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  1. Hello Dudley,

    I ´ve just read your report in this topic from Nov./2012.


     I would like to download this book but it´s not possible anymore. : 

    "Acne Scars: Classification and Treatment (Series in Dermatological Treatment)

    Would you be so kind to send it me on my email please ? (If you still have it of course )

    [email protected]

    thank you




  2. desperate for scar solution (with pictures)

    You don't seem to have any major scars.  Resolve the pigmentation issue, and then see where you stand.  The pigmentation makes things look much worse that it really is.  Don't do anything until you see where you really stand.
  3. I am much older than most of the other posters so I am also battling the effects of aging.  Most of you will not deal with this for many years to come.  It is not in my personality to surrender even though I have reached a point of improvement where scars are no longer my overwhelming thought. Still I am not where I think I can be.  Notice that I didn't say at 100%, but I can do better.  I respond the most to those whom I believe I can relate to the most, and your most recent pictures say that I can relate to you.  I won't join the 'Oh they are not that bad' bandwagon because I believe I know how you are thinking.  I remember when I went for Dermabrasion, and a woman asked why I was doing it, and I just looked at her and thought huh.  No matter how many slogans people come up with, being different is not something that we choose to be.
  4. Ozay, I am not done.  I am older so my next step is plastic surgery.  Then and only then may I post pictures.  Actually the pictures posted above by Robertitoo look very much like my beginning and after pictures - except I am not a woman.  The pictures I do have do not show the severity of my scars, but that womans pictures are very close.  My lighting must have been bad because the scars didn't show as bad as they were.
  5. Seeking Advice

    Frankly, your best course of action may be nothing. Any actions you take could result in making things worse.  Most people on here would take your skin as a final result any day.  As you age you will notice it less and less.  Guys like Brad Pitt and Ray Liotta don't seem to have let a few scars stop them. 
  6. il90, it is vitally important for people to do outside research.  While this forum is a very good resource there are those who will direct people away from treatments that may help them based on hearsay, and not actual experience.  I don't talk about other treatments that I don't have first hand experience.  I believe in Repair, but not Dermabrasion or regular CO2.  We had a woman on RealSelf who was the biggest opponent of Repair, and I finally got her to admit that she had never done it.  Had I listened to her I would never have done Repair and I would be just as miserable as I was in 2008.  On forums the negative people will almost always out number the positive people.  Always be on the attack no matter which way you choose and don't be dessuaded by those who have no experience, or have not done the research.
  7. What has happened this forum1?

    I think there is a way, I just never figured it out.  I would normally have just replied by leading with your handle, but as a joke I quoted you.  It is so annoying to see a post of somebody who has qouted another quote and another quote.