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  1. I absolutely adore your post. Thank you so much for a great analysis. I especially agree with today's "beautiful inside and out" phrase popularity that does have a great intention but still fuels the shallow outlook. However, it is amazing how when we like someone for who they are "inside", they somehow magically seem very attractive physically "outside". I personally do think Turia is beautiful outside as well-she has beautiful eyes, great hair and great body that many don't. Also, physical beauty does not last in general even if we do have it. As we grow old, we age outside and have to face the sagging, wrinkled face everyday in the mirror. At the end of the day I would rather be friends with "The Man who Laughs" than "Dorian Gray".
  2. When I was on Accutane, my derm recommended me glycolic acid wash he was selling at his office. I found Aqua Glycolic Acid wash on Amazon that was much cheaper. I washed my face with that. I followed up with 100% Witch Hazel toner and was using CeRave lotion for dryness. I hope that helps!
  3. The other day I read an article about a young lady named Turia Pitt. She is a very beautiful young lady who has a very unique and crazy story. She used to be a normal young girl and a model until she got into a bushfire while competing in a race that burned 65% of her body leaving her very mutilated (you can Google her if you like). The accident forced her to lose a couple of her fingers as well. Right now she looks different but she is still a very happy and absolutely gorgeous inside and out lady. She radiances very positive energy, strong will and absolutely unquestionable strong wisdom. She is a very lucky and a very happy woman(her words too). She is adored, admired by her friends, family (including her loving husband) and fans ( such as me). It made me wonder..here I am damaged by acne. I spend so much money and time on trying to fix small scars left behind the cystic acne and years of psychological damage from them. I constantly assume I am judged because of the scars that nobody can see( God! I hope), I avoid eye contact with strangers and let's not start me on my first dates and relationships... So I really wonder what does make us well rounded human beings? Is it the support around us or is it power and energy within us? My question is...do you think you are hurting and damaged because you don't have/had appropriate support around you or is it something else within you? What would make you feel beautiful and empowered besides the skin? What makes us beautiful inside and out? xoxo Bella
  4. I am so sorry to hear you are suffering. I would say connecting with other acne sufferers like on this website helped me so much when I was going through cystic acne. I was able to feel understood and felt other members' support. Big hug to you sweetie. Do know it gets better.