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  1. sie added a post in a topic COULD IT BE?!!   

    fyi to anyone doing omega 3s and 6s (fish oil or CLO + EPO or borage): you might want to add sesame seeds to your diet or supplements, it will inhibit conversion of DGLA to arachidonic acid and thus more readily give an anti-inflammatory result instead of inflammation. research sesame and arachidonic acid or sesame and delta-6-desaturase.
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  2. sie added a post in a topic Finally after 10 years with acne, I am 100% clear with diet! Regimen included.   

    Ndnromeo, I have noticed that you take vit E, plus EVOO is a natural source of vit E and I imagine your fish & CLO has it as well. Can you add up all your daily vit E from various sources for a grand total? (I've always heard vit E is good for skin, both internally and externally.) Do you apply any topical containing vit E (such as jojoba)?

    Great thread.
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  3. sie added a post in a topic what nationality is everyone   

    ITS TRUE! Greeks have great skin. I am American of virtually unknown descent but I live in Greece and they all have great skin. So much so, that its hard to find any help with your skin here. I go to (try to) buy a AHA and the countergirl looks at me like "what?". So I said, "Some people don't have nice skin and need to exfoliate." She looked at me like I was telling her that I was the tooth fairy. Every person you see on the street could be a skin model (if there were such a thing). Maybe I only see what I want to see, but it sure seems that nobody else has a skin problem here. So of course I think, they probably don't get it and are probably those poor uninformed people who think I'm just dirty or something and that's why I break out. AAAGH! I feel for you corvettelexi. Its tough when everybody around you has clear skin effortlessly (are all of your neighbors and cousins like that?). Well, anyway, you look great in your picture, so relax with a frappe .
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  4. sie added a post in a topic Good results so far...   

    As planned, I stopped taking vit D about a month ago, in favor of the sun. I think the sun is a MUCH better option than supplements and my skin texture is looking pretty nice. I'll resume the vit D in the Fall. I wish I could rely on the sun all year round because daily exposure really does make my skin much smoother.
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  5. sie added a post in a topic Ive been thinking, acne might be linked with your blatter??   

    Oh dear. I think I have no choice but to home-school my child.
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  6. sie added a post in a topic DIM   

    Bubbly, good luck with your 3rd time around on accutane.

    Everyone else, good luck with DIM.
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  7. sie added a post in a topic DIM   

    Um, well the link to the study that I posted was from May 2006 and it deals EXACTLY with the inhibition of ATP synthase that the Swiss research post is describing, BUT it is specific to breast cancer cells. [3,3'-Diindolylmethane Is a Novel Mitochondrial H+-ATP Synthase Inhibitor that Can Induce p21Cip1/Waf1 Expression by Induction of Oxidative Stress in Human Breast Cancer Cells] As I said, when looking at cancer related studies, things like "cell death" and "apoptosis" are considered good things and many of the cancer-fighting nutrients that we hear about regularly perform just that function. However, it would DEFINITELY need to be researched before saying that a nutrient found in broccoli is akin to cyanide. Do you intend to contact the professor who is heading up the research center? I wonder if this is supported research that is meant to be eventually published, or an academic study course.

    Thanks for bringing this up, especially in light of the sales rep's recommendation that DIM is safe to use at higher doses...I think that would be more appropriate for cancer patients with doctors supervision. Fortunately, for acne treatment, I believe that everyone here is using an appropriate dose. No one should be superdosing. (did everybody hear that?)
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  8. sie added a post in a topic DIM   


    Please read my original post about this above. Unfortunately I have no idea how to go about doing this (tapering/restarting or "booster" or ???) and it might be individual, based on subtle physiological cues that you and only you can pick up on (oil/no oil on face, light sleep/deep sleep, blackheads/clear pores).

    Maybe you skip a dose. Maybe you skip a day. Maybe 2 days. Maybe a week. Maybe a month. You have to pay attention to your body to see if this might work. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I hope that at least this suggestion might help someone.

    If anyone has already experimented with this (or accidentally missed days) and can give some advice regarding this, please do. thanks
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  9. sie added a post in a topic DIM   

    As usual, can anyone reporting no or bad results please elaborate: brand, dose ( & your sex and weight), regimen, how many days consistently you've been taking it, additional supplements, effects (good or bad) that have been noticed (i.e. head discomfort, sleep, oil production, etc)...basically anything relevant, even diet changes, etc.

    mr. m if you could provide some of this info, we can try to ascertain if this is failing due to improper administration, or not enough time has passed. If we can't find anything wrong with what you are doing, you should maybe give it more time before giving up on it. Remember, with accutane, results can take months to see and there can be severe initial break outs. I hope you will give DIM the full chance to work before going that potentially long, agonizing route.
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  10. sie added a post in a topic DIM   

    I posted a study a few posts up. I think it deals with mitochondria ATPase in breast cancer cells. I don't know what is going on with the proposed Swiss university study...but I don't think broccoli or its concentrated constituents is necessarily deadly.

    As for the 17 yo, don't be quick to say that he shouldn't "mess" with hormones. He probably shouldn't and I think at that age you'd have to have a really clear, lab-proven case of estrogen dominance to consider DIM. But its not out of the realm of possibility (as I said, we are all ingesting and breathing toxins that get us out of whack thanks to these modern times we live in). But I think some of the guys who have been using DIM (some with success) might not be all that much older than he (but I'm not totally sure).
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  11. sie added a post in a topic DIM   

    I think it was probably due to him being 17 yo male and Dr just automatically said "no" since this is the sexual maturation period and figured "why mess with any hormones right now"...nevermind that environmental factors (phyto and xeno steroids) aren't so discriminating.[edit: we all heard recently of drugs in watersources...well, estrogens are drugs taken in abundance and they get put into the wastewater but not adequately taken out...] Doesn't sound like she ordered or looked at any test values (but then again neither has anyone on this forum that I know of)...
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  12. sie added a post in a topic DIM   


    Thanks for the info. and please keep us posted. However, I am a bit confused. Can you ascertain whether this is speaking in relation to regular cell functioning, or related to cancer/tumor cells? I have found that research related to cancer/tumors can be confusing to someone like myself who is not concerned (presently) with cancer...because when it comes to cancer research, things like "cell death" are considered to be a good thing and a success of a substance. (!) However, to someone such as myself, I read "cell death" and think "OMG ______ is going to kill me" (fill in blank: green tea, broccoli, etc) but in fact it is a tumor-killer and usually is quite good for you. Anyway, if you can tell whether its cancer research or not, it'd help to understand better. Thanks.

    edit: here's an example--
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  13. sie added a post in a topic DIM   

    valo_123, I think its been about 3 weeks for you. I'm curious if you have seen any change in male facial hair growth? I remember that it was one of the factors that made you think DIM might be right for you, so just wondering. Also, is all else well? Sticking with the same dosage, etc and seeing the same good results?
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  14. sie added a post in a topic DIM   

    I am pretty sure mine was not dehydration. I have had those types of headaches before and (at least with me) they are quite severe. This was more of a dull "squishy" feeling. I've never experienced this head sensation before (that I can think of). It felt like something was happening in the front of my brain, but it was only mild discomfort,not throbbing or stabbing or vice-like. I have no idea what it could be, only that for me it left as suddenly as it arrived on about the 3rd day.
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  15. sie added a post in a topic DIM and Evening Primrose...   

    Check with the folks using progesterone cream. The history of depression is something of an indicator but its unclear which direction to go. You might try what murmur did, a month or so of DIM to clear the system and add progesterone cream. You need to look very closely at your symptoms and maybe some you haven't noticed. It wasn't until I was 24 y.o. and had a live-in boyfriend that I was enlightened to the fact that I got premenstrual headaches/fatigue (I just thought "oh a headache" and then my period would come a day or so later and I never put the two together! my boyfriend once said "oh are you having your PMS headache?" and DING I got it.). Anyway, tally your symptoms and start your research. Not every solution is for every person. DIM might work great for you, but first you need to know and research all the symptoms you have. You might also consider flax seed. Jodiat is researching it and might help shed some light on it.

    BTW, Next time you go to the HFS, just remember "menstrual supplement" or "womans herbal" and if you say it to the worker there, they'll probably point you in the direction of EPO and it'll jump out at you--if you wanna try and get it.

    Regarding diet, kiss pizza and pasta and cookies good-bye. You really need to get that monkey off your back. I feel so much better that I have cut out the bad things from my diet. I feel like it is such an accomplishment, like quitting smoking or something. And I physically feel much better. I actually feel sorry for my husband when he eats chocolate pudding or something in front of me. I don't want it at all...I just feel a sense of accomplishment.

    Good luck!
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