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  1. 11/22/15 Day 93: Back is really, really clear. The oils, man. 11/23/15 Day 94: Just dealing w/ stiff ankle, dry lips, and skin.  11/24/15 Day 95: Same as above. 11/25/15 Day 96: Same as above.
  2. 11/19/15 Day 90: Three month mark. Skin is pretty good. Oil levels are going to decrease any less than they are now. Only acne is on jaw line. 11/20/15 Day 91: Dry lips, any drier skin in general on arms and legs-probably due to the cold. 11/21/15 Day 92: Same as above.
  3. 11/15/15 Day 86: Have a little zit-like bump at the corner of my lip. I think. 11/16/15 Day 87: Getting some acne on jaw line, probably b/c i keep resting my hand there. 11/17/15 Day 88: The bump referenced in Day 86 has spread it. It's oozing puss. Scheduled an appointment w/ my non-derm doctor. 11/18/15 Day 89: Cancelled appointment. It seems to have calmed down, the puss and everything. I will give it till next week before seeing the doctor. I have an interview with a recruiter this Friday. Will be leaving my current job soon, so will not have to travel out of town for work-which is good for my skin, routine, etc.
  4. 11/12/15 Day 83: Arms are dry, but do not have any tiny bumps anymore. The CeraVe moisturizer seems to have worked. I have been applying it inconsistently, but still worked. 11/13/15 Day 84: Same old effects: dry lips, arms, legs, tight Achilles (though not sure if related to Accutane, spoke w/ nurse last time and she could not confirm if it was-I suspect it is). 11/14/15 Day 85: Back is really clear, smooth. The most out of my chest and face.
  5. 11/9/15 Day 80: Approaching 3 months now. Times flies. Arms are really dry if I dont apply a moisturizer after a shower. It's odd because it just suddenly came about, this dryness. 11/10/15 Day 81: So side effects are now - dry lips, tight Achilles, dry arms (especially elbow area) 11/11/15 Day 82: Same issues going as detailed above.
  6. 11/6/15 Day 77: So I still need to use oil blotting sheets, but now I can do it every say 6 hours or so. 11/7/15 Day 78: Stiff Achilles and dry lips as of now. 11/8/15 Day 79: Also, dry arms and legs. But minimizing it by applying some CeraVe body moisturizer.
  7. Accutane/Claravis Flaking Skin

    I just use a microfiber cloth once a week or so. I also double cleanse at nite (also cleanse in morning)
  8. 11/4/15 Day 75: Back of arms are developing some bumps of some kind. It is probably due to cooler weather nowadays. 11/5/15 Day 76: Visited the nurse again. Blood results are good. Now have a huge stash of accuntane pills. It should last me for a couple months.
  9. 10/30/15 Day 70: Same old, same old. Oily skin seems to have peaked in terms of decreasing oiliness. 10/31/15 Day 71: Still feel stiffness and tightness in Achilles. 11/1/15 Day 72: Nothing different. 11/2/15 Day 73: Had blood test today. Should get results tomorrow. 11/3/15 Day 74: Nothing different.
  10. 10/28/15 Day 68: Achilles still somewhat tight and stiff in the morning. Will ask the nurse what is the deal with it. 10/29/15 Day 69: Over two months now. Have about 2 spots today. One on jaw line and another on the forehead above eyebrow. Next blood test is this coming Monday and appointment on Thursday.
  11. 10/25/15 Day 65: Achilles still tight after waking up in the morning. I will be asking the nurse if it is related to the accutane. Dry lips as usual. 10/26/15 Day 66: Still dry lips. Scalp is not itchy at all, really. 10/27/15 Day 67: I will be seeing the nurse again next week. Early than usual as I plan to quit my job within a month and need a good supply of accutane before my new job can register me for their insurance program. Also, I made a post in the oily skin forum, but there appears to be a couple drugs in development at the moment that address oily skin, so hopefully I can go on that in the future.
  12. At the moment, I have found two drugs that are currently being developed to combat excessive sebum production. I have only found accutane to address oily skin, but it has serious side effects (long and short term) and cannot be used beyond for extended periods of time (1 + years). The first drug is about to enter Phase III of clinical trials. per Wikipedia, a drug enters phase III because it is presumed to have some effect. The drug is called SB204 by Novan Therapeutics. It is a tropical. They intend to begin Phase III in the first quarter of 2016. Then after that there is the New Drug Application and then finally Phase IV where anyone can get the prescription from their doctor. These phases typically take years, but I feel like it will not take that long given the fact that the drug does not have serious side effects and it is only attempting to inhibit excess sebum production which is relatively benign compared to other drugs out that treat more serious conditions and consequently have more serious side effects. Second drug is called DRM01 by Demira. The drug begain Phase 2b clinicals in April 2015 and will present the results in the first half of 2016. So it is a bit behind in public availability compared to Nova's SB204. Overall, we're probably a couple years away from a drug that we all can take to address our oily skin. Luckily the side effects are insignificant so we can take it for long periods of time and hopefully in a decade or two they will develop a drug that is not purely maintenance but stops the problem.  
  13. 10/23/15 Day 63: Over 2 months now. I still need to exfoliate with a cloth. I definitely do not do chemical exfoliation as it dried my skin quite much in the past, but just dealing with dry lips as of now. I have been waking up with a stiff, tight Achilles. 10/24/15 Day 64: Played basketball yesterday. Can't rest too long in between games as my body tightens up more than usual. Not sure if related to accutane.
  14. ^ Thanks. 10/21/15 Day 61: Nothing new. Have two spots on nose. Dry lips. 10/22/15 Day 62: Same as day 61.
  15. 10/18/15 Day 58: Just dry lips, one spot on the bridge of my nose. 10/19/15 Day 59: Spot still on nose. Dry lips. 10/20/15 Day 60: Still have spot on bridge of nose. Just came back from the nurse visit. As I said on day 57, only triglycerides were high. I need to keep it below 300. Also, found out that my audit trip to the east coast was cancelled, so that's good. Didn't want to mess up my routine.
  16. 10/16/15 Day 56: Took my blood test today. Results tomorrow. Skin is pretty good. Back is as clear its been in years. Chest has some acne on it. Face 1-2 spots on nose, but nothing that time can't handle. Still just dry lips. 10/17/15 Day 57: Received blood test results. Everything is good except for my triglycerides are in the high range. I will be meeting with the nurse on Tuesday.
  17. 10/14/15 Day 54: Realized what was causing drier nose than usual. Pretty obvious after the fact, I decided to use BHA to remove the remaining blackheads. 10/15/15 Day 55: Nose is bit less dry than before. Pretty sure BHA was cause. Will be taking blood test tomorrow. So far just dealing with dry lips. My skin is still producing oil, but a lot less than before.
  18. 10/12/15 Day 52: Nose is kinda dry for some reason. Everywhere else is fine. 10/13/15 Day 53: Nose is still dry'ish. Everything else is okay, though. No other side effects. Abdomen/core is no longer feeling painful.
  19. 10/10/15 Day 50: Dry lips so far. My core is kinda strained at the moment. Not sure if related to accutane. 10/11/15 Day 51: Still have a strained core. Face, back is clear. Chest has some spots.
  20. 10/8/15 Day 48: Slight bump on the right cheek cropped up. Seems like it't not much of an issue though. Otherwise, skin is good. 10/9/15 Day 49: Skin still good. Blackheads appear to be disappearing on nose. Just dry lips as of now.
  21. 10/6/15 Day 46: Skin is pretty good so far. I only need to use an oil blotting sheet every 6 hours instead of 2 hours. The nivea moisturizer is great. My face does not feel dry and  tight in the morning anymore. Only dry lips is the issue as of now. I will be doing a blood test again next Saturday. 10/7/15 Day 47: No acne spots as of yet, except for one near my chin.Other than that, pretty clear.
  22. 10/4/15 Day 44: Nothing really to report. I have just two acne spots. Oily skin is once again down significantly. Dry lips. 10/5/15 Day 45: Same as yesterday.
  23. 10/2/15 Day 42: Oily skin subsiding a bit. I didn't take my dosage for 3 consecutive days, so that is probably why the oils increased. 10/3/15 Day 43: Skin is best its ever been for past 6 years or so. Just have red marks that are somewhat mild. I am only experiencing dry lips and slight chest pain this morning.
  24. 9/30/15 Day 40: Feels like my oily skin is coming back.Thought I read someone having the same issue. Other than that, just feeling tired and dry lips. 10/1/15 Day 41: Slept or 9 hours. Still somewhat groggy. Skin pretty good, though.
  25. 9/28/15 Day 39: 2 spots sprouted up on my hairline. Not really a big deal. Will apply some BP and it'll die down. 9/29/15 Day 40: Skin is pretty good. Blackheads going away.The 2 spots yesterday are shrinking. I have to use the foaming cleanser by CeraVe as it is strong enough to remove the Nivea moisturizer in the morning.