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  1. And when they give you some uninformed advice such as "Get some vitamins", it's really annoying!
  2. I think I probably first started getting acne towards the end of 1996, so I know how depressing it is to carry this condition for so long. As a male, I can't do much about hormonal acne. I know a lot of girls on here have had success with BCP and Spiro, so there are well documented alternatives for you. Personally, if you've had acne for this long then I think it's probably ingrained in your DNA, so herbs and dietary changes probably won't make much different. Everyone's unique, though, so there could be some weird trigger for your acne.
  3. Acne sanctuary

    I've had similar fantasies in the past as well. I remember way back, in 2005, I had this idea that my ideal scenario would be to get on Roaccutane and then take 6 months off work whilst I dealt with all the side effects. Ideally, I'd have travelled round the country and just avoided everyone I know whilst my face peeled and eyes dried up. Obviously, without winning the lottery it was impossible, but it helped to pass the time.
  4. I'm on the up. Skin has been a lot better compared to last year since I swapped Differin out for Epiduo. I still have red marks which I can't even explain where they come from, but it's all good for now!
  5. My log/blog/epitath

    The spot from my last post has started going down now. Didn't get a head on it, but got very red. I guess there's a chance it could re-erupt all of a sudden, but fingers crossed it won't. Just counted up and it's been 15 weeks or so since I started using Epiduo and my acne has generally calmed down again as a result. Maybe one or two spots every fortnight now, but they're never really depressing spots. And 15 weeks trumps the 10 week 'calm' period I had last year between September - November, so that's a big plus for my sense of happiness! Every day I stay clear is another day I get closer to one of these exciting new drugs such as topical minocycline gel or the SB204 nitric oxide gel. A long way off, no doubt, but if I can minimize the hell on the way then that's cool by me!
  6. My log/blog/epitath

    Been a while since I posted and that's because I've mostly been clear! The spot to the left of my nose in my last post ended up going down after a few days, but then suddenly erupted bigger than ever! Squeezed a head on it and it made no difference. The next day I squeezed another head on it and it started going down. However, I'd managed to get a couple of insults from co-workers about it. The first ones in about 2 years Anyway, it had gone without a trace within about 2 weeks, so not that bad. However, I woke up this morning and immediately felt some pain in between my left cheekbone and nose. Looked in the mirror and found a little red lump which I suspect is planning on forming a head. Depressing, but it's the first bad spot I've had in a month, so I can just about cope with this. For now.
  7. My log/blog/epitath

    Last week was a really good week, but then on Sunday I found a spot on the top of my right hand cheekbone. Started off quite small but got bigger over the course of the day. It's still there now and a bit depressing. It's kinda medium sized which is annoying, but it's not severely red. There was a little bit of pain to it at the start of the week, but it's pain free now. Maybe it's going down. And then... Another spot started coming up Tuesday night to the left of my nose. Medium sized again, but hardly any pain and not much redness. Hopefully it'll disappear fairly sharpish, but for now it's a bit annoying. Not a terrible state of affairs compared to my skin issues over the last 3 - 4 months, but it's got me down a little bit. However, I've made a lot of progress during the 7 weeks I've added Epiduo to my regimen, so hopefully this is just a little blip. Nothing new in two days, so I guess that's progress!
  8. Putting my foot down..

    Masturbation and diet are theories that just don't hold up. Most evidence presented by people on here is anecdotal, so it's difficult to take it serious without any before/after pictures. And, sure, there are studies which show acne may be linked to diet, but there's not enough evidence to make it conclusive proof. Why not save yourself the stress and head back to see your derm? You stated that he managed to cure you really quickly before, so you obviously respond to prescription medication.
  9. If you're 27 then I don't think you should worry too much about what your parents are going to say. After all, it's your life and your money.
  10. My log/blog/epitath

    Not updated for a few weeks, but you'll be pleased to hear that things aren't going too bad. Only had one spot last week - it was a nasty one, just above the gap in my eyebrows. It's dead now and completely flat, but it's still got a deep shade of red to it. Stands out, but I don't think it should leave me branded for too long. Had a couple of spots the week before on my nose which was depressing, but they went down fairly quite. One was a case of "pop it and it's pretty much disappeared", so that's always a nice payoff! Still quite a few redmarks on my face and some of them are going back to just before I upgraded from Differin to Epiduo in the mornings. All the red marks have faded quite a bit, but it still makes for an annoying collection of blemishes! However, I'm a lot happier than I was. I can't complain too much. Around mid December to mid January I felt bloody awful all the time and my thoughts were consumed by acne. God knows I'll probably end up in that state again one day, but for now I can relax a little.
  11. I find that a pea sized amount (or sometimes a pea and a half) Epiduo is enough to cover my face.
  12. Currently wishing that these things on my face would go down. Not world ending spots, but damn they're red and make me look scabby along with my other red marks.
  13. My log/blog/epitath

    The spot on my chin has gone down quite a lot and seems to be turning a normal skin colour. The one of the right hand side of my nose appears to have started going down in the last 24 hours, but it's slow progress so far. Found a painful-ish lump on the left hand side of my nose yesterday afternoon, but I think that's going down too. Not sure what's happening with my skin. It certainly looks better than it did a month ago, but still quite a few red marks as well as these three spots this week. None have been major spots and they haven't been in my 'danger' areas e.g. to the right of my nose or along my right cheekbone. Just as a precaution I've booked an appointment with my doctor for about 4 weeks time. If my skins still crappy then I'll go, but I'm really hoping I'll have to cancel it and put this week down simply to a bad week.
  14. My log/blog/epitath

    Not updated for a while! I went to see my doctor back on 15th January and said my acne was getting me down. She said it didn't look too bad and, to be honest, it wasn't looking that bad - maybe 2 active spots and a couple of red marks. I mentioned that the spots to the right of my nose were quite resistant and she suggested swapping out Differin for Epiduo - basically Differin with BP. I didn't have anything to lose, so said I'd give it a go. After two days I had a big spot come up to the right of my nose, but I felt it was a bit early on in life with Epiduo to blame it on that. Things weren't that bad after that. I think I had another spot come up in the right week to the right of my nose, but it was only a slight bump and very little redness. A similar thing came up the week after to the left of my nose, but was even less noticeable. Things were looking pretty damn good and I had two good weeks in a row, but now I've had a little stumble. Found a red spot on my chin on Saturday. Not painful, but noticeable. I also found a similar spot on the side of my nose last night. Neither are likely to turn nasty and have probably peaked, but it's taken the wind out of my sails a bit. Hopefully they'll go down in the next day or two.