne No More Regimen   

    UPDATe: August 10

    After using all the products named in my Acne No More Regimen, it seems that I am exfolliating well with both tea tree oil face wash, benonite clay mixed with apple cider vinegar, and aloe vera gel. And jojoba oil mixed with geranium seems to dry out my cysts. Witch hazel seems to shrink them as well.

    BUT I am still breaking out - I have three small painful cysts that just came in yesterday. So I am not sure what is causing the inflammation in my skin yet.

    I am also not convinced that all these producs address inflammation. I am hoping that Get Gorgeous will address this issue so that my face has a better chance of clearing up with the other products... I am expecting my package this week.

    Take care,
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  4. ChaiPassion added a post in a topic Acne No More Regimen   

    You may isit and look for OptiZinc 60 mg capsules. this is what I use and I believe it is zinc citrate, but I will double check.
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  5. ChaiPassion added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Acne No More Regimen
    Hello, I am ChaiPassion. I have had moderate acne for all my life, but recently my condition has progressed to severe - with large pimples that are painful to the touch.

    Here are the products I have tried and that have not worked in the last couple of years: Proactiv, Exposed, TriClear, and SensiClear. If you would like honest reviews on acne treatments, check out

    I have also tried Accutane. While it did not cure my condition, it did reduce the size of my pores - which meant that I no longer got large painful pimples.

    I was in the hospital for seventeen days last May and I believe steroids enlarged my pores. My condition has gotten worse since leaving the hospital.

    I have read the e-book Acne No More. I decided to try out the regimen, excluding diet. Diet will become my last trial.

    For this journal, I plan to address each product individually and describe the effects on severe acne. I want to pinpoint the cause for acne in this way. This will also allow you to give any feedback on specific products in my regimen - such as your personal experience.


    Tea Tree Oil: I use Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash, which I received about two weeks ago. Tea tree oil kills specific bacteria that causes acne. While I have been washing my skin with this face wash twice daily, it has not reduced the size of my pimples. However, it seems to exfolliate as I have noticed slight peeling around some of the pimples.

    Therefore, I am not convinced that the main cause of my condition is due to bacteria as there has been no improvement in my condition with consistent use of tea tree oil.

    BUT I will test the effectiveness of tea tree oil on skin that have been exposed to steam for at least ten minutes. I will post results here in two weeks.

    Aloe Vera Gel: I use Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gelly. While I have read that aloe vera gel is a natural moisturizer and penetrates six to eight times than water, my personal experience with aloe vera gel is not AWESOME. I have seen no improvement in my condition with the consistent use of aloe vera gel. When applied, it feels tight - not moistened. However, it does stop overproduction of sebum. In fact, I have no problem with excess oil now.

    Therefore, I am not ready to conclude on the effectiveness of aloe vera gel yet. I have only been using this fruit for about two weeks with minimal results.

    Jojoba Oil: I use jojoba oil from Aucia Circle...I will check on the spelling of the compan later and post. After applying aloe vera gel, I blend one drop of jojoba oil with one drop of either geranium or patchouli then smooth over skin with a cotton pad. the oils does not absorb quickoy and feels like a layer of silk on your skin. I have onl used these oils for two days now...

    I have noticed some pimples beginning to reduce in sie. I will post in two weeks on the effects of using jojoba oil blended with essential oils. NOTE: These oils do not promote acne nor do they promote excess sebum production.

    Bentonite Clay: I use Azteck Indian Healing Bentonite clay mixed with apple cider vinegar. When I first got this product about fthree weeks ago, I did not have raw apple cider vinegar. So I used water to mix the clay...

    Water and Clay: I saw no results with this combination. It also makes your skin ITCH like crazy and keeping the mask on for 20 minutes is like life in a torture chamber. The clay does not consolidate into a smooth mass when mixed with water, so it is difficult to smooth the clay onto the skin in lumps.

    Apple Cider Vinegar and Clay: The clay forms a smooth solid mass when mixed with apple cider vinegar, making it easier to layer onto the skin. I have not been consistent with using the clay because I am often too lazy to take the time to mix the clay and wait 20 minutes before washing it off. BUT I have seen some good results, not dramatic results. My pimples seem to reduce in sie and there is peeling around some of these pimples. NOTE: When mixed with apple cider vinegar, there is no unbearable itching.

    I will try my best to use this clay on a daily basis as part of my regimen. If I suceed in two weeks, I will post here.

    Witch Hazel: I am waiting on the delivery of witch hazel astringent I purchased, Thayer's Witch Hazel Astringent. I will post results in two weeks.

    Zinc: I puchased sinc from the Life Extension foundation and took 90 mg tonight. I will post results if any comes along...

    Vitamin A: I do not have this product, but will post here in two weeks. NOTE: Accutane is actually a synthetic form of Vitamin A.

    Please share your personal experience with any of these products.
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