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  1. djtoodles added a post in a topic Possible Cause For Adult Acne   

    Thanks, I will look in to it. I am a firm believer of people who say this starts from the inside and creams and gels will not fix the problem only
    Mask it.

    I have changed my diet and cut things out and all
    Of that with no change in acne. So I don't think mine is related to diet. Before my acne I had a horrible diet and drank too much and smoked cigarettes and had perfect skin.

    Who knows though. People tell me your skin changes every 7 years, if that's the case by next summer mine should have changed again .
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  2. djtoodles added a post in a topic Possible Cause For Adult Acne   

    From what I have read is you do a parasite flush which gets rid of some of them but the dead parasites sit in your liver after. Then you do a liver flush to clear that all out.

    Maybe you need to redo it with a parasite flush first. I am not sure it's going to work but nothing else has been a cure, worth a shot!

    I will update after I receive the pills and try it. I think there is a bunch of methods I just searched amazon for a parasite flush and took the top rated item.
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  3. djtoodles added a post in a topic Possible Cause For Adult Acne   

    Well I started to get it at 24. I am 30 now. But I have taken.

    Minocycline (had allergic reaction)

    That's all that is coming to mind lately. There is others I have been on both oral and creams/gels.

    Currently I am using Sumaden face wash and differin. My skin is better than it was a few years ago but i still break out.

    I ordered a product off amazon to test the theory. Really I want to figure this out and my insurance raised the prices on my meds so they are outrageous now.

    I want to conquer this without giving up. I think this new theory of parasites may be the last ditch hope on this besides growing out of it.

    What is the leaky gut candida you speak of?

    Also it's worth mentioning I had dark circles under my eyes but the dr said that's allergic shiners. I didn't have them until my 20's. maybe it's all related...?
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  4. djtoodles added a topic in Adult acne   

    Possible Cause For Adult Acne
    From some of my post here some of you will know I did not develop acne until 24 years old and I have been dealing with it the past 6 years. I had clear skin up until then. I just thought the previous few days that it might be caused by parasites. So I did a google search and it does appear a side affect to parasites can be acne. Has anyone done a parasite cleansing and liver cleansing after and been cured of acne?

    I generally worry about doing body cleanses as they can do more harm to your body than not but I have tried all sorts of medications and been to a endocrinologist and allergist and really all they said was I needed more vitamin d (due to me avoiding the sun from medication) and I am allergic to dust, cats and dogs. other than that they found nothing.

    Not sure if parasites can cause acne for this long but I am starting to think perhaps thats what it could be.
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  5. djtoodles added a post in a topic Thinking about giving up on my fight with acne   

    I am wondering if I just stop taking everything if my skin will stay the same. I mean all these medications make my skin look reddish and blotchy at times so if i can at least get my normal skin tone back perhaps that is better. But i also do not want to regress.
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  6. djtoodles added a post in a topic Thinking about giving up on my fight with acne   

    My allergist only found me to be allergic to things such as dust, dogs and cats, not foods. I have been allergic to the same thing as a child so I would tend to think its not an allergy but i am always open to other options. I do find it strange to have it at 30 when at 23 i had 0 acne.
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  7. djtoodles added a post in a topic Thinking about giving up on my fight with acne   

    I have been to 3 dermatologist and unfortunately none of them would put me on accutane. They all said my skin was not bad enough to get it and most people on accutane would kill for my skin.

    I find that exretemely hard to believe because i still break out at 30 and I do not see any other male break out that is over the age of 20. The esthetician tried to help convince the dermatologist to put me on accutane as well because I would see her every 2 weeks but that did not help either. I think dermatologist see so many patients they just kind of forget about it or maybe they can be held liable for any injuries resulting of accutane. From the 6 year battle I have had with acne you would think some dermatologist would be sympathetic and allow me to do what i feel is best. I am not a child.

    I am wondering if i stop all these products if my skin will not be as oily anymore. It was never like this until I started using all these products over the years. I am really considering going to an endocrinologist even though they mostly help woman. But they may be able to find some imbalance within that is causing it. I am really curious if anyone has had luck with that. I would love to just wash my face with some cetaphil or something to just clear away some dead skin and be done with it and need nothing else.
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  8. djtoodles added a post in a topic Thinking about giving up on my fight with acne   

    As an update I decided to keep using the Sumadan, Glycolix Glycolic acid 15% pads and Differin 0.1%. It was against my better judgement because I was afraid I would just keep breaking out worse and cause more scaring on my face.

    My bacne that came out of nowhere to start 2012 seems to have gone down quite a bit. I did not put anything on it, let nature run its course. I have some scaring marks from where they were but I know they will heal in time.

    My face however seems to be breaking out the past month or so. Nothing big but every other day or so a new white head pops up to pop. So my skin just never looks clear. I ran out of the glycolic pads and my skin became a bit more red and dry and flakey. Once i started the glycolix pads my skin became really oily around the T-zone which has been the case for about the past year and a half when i started all these products. It becames really oily where if i pat my face on a tshirt i can see the inprint of my nose and surrounding area. I am wondering if all these products is causing that.

    My skin happens to be a little red and blotchy and in some spots it will be itchy and i try to avoid it but i will gently itch it but then it turns to a red bump that takes 2-3 days to go away. The bump isint acne i am wondering if its drying my skin out and causing the bumps.

    I am really considering stopping everything again and maybe just using the 15% pads and a facial cleanser. I am about to be 30 and once that happens it will be 6 years I have dealt with acne. I just do not know what to do anymore.....

    I have changed my diet and i drink lots of water cut out alcohol unless its a special occassion and nothing really seems to matter. before my skin got bad a month ago it was really good and i thought i could have stopped using everything, boy was i wrong.

    Allergist said i only have environment allergies, dust, mold etc. Nothing to food. my general practitioner doctor took my blood and said everything was ok.... I am just so frustrated and do not know what to do or where to go from here. When i am broken out my confidence goes down and I just have no desire to do anything. I am a slave to fighting this acne with a regimated process and it just doesnt seem to clear. I dont know anyone or never see any guy with acne. It really brings me down that i am still dealing with this.
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  9. djtoodles added a post in a topic Thinking about giving up on my fight with acne   

    As an update the new dermatologist seemed to be the nicest so far and didnt recommend the same medication i have been on. She basically said she is confident accutane would clear me 100% but due to being a new patient of hers she cant prescribe it right away due to insurance covering it.

    She gave me a new regime and meds to try for 6 weeks as a last ditch effort and if it doesnt work she will put me on accutane. The new meds are...

    sumaxin as a face wash AM & PM
    aczone gel AM & PM
    bactrim ds AM & PM

    as well as some 10% glycolic acid pads to use at night.

    so if this doesnt do the trick its accutane for me. However before i fill these prescriptions and try them i have a allergist appointment next week and i will see what he thinks first. I really dont want to take accutane but if its the last ditch effort and she sounded very confident it would work perhaps thats what needs to be done. Im done fighting all these harsh products to have no results.

    My advice to anyone if you dont feel your dermatologist is steering you right try a differnet one. I still havent found a solution but she seems to know her stuff more than the last two.
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  10. djtoodles added a post in a topic Thinking about giving up on my fight with acne   

    CVD thanks for the response and thanks to everyone else for the response. I really appreciate people taking there time to read my story and offer help and sympathy i dont think most people will understand the pain we go through as adults dealing with this. Maybe as teenagers its worse because our peers can be mean as teens but as an adult there is nothing more unprofessional and demoralizing then dealing with teenage issues. People dont say anything but you know they are looking.

    As far as the allergist goes I spoke with my mom today about when i was a child and apparently when i was 4 months old and through a lot of my early childhood i was on antibiotics for really bad allergies and asthma. I would develop strep throat and bronchiatus everytime i got a cold.

    I am guessing as i somewhat outgrew my allergies perhaps something in my enviornment now or all the damn hormones they pump into food these days are causing allergies (atleast i hope) that can be causing my acne. I really do hope its something simple. However my mom said i never suffered from food allergies as a child it was environmental.

    I think my plan now is see how this allergist deal shakes out and if nothing comes of it to go see this last dermatologist which is a dermatology and laser center and ask about their laser treatments i know one is the blue-u and make that a last ditch effort.

    my skin looks worse now then it has in awhile the past 3-4 days have brought hell upon me and my jaw line near my cheeks is so dry i think its causing acne or it will itch and cause a pump and ill squeeze it light a pimple and liquid comes out but its clear. or clearish red not any actual bacteria i see.

    Just hoping one day i can outgrow this horrible bacteria.

    also it could have been my paranoia from seeing the side effects but minocycline caused breathing issues a week in and i had to go on an inhaler for a few weeks due to it. Minocycline is the weakest of the oral medications so i think my body wouldnt like any others. however that being said it did seem like it was working. which makes sense because it kills bacteria within in. topical treatments arent killing the cause of the bacteria its just killing it before it hits the surface.... or tries to.
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  11. djtoodles added a post in a topic Thinking about giving up on my fight with acne   

    ziana is similar very similar to tazorac except its not as strong. that purging was already done with tazorac so switching to ziana was more because its not as harsh lower % of retin-a in it at 025% instead of 050% in tazorac.

    I am thinking my next step is to hopefully see an allergist within the next few weeks then if that yields nothing ive heard about 1 more derm to try and i am going to see if they have anything different to say. if they say the same thing then i will either ask about laser or just stop all together and hope it just goes away someday.
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  12. djtoodles added a post in a topic Thinking about giving up on my fight with acne   

    I do not like fish. I am going to make an appointment with a allergist and get an allergy testing. That should let me know what foods and in general what i am allergic to. Changing your diet to clear acne is essentially your body being allergic to a food and causing the acne.
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  13. djtoodles added a post in a topic Thinking about giving up on my fight with acne   

    my acne isint horrible but i do have it and i should have perfect clear skin at my age imo. And with the new year i just filled my tazorac and cly prescriptions and it was an extra 10bux so im thinking once this stuff runs low if its not getting better then i will either give 1 more derm a shot or just give up and live with it.

    i mean if i do nothing it will be worse probably but atleast i will not have to deal with all the harsh products on my skin it will only hurt where the acne is not everywhere.

    and thinking in what you said about the stress its possible because i went through a horrible breakup and to this day that particular breakup effects me and it was about 2-3 months after that breakup my acne started so i suppose its possible but i doubt it would last almost 5 years.
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  14. djtoodles added a post in a topic Thinking about giving up on my fight with acne   

    interesting on the glycolic acid... my skin does peel but i assume it was from the tazorac. I was using just cetaphil face wash for normal to oily skin but the dermatologist thought the glycolic would be better since most of my skin is oily and it would help with the exfoliation.

    Also i dont know if males and females are the same but i am a male so i think the hormone balance may be different for us as we dont have the whole monthly cycle or hormone changes from pregnancy.
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  15. djtoodles added a post in a topic Thinking about giving up on my fight with acne   

    one of my dermatologist made his own mask that he sold and i tried that it burned and made my skin really dry. And i have a combination of oily skin and dry skin (just another thing to add to the list) by chin and mouth area get really dry but my nose and around my nose is really oily.

    I asked my dermatologist about laser and they said it was expensive and it probably wouldnt help with the acne but more with acne scars and the oil factor. But doing searches ive heard that it only works for about 6-8months before the oil will return.

    At this point i think i am just going to give up and hope prayer works. And for what is worth i think i could be a dermatologist with the little they know. It seems they all just try to prescribe some acne meds and if they dont work try something else. I think i could do that job.

    My family doctor seemed to have more to say but again neither of them could target the cause of this and no solution either. Hopefully my insurance will cover an allergy test and that will yield some results.

    For anyone curious my current regime is

    wash my face with green tea foam and glytone glycolic acid 4.7%
    pat dry and wait for skin to dry then apply clindamycin phosphate 1%

    wash my face with green tea foam and glytone glcolic acid 4.7%
    pat dry and wait for skin to dry then apply tazorac .05% gel

    in the few dry spots if its peeling too much i will use very little bit of cetaphyl restoraderm moisturizer.

    also i have heard that clindamycin phosphate is most effective with BP i tried dans BP and benzefoam and both of them caused my face to feel as if it was on fire and going to fall off. I am guessing that is due to the tazorac. I used to use dans regime a few years ago with ok results.
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