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  1. I am still at 40mg/day. I usually go 5 days straight of 40mg/day then take one day off and go again. So 5 on, 1 off. This will help extend my treatment period and still keep my oily skin down and relatively acne-free.
  2. 1/30/16 - 2/5/16 Day 162 - 168: Well the acne on my jaw line has subsided, but not completely. I still have the same side effects for the past few months. Mental state is fine as well. Though, I have been stressing over finding a job that I like. Other than that, all good.
  3. 28/m third times a charm

    I was with Kaiser as well and pretty much have the exact same experience as  you. I have like a bag full of free samples they gave to me.
  4. 28/m third times a charm

    Good and detailed log! Good luck~ Also, has your skin always been oily? In the first post you said that it has been at its oiliest as far as you can remember. I am guessing if you did have oily skin before, the accutane reduced it, but it came back after you went off the treatment?  
  5. Oily Skin and Accutane

    Hi, I am taking accutane as well. 40mg/day (see my profile for my accutane journey log). The side effects came in about 2 weeks into my treatment. From what my accutane nurse told me, the oily skin does come back, but at a reduced rate. The oily skin does come back for most what based on what I heard - usually within a week or two. I am 150 days or so into my treatment (should be done by summers end). I also posted a thread about some drugs that currently in clinical trials that have shown some promise. However, we are probably quite a ways away from these drugs being available to the general public.
  6. 1/23/16 - 1/29/16 Day 155 - 161: Just two zit on left side of jaw. Dry lips.
  7. 1/17/16 - 1/22/16 Day 149 - 154: Not much to update with. I have not developed any new issues as of late.
  8. Alcar Acetyl L Carnetine 1gram a day

    Can you post the link to the product you used specifically (or private message)? I am on accutane at the moment, but would like to research it anyway.
  9. 1/8/16 - 1/16/16 Day 140 - 148: Still have the same side effects of dry lips, slightly itchy scalp. I still feel like I need to physically exfoliate as I can still scrape off sunscreen that I applied in the morning. I will be using a konjac sponge to do some light exfoliation. Other than that, I have only had 1-2 zits - nothing major. I still have about 6 months more of this treatment.
  10. Sebum Inhibiting Drugs Currently in Clinical Trials

    Nice find, Oilyyy. Glad to see there is more options out there. Looks like they are in phase 2 of clinical trials.
  11. 1/2/16 - 1/7/16 -Day 134 - 139: Still same side effects. Back of hand has returned to normal condition after moisturizing it after showers - as expected. Two zits came up within the pat 1-2 weeks. One on right temple and one on left cheek. Both have gone down, but not w/o brown/red marks.
  12. 12/26/15 - 1/1/16 Day 127 - 133: Still side effects from prior months. Back of hand, however, has sprouted a several dozens small bumps. I suspect it is because of dryness. I had the same bumps a couple months ago and moisturized and that resolved it. Accutane reserves should last till June.
  13. 12/19/15 - 12/25/15 Day 120 - 126: Still no change from the past month plus in terms of side effects.
  14. 12/13/15 - 12/18/15 Day 114 - 119: Same as past few weeks. I have not had any acne spots on my face. Few on my chest, however. I had my blood test today and will be seeing the nurse this coming Monday. Side effects still include dry lips and dry body in general.
  15. My skin is really tolerant to 99.99% of skin products. I have never broken out from a product so my experiences will not be of much help to you. I did not even get an initial breakout like most others here have when starting accutane. I exfoliate lightly once a week w/ a bamboo-like cloth. Only because my nose accumulates dead skin and product etc quicker than what is removed by cleansing. So I have to exfoliate even though it is generally not recommended to do so. Good luck!
  16. I do not feel any pain of any kind (joint, etc.) I usually eat it w/ some meal-not necessarily fatty. 12/7/15 - 12/12/15 Day 108 - 113: Still not much change. Have not had any acne these past few weeks.
  17. 11/30/15 - 12/6/15 Day 101 - 107: Not much has changed. No real acne spots at the moment. Same side effects.
  18. 11/26/15 Day 97: Not much to report. Skins at its best since high school. Except for's red. 11/27/15 Day 98: Same as above. Went to have blood test again. Results came back good. Also had my first ever food poisoning. 11/28/15 Day 99: Nose is red from foolishly exfoliating too much from past years. Will be using Eucerin Redness Relief moisturizer. I think it's moisturizing enough for accutane dryness. 11/29/15 Day 100: 100 days already. Pretty quick. Have probably 200 days of this to go if I ration my reserves well.  So the negatives and positives at the 100 day mark: + reduced oily skin + clearer back, face - dry lips, skin (exacerbated by the cold) - tight achilles
  19. 11/22/15 Day 93: Back is really, really clear. The oils, man. 11/23/15 Day 94: Just dealing w/ stiff ankle, dry lips, and skin.  11/24/15 Day 95: Same as above. 11/25/15 Day 96: Same as above.
  20. 11/19/15 Day 90: Three month mark. Skin is pretty good. Oil levels are going to decrease any less than they are now. Only acne is on jaw line. 11/20/15 Day 91: Dry lips, any drier skin in general on arms and legs-probably due to the cold. 11/21/15 Day 92: Same as above.
  21. 11/15/15 Day 86: Have a little zit-like bump at the corner of my lip. I think. 11/16/15 Day 87: Getting some acne on jaw line, probably b/c i keep resting my hand there. 11/17/15 Day 88: The bump referenced in Day 86 has spread it. It's oozing puss. Scheduled an appointment w/ my non-derm doctor. 11/18/15 Day 89: Cancelled appointment. It seems to have calmed down, the puss and everything. I will give it till next week before seeing the doctor. I have an interview with a recruiter this Friday. Will be leaving my current job soon, so will not have to travel out of town for work-which is good for my skin, routine, etc.
  22. 11/12/15 Day 83: Arms are dry, but do not have any tiny bumps anymore. The CeraVe moisturizer seems to have worked. I have been applying it inconsistently, but still worked. 11/13/15 Day 84: Same old effects: dry lips, arms, legs, tight Achilles (though not sure if related to Accutane, spoke w/ nurse last time and she could not confirm if it was-I suspect it is). 11/14/15 Day 85: Back is really clear, smooth. The most out of my chest and face.
  23. 11/9/15 Day 80: Approaching 3 months now. Times flies. Arms are really dry if I dont apply a moisturizer after a shower. It's odd because it just suddenly came about, this dryness. 11/10/15 Day 81: So side effects are now - dry lips, tight Achilles, dry arms (especially elbow area) 11/11/15 Day 82: Same issues going as detailed above.
  24. 11/6/15 Day 77: So I still need to use oil blotting sheets, but now I can do it every say 6 hours or so. 11/7/15 Day 78: Stiff Achilles and dry lips as of now. 11/8/15 Day 79: Also, dry arms and legs. But minimizing it by applying some CeraVe body moisturizer.