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  1. stefany added a post in a topic 28 DOLLARS FOR GRAPE EXTRACT???   

    Puritan's pride has "buy one get one free."
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  2. stefany added a post in a topic Olay Regenerist Moisturizer   

    I am curious to try the Regenerist serum too. One of it's ingredients is an amino-peptide complex. I have a free sample on it's way. Here is the site:
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  3. stefany added a post in a topic Scar cream may work!   

    I was pretty sure this was a scam too. Shame on those who take advantage of our disfigurement and low self-esteem to make a quick buck.
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  4. stefany added a post in a topic Scar cream may work!   

    I did some research on the ingredients in this scar cream and it is as follows:

    Sarsparilla--(Smilax Officinalis) This herb contains plant-based hormones called phytosterols. It also contains copper, fat, glycosides, iron, manganese, saponins, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D. It is useful for treating skin disorders such as acne or boils.

    Berberis--(Barberry) This herb has anti-bacterial properties and is good for acne. Contains citric and malic acids.

    Echinacea--(Echinacea Purpurea and Pallida) This herb has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Also good for acne.

    Hydrocotyle--(Gotu Kola or Centella Asiatica) Has wound-healing, anti-bacterial, and anti-psoriatic properties.

    Thuja--(Yellow Cedar) Used as an astringent for ulcers, viruses, and other skin disorders.

    Olium--This is olive oil.

    I wonder how all these ingredients get rid of scarring? It sounds like a really good treatment against acne nonetheless. But it certainly does not warrant the price.
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  5. stefany added a post in a topic tca vs. glycolic peels   

    In the Dermatologic Surgery Journal about the CROSS method with TCA, it states: "Dermal collagen remodeling after a chemical peel continues for many months. Many investigators have observed that the clinical effects of TCA were due to both a reorganization in dermal structural elements and an increase in dermal volume as a result of an increase in collagen content, glycosaminoglycan, and elastin."
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  6. stefany added a post in a topic Anyone know where i can get Accutane....   

    you can purchase Oratane which is the generic form of Accutane for $110 for 60 capsules, 20mg. Not bad considering it is basically the same thing.
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