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  1. So I got the Fade Peel, and Mandelic Acid Toner.  Fade Peel hurts like mother, I see some peeling on the day 3. I've done it twice so far. Also, I mix a couple drops of Rosehip oil with a couple drops of Super CP Serum I had for a while but never used and apply every night before my other lotions. I really feel like my rolling scars are getting better but it might be just me because two weeks is just not enough.  Anyways, I will have to see the results I get  in 3 months. I will keep you posted.
  2. I had two courses of Accutane, and still had occasional breakouts once a month. When I moved to a new place I started to break out like crazy..hard water. Anyways, I knew it was because my pores were clogged and even though I was washing it with the best stuff, and using 15% TCA once a week it was not helping much. So I got 25% Mandelic Acid peel from Makeup Artist's Choice and OMG, it is great. I have no problems with it, it does not irritate. BUT never leave it on for more than 10 minutes NEVER. I use it once a week for the past 3 months Also, I just purchased their Mandelic Acid Toner and Fade Peel. I haven't received it yet, but super excited. I am just gonna use Fade Peel and the toner to give the Mandelic Acid some break. Our skin gets used to skincare and usually it just stops working, so it is best to switch things up. Hope that helps. xoxo