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  1. Why are fractional lasers not populair on this forum??

    Keeping_up, yes 75-80%.
  2. Why are fractional lasers not populair on this forum??

    To the OP, unless the proper protocol is followed people will not see the results they are looking for. Also laser is more expensive that most everything else.
  3. Emotional/Psychological effects of scarring

    As you have noted, I never said the women were perfect, only that they were pretty. She made the assumption that they had no scars. Personality and a positive attitude goes a very long way.
  4. Emotional/Psychological effects of scarring

    My intent was to show that scars don't define you unless you give up and let them. Let's get down to brass tacks, this is all about the quest for beauty, otherwise there would be no forum like this. I have had my share of hell, and you ignore the rest of my story, and only concentrate on my successes which I was trying to use to illustrate the point that other people can do it. No I am not attracted to Rosie O'Donnel, and I don't care who knows it. Actually I recently had a woman who did have mild scars, but it was her enthusiasm that attracted me. The red head that I put on a bus back to her mothers also had minor scarring. The woman that I described as the prettiest woman I have know also had minor scars. I am not on this world to please you or anyone else. I am attracted to women I am attracted to. I don't find Kim Kardashian attractive and she has flawless skin. Like it or not the quest for beauty is all around us, and everyone must try to be the best they can be or give up.
  5. Emotional/Psychological effects of scarring

    I would venture to say that nobody has dealt with this problem longer than I have. The developements in treating acne scars has greatly improved since I started my battle. When I began the new thing was dermabrasion, which I did at about age 20, with no improvement. Around 25 years later regular CO2 was introduced, and I did that with no improvement. Perhaps 10 years later Fraxel Restore was introduced, and I went to a plastic surgeon for a consult. I was signing up for Restore when the surgeon came back into the room and told me Restore wouldn't help. I walked out disappointed, but I gained a trust for that doctor for telling the truth. A little while later Fraxel Repair was introduced. Lucky I found a plastic surgeon just 3 miles away who had bought the new machine. I think there were only about 30 Repairs in the country at that time. I immediately scheduled and paid 5K for this new treatment. I realized about a 20% improvement, but it was the elimination of 2 non-acne scars that let me know that I was onto something. I scheduled a 2nd Repair, and saw a great improvement, and people started asking what I had done. One black friend at work who notices everything, started asking if I had Botox. LOL I followed up with 3 more Repairs. While I still think about scars I am at the % of improvement where it is not the overriding thing in my life. Especially the last 4 years I have been around beautiful women all the time, which is something I could not have done before. I have heard a lot of depressed people on this thread wanting to give up at age 20 or 30. At those ages I had no options, and 'live with it' was all I could do. I have been married 3 times. The first and 3rd times where to the prettiest girl in the area. In the past 2 years I have broken up with 3 very hot women. The last one may have been the prettiest girl I have known in my life, but the huge age difference got the best of me. All 3 still contact me, and I am not rich my any stretch of the imagination, and I am no George Clooney. My scars were probably worse than 75% of the people who post here. Here is the kicker, I will be 69 in August. My next step is Plastic Surgery for the effects of aging. 40 years gave me a federal retirement, and I have worked an additional 11 years as a state auditor, and I can retire again. I derive satisfaction through interaction with other people, so anyone who wants to go into seclusion should think twice because that will only deepen your depression. I strongly suggest you get the book 'Younger Next Year'. It is not what the title implies, and I have read it 3 time because it is very inspirational. I don't care if you are 17 years old, read this book now because it could save your life. Also look into Dr. Dean Ornish. Both of these doctors stress the fact that we are pack animals, and isolation is a killer. You have a lot to live for, so don't ever forget it. I went through hell to get to the point that I am at. Medical advances you will witness where not available to me, so I call BS to anyone who wants to give up.
  6. Has anyone had Co2 CORE Laser resurfacing?

    BeautifulAmbition, the one thing I notice in all the healing videos is that no one experienced the extreme swelling that I did after my first Repair. I was virtually unrecognizable. I looked like I had gained 100 lbs. overnight. Subsequent treatments did not result in that kind of swelling. This leads me to believe that I may have been treated at levels that were off the chart. Repair was brand new at the time. Still I healed enough within 2 weeks to drive to Florida. It was after my 2nd Repair that I saw the biggest improvement, and the recovery time went steadily down. I was out in public 3 days after my last Repair. People cannot expect a One and Done experience.
  7. Has anyone had Co2 CORE Laser resurfacing?

    BeautifulAmbition, that is a great post! My research into this topic is probably 5 years old. My one question is with the 3.5mm depth that would seem to bore right through the cheek. I grabbed this chart from a DermaRoller site to show the thickness of the skin. http://www.dermarollershop.com/blog/dermaroller-size-guide/
  8. Has anyone had Co2 CORE Laser resurfacing?

    I would rather quickly do some more research. After a very brief search I find no indication that this laser is used for acne scars. Remember that the doctor, in most cases, will only suggest what he has in his office. I was lucky to find a plastic surgeon who told me that Fraxel Restore would not work for me. A few months later Fraxel Repair was introduced, and the rest is history. I was very dejected when the doctor said Restore would not work, so I can emphasize with your desire to get this done, but do your research or you may be disappointed, and become one of the naysayers on this site. The strength and depth of penetration are the keys to your success
  9. 5 lasers later my skins the worst its ever been

    Insufficient information.
  10. Is Fraxel Repair the best fractional CO2 laser?

    That is also what I have heard about Ice Pick scars.
  11. Is Fraxel Repair the best fractional CO2 laser?

    I had severe scarring that affected my entire life. I would estimate a 75-80% correction. I am older so my next step is plastic surgery to deal with aging. Nothing helped me except Repair, and as you can see by my signature I tried several things. Repair must be done at high intensity and several times to see the results. I basically only did it 5 times because my social life improved greatly, otherwise I would have done at least at least 2 more, but I reached a point of satisfaction. If a person is going to have a timid doctor who stays around 30-40 mj they might as well stay home, and not waste their money.
  12. Is Fraxel Repair the best fractional CO2 laser?

    I rarely post anymore, but I saw this thread. Fraxel Repair has been the Gold Standard of ablative lasers since 2008. Critics of Repair have either never done it and are basing their opinions off hearsay, or they have not followed the proper protocol to achieve success. I have posted about the proper method ad nauseam so I am not going to rehash it again. Fraxel Repair is by far the best thing I have ever done