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  1. So, I'm back to follow up with my 2nd Accutane course.  I finished my course in the first week of November..totaling 5 months at 80mg/day for all 5 months so I've been done for about 3 months now.   My body has fully recovered from the  course (dryness and achiness has gone away).  My acne has stayed away for the most part.  I've had a few tiny skin level, superficial bumps here and there but nothing major.  I did add a bp cleanser that I use at night.     I'll check back in a few months with another update if things have changed.  
  2. Hello jbird,

    I ´ve just read your report in this topic from Nov./2012.


     I would like to download this book but it´s not possible anymore. : 

    "Acne Scars: Classification and Treatment (Series in Dermatological Treatment)

    Would you be so kind to send it me on my email please ? (If you still have it of course )

    [email protected]

    thank you