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  1. SickOfSmallPimps added a post in a topic what has cleared me 100% (no BS, only 2 products)   

    Thanks for the info, and I'll look that up for supporting claims. But, still, I wasn't about to read 48 pages! 48 + replies that can be several pages themselves is too much for late night light reading.

    Here is something I found:

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  2. SickOfSmallPimps added a post in a topic what has cleared me 100% (no BS, only 2 products)   

    I didn't read all of the replies, but I would like to make one comment on this regimen and my experiences with it. Please note the same old rule: everything works differently for everyone.

    1. SA makes sense. You need to exfoliate. But for some reason I could never adapt to it. It always makes me break out.

    2. The C&C BP cleanser is bad for 2 reasons: A) It's chuck full of so many irritants. Menthol? Yeah, and it's strong as heck. And what is this I see? Mineral Oil? It contains something no acne product should: oil. That is right, it is not oil free. I used it for a week and had pimples in places I have never had pimples before.
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  3. SickOfSmallPimps added a post in a topic Cetaphil: Bar vs Liquid   

    I have been using the Gentle Cetaphil Bar since late last November. I must admit that my acne is not as bad, as huge "zits" have not reappeared since. But small whiteheads show up every now and then. And my nose went from looking like a smooth plum to having the texture of a peach core. It does nothing for my blackheads.
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  4. SickOfSmallPimps added a topic in Over-the-counter acne medications and products   

    Cetaphil: Bar vs Liquid
    For washing my face, does anyone think there would be a significant difference between using the Cetaphil bar and the Liquid Facial Cleanser? The bar seems drying (which almost doesn't matter, my T-Zone is oil city an hour later anyhow), but it's so much cheaper than the liquid, and it lasts longer.

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