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  1. Laser Doesn't Work, Prove Me Wrong.

    I haven't seen any proof that lasers work on pitted scars, but it does work on regular scars. Pitted scars appear to be a different ballgame, and require a different approach.
  2. Acne scars

    Do you work for Solta or something? This is the first time I even heard of Solta. Last I heard Reliant owned the Fraxel name. I haven't done any research since 2011. Fraxel Repair is the only thing that did any good for me.
  3. Acne scars

    Not severe, by any stretch of the imagination. Fraxel Repair at high intensity is your answer. At least 2-3 treatments.
  4. Well said! I tried dermabrasion and it didn't work. I then tried regular CO2 and it didn't work. I tried the roller and it didn't work. I tried full force Fraxel Repair and had very good improvement. Everybody is different.