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  1. Mr. Untouchable added a post in a topic Yellowing of the eyes   

    Will do. Thanks.
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  2. Mr. Untouchable added a post in a topic Yellowing of the eyes   

    No, I didn't mention it. I didn't think about it until later. I was just reading about Jaundice. So what can happen with that? I'll call my derm tomorrow, and try to go take it before the weekend.
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  3. Mr. Untouchable added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Yellowing of the eyes
    I just started my second cycle of Accutane a week ago. I've noticed though that my eyes, like in the corners, are getting a little yellow. I didn't realize it until my mom commented on 'em yesterday. I went to the doc today and got a physical, just to make sure everything was fine.. and she didn't mention anything about them. I don't get my first blood test for another few weeks. She said that it'll confirm if anything is wrong, other than that I'm fine.

    I looked online about yellow eyes and supposedly it has something to do with the liver.. I mean, I really don't wanna fuck it up. Is there anything I could do? Maybe take that blood test sooner? I'd wanna know if my liver is malfunctioning or whatever. Could drinking a lot of water help? Any advice or suggestions would be great.
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  4. Mr. Untouchable added a post in a topic Finished cycle.. Immediately began breaking out?   


    You sound just like me. Age, weight, metabolism, and I guess you could say acne.

    I had done my research before getting onto 'Tane. I had read that people take smaller doses to start with, then they'll bump it up after the first month- to get them used to it. That explains a lot. I always wondered why I was staying at only 40mg, but I let the derm do his thing.

    It wasn't until I mentioned something in the LAST month (the 5th), that he bumped me to 40/80/40/80/etc.. Then last Monday, he was going to put me on 80mg (40mg & 40 mg) for an extra month. Goddamnit. I didn't really have an initial breakout.. Not one that caused me to really notice, at least.

    I was very disappointed in myself earlier. I had a gameplan before I got on Accutane. Drink plenty of water. Take with food. Stay away from alcohol until off cycle. And I pretty much got complacent on all of 'em once my skin started clearing.

    "Just make sure you're willing to hold up to your side of the deal by doing what you're supposed to and not doing what you know is detrimental to your health and skin. There is no other feeling like the one you get when everyone you've known for years start telling you how great your skin is clearing up. Go for it.."

    Damn... you're absolutely right. I feel that way too. That was my motivation since Day 1. I fucked it up too.
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  5. Mr. Untouchable added a post in a topic Finished cycle.. Immediately began breaking out?   


    60mg a month for 6 mths...and you're my same weight? How bad was your acne? I always knew that it was too low of a dose. All over these forums I'm reading Accutane drying up their oil within the first few weeks, at most. Yet, I'm supposedly about to do my 6th mth and I still have oil. How are you right now?

    My oil isn't as bad as it was.. but its still noticeable. To me, at least. And its driving me fuckin' crazy. You make a very good point about pimples not surfacing overnight, but rather weeks, and that the up in dosage is kicking out all the gunk. Do you think this could be an "initial breakout"? The one that I don't even think I had?

    So what do you think I should do? I hope a whole cycle--5 mths--ain't just go to waste. I've been fucking pissed the past few hrs.. and I'm really starting to believe my derm is a dumbass.

    But I'm also kicking myself in the ass that I didn't stick to my gameplan. I knew I should've been eating with the pill, but my face was getting much better that I slacked after like 2 wks into my cycle. I also know I should've avoided alcohol, but since I was ending my cycle- I got too complacent.

    I'm going to call my derm office tomorrow.. Tell them my situation--alcohol, not taking it with food for a good 3 mths--mention what has been said in this thread, and see what they recommend. The fact my insurance has the final word on whether I continue or not is really getting under my skin too.
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  6. Mr. Untouchable added a post in a topic Finished cycle.. Immediately began breaking out?   

    I know I shouldn't be taking alcohol while on it.. It wasn't until my 5th mth that I began to. And yea, I just read a sticky that taking it with no food/fatty decreases absorption by 50%. Fuck.

    My skin was pretty bad.. Didn't have cystic acne- but red and oily skin.. pimples (sometimes with whiteheads).. and manyyy tiny bumps on my forehead.

    It all pretty much went away within the first mth.. then the 2nd mth I had a breakout for like a week max, then its been smoothe sailing since then...

    ...until this shit came along. I know 5 mths is short, thats why I wanted to go an extra mth. I don't feel like it did its job entirely, and then going back to the whole taking it on an empty stomach thing......
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  7. Mr. Untouchable added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Finished cycle.. Immediately began breaking out?
    I have a question for those familar with Accutane.

    I completed my 5 month cycle last Tuesday (8/17). The first 4 mths I was on 40mg, one a day. I weigh around 126-130 lbs. During the course of those four months, I only had a minor breakout in my second month. Nothing too bad. Less than a handful of pimples.

    The 5th month, I told my derm that though I wasn't breaking out anymore and my acne/red marks were fading tremendously, I still had oily skin (tho' not as bad).. and when my face would get red (I wouldn't use sunscreen unless at the beach, other times I'd just do my best to not let the hot ass sunlight hit my face), it'd be a noticeable 'flare.'

    So since I wanted my oil gone, he upped my dosage 40mg but to be taken one a day, two a day, one a day, two a day, etc. My face started looking better. I finished my cycle last Tuesday with 2 pills- morning and night.

    Well, he had told me the last derm visit if I want that I could go one more month. Nearing the end, I chose to go see him- on Monday, the day before I was to finish. He agreed that my face was very good, but that since I want my oils gone still- he'll up it 40mg every day for a mth.

    All's great and dandy, I go to Target pharmacy and drop off my prescription. Later that day, they call me and tell me my insurance has required a 'pri-authorization.' Since an Accutane cycle supposedly lasts 5 mths, and I wanted to go an extra month to be on the safe side, they wanted to know why. I expected my derm to get on that asap.

    Next day I finish my cycle. The NEXT fuckin' day--Wednesday--I get a pimple on my left cheek. I'm dumbfounded. Then that night, I get another one slowly starting to form up on my forehead below my hairline. Next day it was tryna come thru. Meanwhile, another one was coming in below my lip. Thats THREE!!! More than I had in MONTHS!

    So Thursday, I still hadn't heard nothing about my prescription.. so I called Target pharm, and they told me they're still waiting on my derm for the pri-authorization. So I called my derm, and they said they planned on doing it later that day. They tell me that they faxed it to my insurance company, and are waiting for the phone call.. that they should get a call back the next day, and they'll let me know. Friday, no phone call.

    Now.. its Sunday. Around this afternoon, I was in the store and looking in the mirror.. and a spot just above my upper lip was getting red. Only meant one thing- another pimple's coming in. Fuck. So now, 6 hrs later, sure enuff- I have one right there. AND I have ANOTHER one coming in--its getting red and I can feel it--in the middle of my bottom lip. I'm going crazy.

    I dunno how the hell this can be possible.. Do you think its a breakout from the up in dosage- from my 5th mth? Or the fact that I stopped. Its been 5 days, and damn near five pimples! Granted they're not huge, but still.. they're red. Could it be the fact that I stopped?

    I just started drinking (liquor) a lot the past week or two.. Even while on it, tho' I'd try to limit myself. Could it be the change in that? Cuz before these past few weeks, I hadn't had a drink since February. I've also begun to drink a lot less water, and I haven't been eating as much as I used to. (I cut out all junk food and fast food tho', about a month ago.)

    When I first started my cycle, rarely did I take my pill with food. I either just took it with a glass of water, or I took it after eating fast food. For the most part, that was it. Though my skin definitely improved, could I not have gotten the full effects of this cycle because of that?

    I experienced relatively no side effects this cycle. I had dry lips, curable with Aquaphor. My hair was dry, no problem with that. My lower back would ache if I changed positions (bent over, laying down), but I could cope with that. Didn't have no nosebleeds, altho' I was dry up there. Thats it really.

    So, anyone who's read this post, can tell me what the hell is this?!?! Would be greatly appreciated- any comments, advice, whatever.

    And what erks the shit out of me is the fact that my insurance company has the authority to disapprove of them giving me another month, if they "don't think I need it".. but shit, I do now.
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  8. Mr. Untouchable added a post in a topic If you have mild acne/red marks   

    Can you find this at
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  9. Mr. Untouchable added a post in a topic Mandelic acid is amazing against blackheads and acne ...   

    Thanks guys... thats what I'ma do then
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  10. Mr. Untouchable added a post in a topic Mandelic acid is amazing against blackheads and acne ...   

    ^^^Can someone answer this?

    Also, whats the difference between the 10% Serum and the far as what it does?
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  11. Mr. Untouchable added a post in a topic Mandelic acid is amazing against blackheads and acne ...   

    Would it be alright if I applied MA during the daytime and Tretinoin cream (0.05%) at night?
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  12. Mr. Untouchable added a post in a topic Mandelic acid is amazing against blackheads and acne ...   

    Anyone know how NuCelle MA is with sweat?

    I apply it in the morning and during the day when I am active and sweat a lot, I know I'm constantly blottin' my face with a paper towel or rag...

    Does it come off when you sweat? or Can it break you out at all?
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  13. Mr. Untouchable added a post in a topic Mandelic acid is amazing against blackheads and acne ...   

    Whoooaaaa... You're not supposed to leave MA on the whole day?!??!?!! lol... Fuck.. someone should've told me that (either that, or I just wasnt paying attention).. I've used it Sunday and again yesterday (Wednesday) and left it on my face the entire day (until nightime when I washed my face and applied my other tropical)...
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  14. Mr. Untouchable added a post in a topic the girls of   

    There you go.
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  15. Mr. Untouchable added a post in a topic the girls of   

    Dunno.. cuz I didnt get it from that. Nice try though.

    p.s. Al Capone's nickname was Scarface.
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