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  1. JBabe added a post in a topic Help please... anyone?   

    Yes get some polysporin and some spot bandaids. Put some polysporin on the area and cover with a spot bandaid to help the medicine stay on.

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  2. JBabe added a post in a topic Good moisturizer for face?   

    Hmmm did you break out in pimples Molly or whiteheads. I have been using Cerave for about 7 weeks and I do have some small whiteheads ...wonder if that is causing them or if its just my skin?
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  3. JBabe added a post in a topic Do I have a blackhead zit?? w/ picture   

    No that is not a blackhead. That is a zit. Looks like when you popped it you did not get all the junk out....
    anyway you may want to see if there is more junk in it and then put poysporin on it and a bandaid on top.
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  4. JBabe added a post in a topic For those who have tried accutane, but it did NOT work...   

    Accutane worked fantastic for me. My skin was perfect. Yes there were side effects like a bloody nose, dry flaking skin and it was awful. But I used aquaphor for my lips and a gentle cleanser and got through it.
    I went through 2 courses of accutane and my skin was perfect for about a year each time but within the last year my skin has been going nuts. So the results at least for me were not permanent
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