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  1. paul051966 added a post in a topic Do-Nothing-At-All Regimen   

    Hi Alexela
    From what I've read, some get their best results after 2 months, so really does depend on your skin type, how reactive, how sensitive, and how long it may have been affected by chemicals, how damaged, and how bad off your skin mantle/barrier was before beginning this routine.
    The dead skin for those not having Seb Derm is your skin healing itself similar to a wound. The dryness, itching, it's all part of the process just like a wound I suppose during the scab-over phase. Keep giving it time, many give up too soon and will never realize the potential lifelong benefits.
    For the dryness, if it cannot be tolerated, you might try an organic plant/seed oil like jojoba (actually jojoba is not an oil) to help moisturize, but the idea is to allow your skin to rebalance itself and decide what's best for it, when to produce oil and when not to and how much.
    For me, I have a major skin barrier issue and yeast problem, so that's why I'm using honey and so far, I'm happy. It's killing yeast and conditioning my skin at the same time. I just hope it continues to be good for me.
    Also, as we all know, internal factors are the big key. Diet, food allergies, possible leaky gut, digestive issues all play a huge role. I recommend seeing a naturopath and get tested and get on a program suited for your specific needs.
    Best of luck
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  2. paul051966 added a post in a topic Do-Nothing-At-All Regimen   

    I've recently stopped distilled water only. I am now adding raw, organic honey to try to control my bio film / dead skin issue. I believe any personal version of the caveman/doing less/no cleansers can be a very good regimen for those not having Seb Derm. For those with SD, we need to tackle the yeast issue also.

    My skin is stronger since I began not washing or using cleansers, but the bio film will not lessen. With it comes the thick flakes, irritation, redness, itching, plugged pores, acne etc.. The yeast has to be controlled or the symptoms will remain.

    I've started raw, organic honey masks/cleansing. I basically am going by Auburn's regimen

    Her regimen makes sense... and she understands the importance of avoiding potential irritants like chlorinated water, no cleansers, shampoos etc..

    I have tried the honey regimen before, but stopped after a short time as I wasn't getting good results. However, this time around, I'm hopeful that my skin will respond better sooner since I'm not using cleansers anymore. This is the 3rd day and so far good results.

    I'll post my results. Email me if you have any questions.
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  3. paul051966 added a post in a topic Do-Nothing-At-All Regimen   

    Ok.. good luck.
    I've also heard niacinamide cream, without preservatives and specially prepared by a compounding pharmacist, might help with re-balancing the skin mantle and helping to repair the barrier.
    The skin is a huge organ that constantly detoxes, and many things affect it, hormones for sure, very complicated of course. I think the best thing to do with skin care is not make it worse from the outside anyway, but that is my philosophy anyway for my skin issues. Everyone is different.
    I'll check the article. I have tried MSM and it does help a bit..
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  4. paul051966 added a post in a topic Do-Nothing-At-All Regimen   

    Hi Lanette
    I suggest no cleansers and do not allow tap water to contact your problem areas. If you do, because you feel you have to shower, use distilled water to rinse any problem areas right after. You can use organic cotton to rub very lightly or just splash rinse with distilled. Also, make sure you don't touch those affected areas with dirty towels, always use new and clean towels each time or just allow to air dry.
    Dryness and irritation can cause break outs. Tap water will usually cause dryness due to the chlorine, high mineral content, and other metals. Also try to avoid having anything contact that area to rule out contact irritation.
    Also, if you use a towel to pat dry those problem areas, make sure the towels are cleaned in hot water and non-perfumed laundry detergent.
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  5. paul051966 added a post in a topic Do-Nothing-At-All Regimen   

    Hi JTL,
    I suggest not using meds from from your doc ). I know that sucks, but..  Usually those are just short term bandaids that most likely will have negative side effects that hurt your skin long term, then puts you deeper in the hole. Sorry, without knowing anything about differin.. I'm more interested in long term solutions, where you support your skin to allow it to become stronger and able to get well and regulate on its own. You might suffer a bit in the short term though doing this.. My suffering is dead skin and flaking more than anything else now, but then I have Seb Derm and my dead skin will be much worse and more chronic than those without Seb Derm. If I didn't have Seb Derm, I'd think I could get my skin closer to normal and self regulating.. I'm hoping the addition of ACV heavily diluted in distilled water will help me control my Seb Derm/dead skin issue better. There is no cure and I have to try to control my huge amt of dead skin somehow. The PH angle makes sense so I'm trying that and will update, so far so good, but I need at least a month to verify.
    I do suggest supplementing with omega 3 fatty acids (polyunsaturated fats), eat lots of veggies, and salmon, stay hydrated (lots of water), exercise daily, and avoid processed foods, sugar, chocolate, coffee, alcohol. I still drink wine nightly and have dark chocolate because I don't want to go through life with no luxuries, just have to do in moderation.
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  6. paul051966 added a post in a topic Do-Nothing-At-All Regimen   

    I do not rinse off, and my mixture is very heavily diluted. I may change that as time goes on, and based on results. I want to start slowly and be cautious because I'm very sensitive.
    I believe it's an individual choice, some leave on for 15-30 min then rinse off, others might not rinse at all, you might want to experiment. Also be careful about going outside and being exposed to the sun right after if you do it in the morning, you could remain sun sensitive due to the acids in the ACV.
    I believe only a lab tech can check your skin's ph. You can usually tell by: if you skin is dry, oily, or acne prone, then your ph is probably too alkaline causing your skin barrier to be disrupted. If your skin is too acidic (less likely), then the skin is usually more red and irritated.

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  7. paul051966 added a post in a topic Do-Nothing-At-All Regimen   

    Day 101
    Hi, glad you asked that.
    Yes I do get clogged pores, but I get those if I wash too plus acne. That is hardened oil/fat in the pores, a cleanser with water will not be able to get that stuff out. Plus you add in the irritation factor using chemicals and the physical rubbing, your immune system responds with inflamation, and now it can become a real mess. When you strip the skin's natural oils, your skin will compensate by producing even more oil to replace the oil stripped away, it becomes a vicious cycle.
    By doing less or nothing at all, this gives our skin a chance to recover, repair and balance our acid mantle, and naturally fend off bacteria by producing hopefully just the right amount of light oil.
    To cut down on clogged pores, you need to ensure you are getting plenty of omega 3 fatty acids. You get these by eating lots of veggies and fish like salmon. You can also supplement with algae, krill oil, fish oil, flaxseed, or chia seeds/oils. They are all very high in polyunsaturated or omega 3 fats. Our Western Diets lend us to consume way too much of the bad omega 9 and too much of less bad omega 6, through processed foods. Omega 3 or linoleic acid is thin oil and will not clog pores. Omeg 6 and especially 9, have higher concentrations of oleic acids, are thicker and will add to clogging pores.
    Another thing.. we want to ensure our skin's PH is slightly acidic in the range of 4.5-5.5. A healthy skin acid mantle/barrier is in that range. Unhealthy or broken skin barriers will normally be more alkaline. Soaps and most cleansers will cause the skin to become more alkaline by stripping away the skin's oils during washing. If it is more alkaline above these levels, you lend yourself to bacterial invasion (pimples), dry skin, flaking etc..
    Along with doing less, I am now focusing on trying to help my skin balance out it's PH.
    To do this, I am adding a very small amt of apple cider vinegar (ACV) to distilled water and dabbing on my face with organic cotton, trying very hard not to rub at all. I then just leave it on. By doing this, I am lowering my skin's PH to the healthly range from being overly alkaline. Because I have Seb Derm and even more dead skin build up because of the Seb Derm, I think my skin's PH is too high.
    ACV will naturally dissolve dead skin, so that is an added benefit. One thing for sure, it softens my dead skin. The main thing for me is to ensure I heavily dilute with the distilled water to avoid irritation. I can always add a bit more ACV if I feel I can tolerate as time goes on. I am doing this in the evening after my work out and first thing in the morning. Some people will rinse off with water after allowing the ACV mix to sit on skin for a bit..
    No to spring water. In my previous post for day 80, I mentioned I was trying spring water instead of distilled hoping that would help alleviate dead skin and flaking, that did NOT work and had an immediate reaction - redness, itching, acne breakout. Distilled definitely works best for me.
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  8. paul051966 added a post in a topic Do-Nothing-At-All Regimen   

    Day 80 Update / Spring Water instead of Distilled / Also mineral oil warning  Learned a few things since last post.

    To help with the flaking and dead skin and all that comes with it for SD sufferers, and after researching what oil I could use without oleic acid, I decided to try some mineral oil. Some say don't use, causes acne, others say it's non-comedogenic and non-irritating, so I patch tested around my chin area for a couple days, didn't have any issues. So then put all over my face last Saturday morning, huge mistake, felt a sore area like a cystic acne starting on my left cheek area early evening, so immediately rinsed a few times with distilled water to try to get it off. That sore area did indeed become a big cystic acne and even spread to a couple different areas with smaller but sore pimples close by. Luckily, not too much damage anywhere else, just some general irritation and small break out patches. The cystic acne did it's thing, big inflamed, sore, and finally a couple days ago started healing, and now looks pretty darn good, much smaller, minor redness.

    The thing that helped was sea salt water (distilled) mixture dabbed on a couple times each day, killed the bacteria, has helped heal nicely. This helps well as long as I use only sparingly and small areas. Otherwise, it's too drying can irritate.

    This past Saturday, I tried Spring Water instead of distilled. My thinking is, after rinsing with distilled, my skin feels a bit sensitive and itchy, then calms after some time, but I'm still getting flaking and itching with the dead skin. I had tried Spring Water rinse a couple times the previous week to see how my skin would react since I was getting impatient with the continued dead skin build up, itching, and flaking, and it seemed to be more calm, less sensitive, like it was able to hold moisture better, and less flaking.

    Since Saturday morning, I've continued to Spring Water rinse am/pm. Skin continues to feel softer, more calm, less flaking and itching, less sensitive and better able to hold moisture compared to distilled at least. I think Distilled might be a bit too acidic for my skin and is causing some irritation w/flaking and itching. When distilled is exposed to air, it draws in CO2 and becomes acidic. Since I keep a lid on, it doesn't get too bad, but still probably in the 6.5-6.7 range, this may be too much for me. Spring Water ph should be much more alkaline in the range of 8-8.5, due to the minerals it picks up from passing over rocks in the earth, so this may be enough to help my skin be less reactive.

    So I learned a few things. No mineral oil, reacted terribly. Can use Jojoba on occasion if necessary, as long as in small areas, it has only about 10% oleic acid so about as good as I'm going to find for a plant oil. Spring Water now in use only for rinse.

    Diet wise, I like to drink red wine nightly, and we know not good for SD. Started drinking Sake last night, supposed to be much less acidic, and has no sulfites.
    Overall, I expect this to be a long process and needs patience, still much better than before I started. Skin is stronger, very little acne, hopefully the switch to Spring Water will be a positive addition and help lessen any irritation, dead skin buildup and flaking.
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  9. paul051966 added a post in a topic Do-Nothing-At-All Regimen   

    Hi DL, good deal, pm anytime if you have questions.
    Day 60
    I close cut my hair with clippers every couple weeks at minimum. Did this on Sunday night, while doing so, the clippers took off lots of dead skin from scalp. At this time, rinsed with distilled water scalp and face. Decided to take off any loose or unattached dead skin from face as well. I was careful to only massage off what was unattached and bascially sitting on top of face. Lots came off easily, much easier than first time on the 21st day. I think this is a positive. This ended 12 days of no water touching my face.
    Skin underneath, stronger, less sensitive, less inflammed than first time, more pink in color. Still did have some dead skin that couldn't be removed because it was attached more on temples especially, little less on cheeks. I am very careful not to dig in to get those attached areas of dead skin off, and I think this is important to allow the skin to push that up when it's ready. I find that sweating daily really also helps not only moisturize and hydrate, but helps to loosen the dead skin.
    Forehead dead skin very loose and not much present, surprising. No hiding or dormant pimples that were uncovered. The next day, did have a few small pimples around my trouble area high forehead close to hair line. I usually get some there when anything touches my skin, even rinsing with distilled water. When I used to cleanse or use warm water from shower, that area always was so sensitive and would break out.
    Obviously the oil areas had most of the dead skin build up.
    So still dealing with dead skin, but better than when I started regimen. Pimples really not much of an issue, usually small and hardly noticeable. They mostly now itch a bit, but no pain associated, and certainly no cystic acnes like I would get before.
    Any itching, sensitivity, or discomfort is dead skin related. Overall tone is more even, skin looks and feels healthier and stronger.
    So the goal of improving my skin acid mantle and the protection it affords my skin is on track. How much better will it get is the unknown. I'm 47 and did lots of damage using topical chemicals for 30 yrs, so just showing this much progress in this short of time, I'm happy.
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  10. paul051966 added a post in a topic Do-Nothing-At-All Regimen   

    Thx cavemaner

    Day 51

    Posting today because its the 6th day of no water touching my face. Until today I had not gone past 3 days because the clogging and dead skin would be too much to bear.

    This time around it again was very tough until yesterday, as the day wore on my skin became less flaky, itchy, and red. The dead skin began to thin and become part of my underlying skin so it felt and appeared.

    Last night and now into this morning skin is feeling strong, well blended, and moist. I'm now seeing what I've read about and for me it's hard to believe my eyes.

    I have only a couple small pimples, almost no itching, or flaking, skin looks and feels healthy and stronger.
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  11. paul051966 added a post in a topic Do-Nothing-At-All Regimen   

    Day 49 / Fri, Dec 27
    Not a whole lot of difference. I'm trying to avoid any water touching my face, just to try to expedite the skin healing process and to allow it to become possibly stronger on its own.
    Last time I splashed water on was Tue morning. Interesting, that night skin was somewhat oily, especially on nose and forehead, and dead skin film looked less noticeable. 3 days later, with no water contact, it's less oily, but dead skin is more noticeable. Still getting a few little pimples, but nothing major.
    Dead skin is more of a film on scalp and hair line. On my forehead, temples, cheeks, it's more clumpy and uneven, more along the lines of what a scab might look like, uneven thickness. Last time I took off any dead skin was on day 21 I believe.
    Still no showers during this whole process, just splash distilled water on private areas. Body skin is doing great, no dry skin at all, color is really natural and healthy.
    So the dead skin remains the biggest pain, but all part of the healing process I hope, and I'm really going to try to not take it off, until I feel I really need to. If the dead skin can blend in, then I'm more likely to leave alone.
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  12. paul051966 added a post in a topic Do-Nothing-At-All Regimen   

    Big thanks to you too! Reading your detailed info really helped me get through some of the more difficult days, and it's also very helpful to read how you are still doing, there isn't too much out there past the few month mark.
    Continued good health!
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  13. paul051966 added a post in a topic Do-Nothing-At-All Regimen   

    Day 40 / 12-18-13
    Didn't use water last night even after sweating from workout/sauna, or this morning, skin actually feels better, less dry and patchy, like there is a bit of a light oily film, but very light, just a little flaking - not very noticeable. The dead skin is there, but so much less than the first 3 weeks and my underlying skin is accepting it with much less itching. Hoping this is a sign of continued healing. Skin color overal pinkish, but well blended, really no blotchiness, no red or inflammed areas. Dead skin film blends in pretty well and still really not clogging my pores. I know it's there and I can feel it, so I am constantly touching my face wanting to rub off some, also testing it - searching for pimples or clog pores, but there are no pimples ), just that dead skin layer. I really need to stop touching my face. It's also nice to see that even with touching my face, I'm still not getting any pimples, so my acid mantle is getting better - love that! I'd really like to not put any distilled water on my face for more days straight, but we'll see how it goes tonight after my workout w/sauna and resulting sweating. I really think getting a good sweat each day helps with this approach, as we know it's gets the toxins out, but also seems to help clean my face and helps keep my dead skin from getting too thick and attached to the underlying healing layer. Was nice to have the sweat from my workout last night stay on my face the entire night, allowed to soak in. No issues from that, other than slight increased sensitivity and itching right after and right when I went outside, but as soon as the sweat fully soaked in and my skin dried, no itching at all. Normally, whenever I have a sensitive area or have an itch, it's caused by a pimple, not now, usually goes away quickly and usually no pimple associated, or increased redness. Last thing, noticed no pimples around my forehead area/hair line, possibly due to not water being used for a day, could be that even distilled water slightly dries or irritates and could be the cause for that. Even then, those pimples are mostly small, very little if any inflammation, less annoying, hardly noticeable, and usually heal quickly. Will touch bases in a few days.
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  14. paul051966 added a post in a topic Do-Nothing-At-All Regimen   

    Day 34 / Thur, 12/12/13
    Continued progress, I am happy to report.
    I did get some breakout, small whiteheads, couple red larger, on my now most sensitive area - forehead to upper hair line. I am not getting any new pimples at all on my face which is amazing. Now, I did drink lots of coffee yesterday morning, and this seemed to aggravate those areas where I broke out, but I really am interested in testing how I do drinking my nemesis coffee and so far, still tolerate it very well overall. I only drink it in the am and no more than 2 cups. I have Rosacea, and coffee is bad for that as well, another reason I'm so sensitive to it. Rest of day, tea and water.
    Dead skin is there and seemed to be more last night. After splashing face with distilled water and pat dry, I did brush off just a little of the dead skin that appeared loose around my cheeks. I was very gentle and did so very very lightly and no issues.
    Today, my breakout areas pretty much gone, no itching, no discomfort at all, those bumps have greatly diminished or gone completely - again happily surprised. If I look really close, I can still see a few, but they are very small. You'd have to look close up. Normally, with a pimple I get an associated inflammation.
    Skin overall looks healthy, no itching, dead skin build up is much less than when I started. I really can't see any excess oil anywhere. Skin is smoother and softer, but yet stronger, less sensitive and brittle than before starting this distilled water face rinse (no rubbing - except scalp). Also, no showers, just sit in tub and use distilled water from a bowl to cleanse body after nightly workouts. Normally, taking warm showers using hard water in the winter causes dry areas on lower legs.
    I hope to do this for the rest of my life, it's definitely not difficult and only takes a couple minutes. I do daily night/am distilled water rinse because it feels like I get less dead skin build up. I hope to do less frequency if my skin continues to progress and heal up.
    So far so good, long ways to go, but happy right now. I will continue to post.
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  15. paul051966 added a post in a topic Do-Nothing-At-All Regimen   

    Day 31 / Mon / 12-9-13
    Recap: Saturday night Nov 30, end of 3rd week of my Caveman skin care routine, is when I took off much of my dead skin mask, at least as much as I could get while trying to stay gentle, there was more that could have come off, in particular my scalp - huge amounts. It left my skin very red and tender, with a couple pimples - rising to surface that may have been covered by the dead skin layer. Until this time, they had not been noticed, probably because I had so much dead skin. They did not turn cystic, and cleared in a couple days. When my face gets irritated, I break out in that area of irritation, whether it be from something rubbing it like a hat along hair line, drying it out using a cleanser, or hard water. So many different ways my skin gets irritated, as a matter of fact, constant state of irritation is how I would describe my skin. Anything and everything aggravates it, weather (temperature, pollution, wind)., chemicals, stress, just touching it etc...
    The next day, still very tender, less red.
    Next day, again less red, more pinkish, less tender. One deep cystic type acne coming to surface, few very small pimples various areas, nothing alarming.
    By Friday, that one that seemed to show signs of a cystic type acne (painful, red, no head forming, large surface area, deep under skin) basically gone, yes just went away. Amazing really and a very good sign. I can't remember a time when this has happened before. Always, these come out over days, and can take many weeks to heal, then end up possibly causing a scar because they are so deep. Not this time. Overall skin very nice and pink, dead skin layer reforming, but not as thick as when I started. My routine continues to be, distilled water from a bowl, room temp (which is pretty cold now a days), splashed on face and once in a while on scalp, evening and morning. No rubbing. On scalp, I do massage in. I have been lightly towel drying, very gently just dabbing, still leaving face fairly moist. Making sure the towel is clean, new towel each time. My skin likes it, feels refreshing and seems to drink in the water.
    Another good sign. I sweat each evening from working out, and do dry sauna - 10 min tops, to really get a good sweat to get those toxins out. I do not pat dry it. I leave it on for at least a couple hours before splashing with my evening distilled water. During the first 3 weeks, sweat on my face would be close to painful. Now, the sweat feels comforting, and seems to sink in much better. In the past, the sweat would just sit atop irritated, red, swollen skin, with dead skin patches that were thick and flaky similar to a wound scabbing over trying to heal, but never would.
    Saturday, again nice, didn't splash water on in the morning, barely any flaking or itchy areas. Dead skin layer is there, but fairly thin still. Skin is much less inflamed, and even sinking in a bit. That is a very good sign, normally my skin is swollen and red. Sinking in a bit around my bone structure is a good sign, this is more natural for me as I am lean from working out w/cardio daily. Usually my body is lean, but my face is red and swollen complete opposites.
    Today, skin continues to be a nice pink color, only a couple very small pin prick sized pimples around my forehead area, and spread out, but so small, tomorrow they could be gone and you wouldn't know they were there. My skin will never be white unless the dead skin layer is thick enough to cover my thin rosacea skin. So the best I'll get is pink and this to me means healthy. The dead skin layer is there and getting thicker, but still overall much less compared to this time when I started.
    So after 1 week when I first started, pretty thick dead skin, itchy, combination of dry/oily patches, flaky at times, sensitive, sweat would tend to burn if left on.
    Now, after 1 week - post dead skin layer removal, skin overall pink and healthy color, dead skin layer less thick, less itching, less pimple prone, more even texture - barely any oil accumulation, barely any flaking patches. I feel I could go without splashing distilled water on in the AM, however I still will, as it seems my skin likes it, seems to get hydrated and absorbs it to a degree.
    This is a positive report. I am happy. Although I will temper my enthusiasm because still early in the game. We all know about that emotional roller coaster, how early good results get dashed within a week or 2. I am still hoping to get less and less dead skin as I go forward and hope that I don't feel I have to take off the next layer, that it will just come off naturally on its own.
    Things I must avoid and are being confirmed now:
    Hard Water (I am so allergic)
    Hot or even warm temp water
    One last positive sign. I normally could not drink coffee pre-caveman. If I did, I would itch like crazy, my red flaky patches would get more inflamed. In the past one time, I even got hives when my immune system was low as I hadn't been feeling well that day. Now, I'm drinking black coffee in the morning, usually 1-2 cups max, but almost no itching at all, no skin inflammation. I do need to keep it to a minimum though as my stomach can't handle more than a couple cups.
    I'll report again in a few days.
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