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  1. Peels

    Hi there! My first entry in this blog, so I hope it goes well. Happy Monday! How was your Monday? I hope it was great. I mostly love my Mondays, it changes up your routine after the weekend. I love getting dressed, making plans and just getting excited for work. Last couple weeks my skin was acting up, and it got me a tad worried. I kept getting tiny zits that were easily covered with makeup, but still...I am so focused on my body these days with the summer approaching that I forgot about my face. I do of course wash it, moisturize and protect, but extra steps like serums and peels were forgotten.:/ I have realized that my weekly peels at home are the must for me. So yesterday I made sure to get my favorite peel. I love Mandelic Acid peel at the moment, It does not hurt that much and seems to give me subtle glow.. After the peel, I apply some natural oils- sometimes black seed oil, sometimes coconut, sometimes Rosehip or Maracuja oil ( no more Maracuja oil at the moment , gave it to my mother. -_-). Those oils all work great so I switch them up. I do not get any breakouts when I get the peel, it unclogged my pores and gets rid of my tiny breakouts around the face. I also have noticed the overall improvement in my skin texture, it is very subtle though. I have attached the photos of the peel I am curretly using and the oils. I am sure there are other brands out there, but that is what I have found online so far. haha I hope that helps. Thank you!
  2. Kinda same here. My super long hair got chopped about a year ago when I gave up on saving it - just because I could not take how thin and damaged it was no matter what I did. Now it seems to be just as damaged growing out, but not as thin. I am taking Skin&Hair vitamins which have lots of Biotin, C and E vitamins- wish it had more vitamins. I also take Bamboo with Vitamin C couple times a week. I like taking Biosil vitamin once in a while but it is kind of expensive and the effect lasts as long as I keep taking it. I hope that helps!
  3. Redness over upper lip area

    Have you tried any moisturizer? Maybe some lip balm to calm the redness? Looks like it was caused by irritation. Hope you feel better soon!!
  4. Are these red spots acne scars?

    Yes they are , they go away with time. Just try to use SPF before any sun exposure. Also it helps to use skincare with Vit C. And yes, aloe is great as well.
  5. Acne starting to scar

    Red marks fade with time. Try taking zinc. It is great to use products with vit C and make sure to use SPF before any sun exposure.
  6. Korean Skincare

    Thank you everyone for the replies. I tried Laneige and loved it. I am going to buy more since I ran out of my Water Mask, it was great. I bought a BB cream by IPKN and CC cream by Clio last month, and not sure if it is breaking me out or nor, but my face has been acting up a bit..just very tiny break outs that I do not pay too much attention to, but still.I guess I stop using them and find out for sure.