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  1. SteveBrown added a post in a topic Is drinking honey bad for acne?   

    It's probably OK as long as you have honey with your tea, not tea with your honey.

    I have my green tea with no sweetener, but with a little skim milk, which contains lactose, a sugar. I don't want to cut milk out of my diet entirely, because it's a source of calcium and other nutrients.
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  2. SteveBrown added a post in a topic To all members   

    I posted a suggestion here yesterday, and now it's gone. What happened?

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  3. SteveBrown added a post in a topic Best book shedding light on acne?   

    Speaking of shedding light on acne, there is a therapy that does just that. It's blue light therapy, in which the skin is exposed to intense blue light for 20 to 30 minutes per session. The way it works is that the blue light converts porphyrins, a metabolic byproduct of p. acnes bacteria, into free radicals which kill the bacteria. The range of wavelengths used is 405 to 420 nanometers. That is at the far blue end of the visible light spectrum, bordering on ultraviolet, which arbitrarily begins at 400 nanometers and ranges to shorter wavelengths. I considered trying blue light therapy, but decided not to, because the wavelengths used seem too close to ultraviolet.

    For more information about blue light therapy, Google "acne blue light."

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  4. SteveBrown added a post in a topic Nature's cure   

    >The skin is never germ free.

    I wrote "essentially" germ free, and I was referring to the surface of the skin. Apply an antiseptic to the skin long enough, and all surface germs are killed. That is why alcohol is swabbed onto the skin prior to a hypodermic injection, and why the skin is swabbed with iodine solution prior to a surgical incision.

    >And sugar doesn't boost sebum production nearly that much. Otherwise, you'd see much more greasy-skinned ice cream fans.

    Ice cream isn't so bad, because it also contains significant amounts of fat and protein. However, there are quite a few pimply candy and soda pop lovers.

    >Overreacting is just as bad as underreacting.

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  5. SteveBrown added a post in a topic Nature's cure   

    That's sound advice. Sugar stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin, a hormone that causes the sebaceous glands to secrete excess sebum, on which p. acnes bacteria thrive.

    You mentioned swimming as a good exercise. A benefit of swimming in a pool of chlorinated water is that the chlorine sanitizes the skin. After an hour in the pool, during which the head is frequently dunked, the skin is essentially germ-free.
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