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  1. Noeliam added a comment on a gallery image Afbeelding 078.jpg   

    Almost finished!
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  2. Noeliam added a comment on a gallery image ACNELOGacneorg.jpg   

    As you can see it justs gets better and better, its amazing.
    Saving my life. I love it and cant wait to see the end result.
    As you can see in such lil time its done oh so very much,
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  3. Noeliam added a post in a topic what would you do if you had perfect skin?   

    Ok,, if i wouldn´t have acne my life will be: Wake up 8AM breakfast and leave the house, shower and shave every day (because i can´t shave everyday with ance FUCK), let me hair grow (it makes pimples in my forehead), read a lot (sometimes i can´t focus because acne is on my mind), gym-boxing-soccer-tennis (at the moment i only practise soccer because when i swept i have t go take a damn shower and if not i develop pimples and become very self counscious of the potential pimples im developiong with my face after practising sports), hand out a lot with my friends- GET DRUNK without thinking alcohol will breakout me!!!, been more active at class, eat badfood sometimes (not everyday),, etc etc etc
    ...... and the best is that my confidence towards girls will increase


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  5. Noeliam added a post in a topic SunInMymouth / Roaccutane   

    My advice is that you must try not to stress about this breakout. I know is hard but al least, for me, stress is my major factor of breaking out... so try not to worry by thinking that you are taking the best medicine for acne and tane is working inside you

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  6. Noeliam added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Question about minocyclyne
    Hi everyone

    My question is if is that important to take minocyclyne on an empty stomach and also if an empty stomach is only considered when you wake up in the morning or if i can take my dose 2 hours after i eat and 1 before I eat again like I read on a website of the links in the FAQ of this forum

    My derm didn´t tell me anything about the importance of taking eat on an empty stomach so im just really disorientated

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  7. Noeliam added a post in a topic The Beginning of the end (hopefully)!   

    Hi mann..... im also 18 and i also feel like crap nowadays....yesterday i was in bed watching TV and started criying because this shit of acne (altough i have mild-moderate acne that is very persistant) is getting down my self esteem to a point i don´t like anymore my appearences

    But i tell you something : when finally me, you and everybody destroy acne we will really grateful to life and will go out , spending time with friends, travelling, enjoy been at university and all the stuff that we can´t do today.

    Im visiting my derm next week and i hope she gives me acuttane...

    BYEE and success
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  8. Noeliam added a comment on a gallery image Other side   

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  9. Noeliam added a comment on a gallery image 4 days on the "regimen"   

    my face is dry and peeling a little but no new zits and the ones I already have are going away quickly. I hope buy next week all of these old zits will be gone forever!!!!!
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  10. Noeliam added a comment on a gallery image Update 12/12/2004   

    Well at last my flu has gone

    while i have been unwell my acne seems to have worsened is some areas but better in others

    at the moment i have a cysts see the big red mark on the right , its going down slowly.

    on the left side of my face it has improved massively over the last month, which is great

    but my chin seems to have its ups and downs, some times theres hardly and whiteheads then theres loads, at the moment theres quite a few

    im still thinking its slowly getting less on my chin so its just waiting,

    Merry Xmass all hope you get some nice gifts

    and be cool

    EDIT : earlyer photos where all taken with a webcam, thats why scars dont show in them look at the more recent ones
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  11. Noeliam added a comment on a gallery image 16 weeks accutane   

    16 weeks accutane
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  12. Noeliam added a post in a topic Big Problem!!   

    im 16
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  13. Noeliam added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    Big Problem!!
    Hey guys
    Well my problem is that on wednesday i will be 2 months with my girlfriend and yesterday i got a shity red pimple that makes me so fucking nervous. I dont have so much acne (only a bit of redness in my chicks but if i cut BP it disappear) but this pimple makes me cry because my gf is 14 and has a baby skin and sometimes i just cant look her in her eyes.
    Wells thats alll

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