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  1. blondedancer10 added a post in a topic Hormonal Acne, My 8 Year Battle   

    I have not had any luck. I was moved to 100mg of Spiro in May and noticed no change. I was also getting 2 periods a month because of the Spiro, so I was put on birth control as well. I tried this combo for 6 months and didn't see much of a difference as far as my face or getting 2 periods a month. I stopped taking Spiro and my face hasn't really gotten any worse. It's still the same cycle, I've always had. I break out on my chin with a couple of cysts near my period, and I will also get a couple of small inflamed pimples on my chin that have pus in the middle. My forehead is horrible broken out almost always with tiny bumps that aren't whiteheads or blackheads. I'll get a few on my forehead that are a little bigger than the others and they are painful but do not ever form into anything. I also break out next to my nose and slightly in my nasolabial folds.

    I'm currently taking Tri-Sprintec birth control and washing my face with Noble Zinc Soap and that is all. I really am lost as to how to control my acne better......nothing seems to help or give me relief. I've read that it could be folliculitis, dermatitis, and a billion other things...who knows. It's hopeless at this point
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  2. blondedancer10 added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Hormonal Acne, My 8 Year Battle
    My 8.5 year battle continues..

    My acne is hormonal. When I got on birth control I was 16 and it helped clear up my face a lot but never completely. I got off b.c. 7 years later and my face went crazy. I've never really responded well to topicals, as my face usually never got better nor worse based solely on topicals, leading me as well as my dermatologist to believe my acne is 100% hormonal.

    A year and a half ago I was put on 50mg spironolactone once a day. Well my skin got better after about 3 months of usage. Not completely clear but better. It's not been a year and a few months later and my skin has been giving me problems again. I break out on my chin, around my mouth and next to my nose right under my eyes, but never only nose. Also in the past 6-8 weeks my forehead has been breaking out SEVERELY, but they aren't whiteheads, just bumps.

    I should add that in February my derm added 100mg minicycline 2x a day to my regimen as well. I haven't noticed much difference... I've noticed my skin will clear up for 4-5 days then break out again.

    Needless to say, I'm frustrated yet AGAIN! I'm trying to decide if I should give the antibiotic longer to work or if I should go see a new deem that I can get birth control from, and just start taking bc again with the spiro. I have had stomach issues in the past (possible ulcer) so I'm aware that my intestinal issues could be causing or at least contributing to my acne.

    I would love some thoughts and advice.
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  3. blondedancer10 added a topic in Over-the-counter acne medications and products   

    Moisturizer question
    I've been using cetaphil for probably a couple years now and it, of course, makes my skin disgustingly shiny and my skin is still dry. Any suggestions for a new, gentle, acne-safe moisturizer that will ACTUALLY moisturize and not give me a horrible shine? thanks!
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  4. blondedancer10 added a post in a topic Moisturizer advice please :)   

    do you know where I can get that exactly? thanks!!
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  5. blondedancer10 added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Moisturizer advice please :)
    So I've been using Dan's regimen and I love it. I do breakout in my chin area occasionally due to hormonal reasons :/ lol anyways, my skin has a tendency to get very very dry due to the BP, I've been using Eucerin moisturizer but it basically peels right off ...Idk how to describe it exactly but if I just put it on and rub it in it just kind of balls up and I have to wipe it off. And unfortunately Dan's moisturizer is just not moisturizing enough for me.

    I need suggestions for a good gentle moisturizer that will soak into my skin and actually work but not break me out. Thanks guys!!
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  6. blondedancer10 added a topic in Cosmetics & grooming   

    Questions for the girls out there :)
    Ok so I just ordered Dan's regimen yay! but my question is, what do you girls use to take your makeup off with? do you use the cleanser as a way to remove it? I've been using just plain Dove bar soap for the last year or so and haven't seemed to have a problem, its non scented. I've been using proactiv for the last year and it worked well at first but now, not as much so I'm retiring it and switching to Dan's regimen. Should I continue using the bar soap to remove my makeup and then continue on by starting the regimen with the cleanser? what do you recommend? thanks so much!
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  7. blondedancer10 added a post in a topic Just ranting   

    I'm sorry sweetie, God, life can be a BITCH and acne is a little piece of hell
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  8. blondedancer10 added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    Just ranting
    Why do people always say "Theres more to life and being happy than your appearance" that pisses me off SO bad because, yeah thats true if theres nothing wrong with your appearance, my mom said that to me the other day, but she also has a lot of problems but acne isn't one. It just pisses me off how people can say that when they dont have to worry about having acne, or any other deformity, and it seems to me that acne isn't really common where I live actually, the only place I can really express is here to you guys, my best friend has struggled with some acne over the past year and so has another girl i'm friends. We all talk about it together and all are taking medicine, but it's still hard to look in the mirror and know that you used to be so much prettier with flawless skin. *sigh*, just thought I'd rant for a while
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  9. blondedancer10 added a post in a topic Lost   

    do you have mild/moderate acne too?

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  10. blondedancer10 added a post in a topic Lost   

    I've been using Retin-A/Tret since like December that enough time? and I thought Vitamin E was supposed to help scar tissue reduce? (
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  11. blondedancer10 added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    I've been on Differin, Tetracycline, Doxycycline and now Tretinoin which is substituted for Retin-A, and all worked well at first, but I got immuned to Tetra, Doxy made me sick, Differin just didnt help and now Tret isnt helping, it did for a while but its like my skin is kind of at a standstill, except its kinda broken out now, probably because I've been putting Vitamin E on my face to help with scars, and all it did was make my skin break out...I havent been to the derm yet, just to the doctor, my mom is supposed to call and see if she can go ahead and reccomend me to a derm, this is seriously so depressing because I dont have bad bad acne, just mild/moderate but its so persistant and never goes away. What kinda medicine do you think she may prescribe? what else is out there?, Will Retin-A have better effects than the Tretinoin?
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  12. blondedancer10 added a post in a topic Which type of acne does everyone here have?   

    I'm not exactly sure what mine is called, I know i get the red pimples with the yellow head things once in a while but mostly i just have like red dots that aren't like bumpy or anything....idk what its called and i also have all of these little bumps on my cheeks thatt for the most part arent red eventhough a few tell me...?
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  13. blondedancer10 added a topic in Over-the-counter acne medications and products   

    Vitamin E
    my friend told me that Vitamin E is good at clearing acne if you take it in pill form, has anyone tried this or knows if it's true?
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  14. blondedancer10 added a topic in Over-the-counter acne medications and products   

    I've heard from people that chlorine in a swimming pool actually helps this just a myth or does anyone know if its true?
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  15. blondedancer10 added a post in a topic what has cleared me 100% (no BS, only 2 products)   

    yeah it would most likely be way too harsh, I'm using Differin as well, but it seems to be helpin me, so I'm not starting the regimen....yet , but good luck!
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