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  1. Adam08 added a post in a topic you know its bad when..   

    when a homeless man is giving you skin care advice.

    yes, this actually happened. it happened over a year ago when i was serving coffees in a homeless shelter. my skin was incredibly dry/red/flakey at the time.

    he was quite friendly.

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  2. Adam08 added a post in a topic "Diet isn't related to acne..." Bullcrap! Here is my proof!   

    brenton looks like a really cool dude. both before and after.

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  3. Adam08 added a post in a topic sunshine, fresh air, exercise, rest/fasting, healthy diet, water, trust in god.   

    hey santiago, do you know if sprouted bread contains gluten?
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  4. Adam08 added a post in a topic paleo diet   

    You know MDA? That's cool
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  5. Adam08 added a post in a topic oily skin cleared   

    Bryan, his skin is clear. I bet he doesn't care. Nor do I frankly.
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  6. Adam08 added a post in a topic exercise   

    an anti-inflammatory diet will help the knees.
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  7. Adam08 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    end of a little toothbrush actually. yeh once a week. even just used a towel towards the end and that was fine.
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  8. Adam08 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    couple of tips:

    1. bring water back in eventually. perhaps sooner than later. water is not the enemy. just splash water on face every couple 1-2 days or so. this is what you used to do (maybe in shower or sink) and this is likely what the average clear person does. not washing for a few days is likely to be beneficial at first but no need to go overboard like i did. i think it caused unnecessary dead skin accumulation. that's all gone now and has been for ages. i introduced water months ago. dont be afraid of mild MANUEL exfoliation with a little brush or towel (see the success of 'baby brush' method). do this for dead skin mostly, not flakeage i would say. but yeh i do think that water can provide moisture for your skin!

    Edit: maybe helpful to read whatever i say with a critical mindset. clearly, i dont know all the answers. chlorinated tap water may irritate your skin. the water in your area may be more irritating than water in my area. I DONT KNOW.

    2. good idea to listen to wapak. see his log/regimen/tips etc.
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  9. Adam08 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    dan seems like a cool guy. i think its great that he allows threads like this to stay alive
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  10. Adam08 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    it is time to post.

    i started this just over 3 months ago. intially began as no water then added some water in (filtered). after a month, i exfoliated the dead skin build up because of upcoming social events etc. importantly, no chemicals touched my face. i used the end of my toothbrush (you know the ones on electric toothbrushes with the small bristles?) i was inspired by the babybrush method and the toothbrush method. i suggest you look them up. again, no chemicals. importantly also, i discovered that if i exfoliated flakey skin it would simply return, but if i exfolfiated dead skin it would completely go away and my skin looked renewed the next day. i recommend doing this at night if you choose to do it. i learnt that exfoliation isnt necessarily bad but do it the right way!!! no scrubs, chemicals etc. prob dont exofliate early on either.

    during this time, there have been a few instances where i thought that i was 100% clear. then a couple of days later i'd get a couple of little spots and some flakey skin. right now, im not 100% clear. i have a couple of spots. however, i do know that over time this will clear me. my skin just isnt ready yet. i've read a few experiences of others (see jan carlo for instance) and he said that he noticed the major difference in 4th month. go figure. i guess everyone is different. dont get me wrong: i have made big gains since i have started: better complexion, skin tone, smaller spots; less frequent etc but there is still (for me at least) some healing to be done. i have avoided posting here for ages becasue i wanted to become 100% clear for a while before i could say goodbye. well, i thought it was time to come clean. im not 100% healed yet but im on the way. im still unsure if i should use water/how often/what type etc but to be honest, at the moment i dont really care. i'll prob take snow"s advice and just chill out because i know this will heal me eventually becasue i have already noticed massive changes.

    anyway, i wish you all the best. i'll report back in 2 months or so. if i dont, consider me clear. i need to get off this site..
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  11. Adam08 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    ^ google the "no poo method'. i never needed to do this method though because the only thing that has touched my hair is water (and shampoo like 3-4 times). there is sebum in hair, too. my hair looks great because the natural oils take care of it.
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  12. Adam08 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    did i ever mention that i've only washed my hair with shampoo 3-4 times in my life?
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  13. Adam08 added a post in a topic NOT WASHING MY FACE FOR A MONTH   

    yeh i think acid mantle on entire body but im not totally sure.


    1) yeh, why not
    2) i dont
    3) i would
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  14. Adam08 added a post in a topic NOT WASHING MY FACE FOR A MONTH   

    wikipedia: The acid mantle is a very fine, slightly acidic film on the surface of the skin acting as a barrier to bacteria, viruses and other potential contaminants that might penetrate the skin. These contaminants and other chemicals are primarily alkaline in nature and the skin's moderate acidity helps to neutralize their chemical effects.

    cleansers/products etc strip the acid mantle. tap water may even do it. you need the acid mantle to kill off bacteria.

    routine very simple. do nothing for a few days/week. whatever. then wash with water every 2-3 days after the initial no wash period. basic idea is to give skin a rest. dont think about it too much. just say to yourself that your skin is healing, as it is.
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  15. Adam08 added a post in a topic NOT WASHING MY FACE FOR A MONTH   

    itstimeforhealing: i didnt wash with water for weeks at one point. probably a bit excessive i dont know though. maybe it was good for healing. i now pour water over my face every 2-3 days. i use filtered or bottled water
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