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  1. Hi everyone, I male, 30 years old and lift weights as a hobby, like most people who do this I go through phases of "bulking" (that's eating around 300 calories a day over maintenance) and then "cutting" (that's what most people would call a low calorie diet... to loose some any fat gained during the bulking phase). So normally these bulking phases run for an extended period of time, say 20 or 30 weeks, with a cut length of maybe 5 or ten weeks, as a little experient I've tried running these phases quicker than normal, 25 day bulk (i.e.25 days eating too much) and 10 days eating only 1400 calories. What I've noticed each time is that at some point my oily skin briefly turns dry for a few days (I'm now documenting it all to try and get more specific times on this), but yesterday, my 6th day of low calories I'd noticed how dry my skin was, the difference is as profound as Accutane. At first I thought it was obvious, its just calorie restriction that means less sebum is produced, but if that was the case when I was doing my last 20 week cut I'd have had dry skin all the way though, which I didn't, in fact I made a note that it had a dry few days about a week after eating more! I hope that you can make sense of this, I know if you're not familiar with bulks/cuts it might be a little hard to get your head around but just think of it as eating a bit too much and a bit too little. I keep everything else the same, workouts don't change, I don't go and pig out on terrible junk foods or live off broccoli on my cut weeks or anything like that. I'm baffled but I wonder if there's an answer in there somewhere? Hopefully some one can add something or try it themselves because if I could replicate the skin I have for 4 or 5 days a month I'd be thrilled. Cheers, Mark.