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  1. lookingtobeclear added a post in a topic Best book shedding light on acne?   

    I bought the book - and I do think he has some interesting things to say - but honestly, I felt like I was reading one long commercial. Plus, in the end, it's not JUST a diet he recommends. He also says to buy such and such supplements and I think he even mentioned his make-up in the book, too.

    Hit his web site and check out the prices first.

    I was just bothered by the comments of a "diet" and instead this was more like a Jenny Craig plan - buy my products, eat this food (sold to you by my endorsers), take my supplements, wear my make-up and use my acne products (which bears to question if it's the Acne Diet - why do I have to buy all this other stuff, too?).

    But each person should make up their own mind.

    As emmual says - take what seems logical (but cover the rest with kitty litter...)

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  2. lookingtobeclear added a post in a topic Estee Lauder-double wear   

    Years ago I tried some Estee Lauder products - it broke my skin out horribly. My mom told me afterwards that EL products were geared towards older women with dry complexions.

    I wish the girl behind the counter had told me that! I guess she just wanted to make a sale. I never bought their products again. In fact, I'm leery of department stores and their questionable expertise.
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