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  1. My log/blog/epitath

    Not updated for a while! I went to see my doctor back on 15th January and said my acne was getting me down. She said it didn't look too bad and, to be honest, it wasn't looking that bad - maybe 2 active spots and a couple of red marks. I mentioned that the spots to the right of my nose were quite resistant and she suggested swapping out Differin for Epiduo - basically Differin with BP. I didn't have anything to lose, so said I'd give it a go. After two days I had a big spot come up to the right of my nose, but I felt it was a bit early on in life with Epiduo to blame it on that. Things weren't that bad after that. I think I had another spot come up in the right week to the right of my nose, but it was only a slight bump and very little redness. A similar thing came up the week after to the left of my nose, but was even less noticeable. Things were looking pretty damn good and I had two good weeks in a row, but now I've had a little stumble. Found a red spot on my chin on Saturday. Not painful, but noticeable. I also found a similar spot on the side of my nose last night. Neither are likely to turn nasty and have probably peaked, but it's taken the wind out of my sails a bit. Hopefully they'll go down in the next day or two.
  2. Been feeling good for the last 10 days or so about my acne. It's really calmed down. Just got a couple of very faded red marks and one dying spot which never really came up! I'm happy, obviously, but still well aware that I had a 10 week run of good skin last year and it all went to crap after that. Paranoia persists!
  3. Acne concentrated on one side of face?

    I used to get acne on both sides of my face, but, for the last 10 years or so, about 95% must have been on the right hand side. Some areas of skin are simply more prone to acne for reasons that I doubt we'll ever get to the bottom of.
  4. Is benzoyl peroxide harming skin?

    I don't think BP alone ages your skin. I've used it for probably 90% of the last 15 years and I'm constantly told I look about 6 - 7 years younger than I am.
  5. Knowledge is Power

    Cool, I'll have to give that a go! Thanks!
  6. Knowledge is Power

    I had access to pubmed through the Open University a few years ago and it was great to read complete articles rather than just abstracts!
  7. I haven't been on Accutane (although I once had a prescription for it in my hand) but would say, as long as you're ready for the side effects, go for it!
  8. Benzoyl peroxide and accutane

    I haven't been on Accutane, but I would say it's fine in the early stages. Once you start drying up from the tane, though, I would imagine the BP will be far too irritating.
  9. I'm scared

    Acne always seems to come along at the most inopportune moments, so I certainly know how you feel. I've had long periods of clear skin and then *BAM* acne's back. You go from those amazing highs to those terrible, terrible lows all of a sudden and, you're right, it doesn't feel fair. All you can do is carry on as best you can and, in the mean time, try to find something that will help clear up your skin. Are you taking any medications at the moment for your skin? And will you be able to get them in Japan?
  10. They'll only do blood tests if they decide to put you on Roaccutane. And even then it won't be at that appointment, they'll just give you a form to take to pathology and have the blood test done at your convenience.
  11. Acne makes us desperate, but from this desperation there often comes a real sense of determination to achieve clear skin. So, what dramatic steps have you taken in that chase for the feeling of clear skin and confidence? Have you travelled huge distances to see a particular dermatologist? Have you tried expensive procedures such as laser therapy and microdermabrasion etc? Or have you ever ended up ordering medication from dodgy online pharmacies? Personally, the furthest I've gone in terms of monetary value and effort was to go and see a private dermatologist. The NHS waiting lists were about 16 weeks at the time and I couldn't bear to wait that long to see a derm, so I stumped up the cash to be seen in 2 weeks instead. How about you guys?
  12. Acne dysmorphia

    If you're feeling really down about it then you should go and see your doctor and explain how it's making you feel. They should be able to offer some advice and help.
  13. OCD and acne

    I tend to poke my spots (to evaluate if they're growing/shrinking) and check the mirror a lot. You need to find something to distract yourself with.
  14. Lymecycline/Tetralysal

    About 10 years ago I used it for 6 months and it made very little difference. I've found that oral antibiotics usually start working pretty quickly. If you haven't noticed much difference after 6 weeks then it's unlikely you're going to see a vast improvement.
  15. Not had anything new (well, nothing worth noticing) since Tuesday, but felt really bad today. Couple of things on my face and it's all too much.
  16. Yep, in the UK it's exactly this!
  17. Benzoyl peroxide....

    You could try using moisturiser before or after you apply the BP and you should also make sure you only use a small amount of BP.
  18. Yeah, I've never seen anything lower either.
  19. Type of acne/how bad?

    My advice would be to go see a doctor. I've never known anyone who has genuinely cleared up with the natural approach - the lack of before/after pictures on this forum is testament to that.
  20. I'm not a dermatologist,but that definitely looks like a bad reaction. I'd go see your doctor/derm about it asap.
  21. Isotrex

    No, Isotrex doesn't help with oiliness. It can be quite drying when you first put it on, but the oiliness soon creeps back. Personally, I didn't have any joy with Isotrex or Isotrexin. My skin was at its worst when I used them, though, so I doubt anything would have helped. All you can do is try it and see how you get on. If it doesn't work then try something else.
  22. Could it be alcohol?

    Alcohol isn't going to effect your acne. If you're drinking heavily every day then I imagine it would be quite dehydrating for your skin, but that's not necessarily going to cause you acne. You should be fine if you're drinking sensibly, so try not to worry too much.
  23. Buying from online pharmacies is a risky business. There are plenty of reputable online pharmacies which serve the UK, but these are the ones who are registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council. And these pharmacies will not supply you with Accutane unless you have a private prescription from a registered derm. The pharmacies which do sell Accutane are not monitored in anyway. I'm sure some of them do sell legitimate goods, but it's certainly not legal and many of them are selling fake goods which could be dangerous. I do understand your frustration as I've been knocked back for Accutane by the NHS as well. I've also been offered it when there was barely anything on my face, so it really does depend on the derm in some cases. One option you have is to go private in the UK. If you're anywhere near London then I know that there are a couple of clinics there who seem quite happy to put people on Accutane without too much hassle. There are probably others near to where you live though. Just Google them or get your GP to refer you.
  24. Feel a little down today. Had a nastyish spot bubble up throughout the day. Not going to be a giant spot, but it's very red and won't disappear overnight. Hopefully it's just a little stumbling stone...
  25. The day we grow out of acne will be a fantastic day! Joining the normals (as I call them) will be great! Just wish it could have come a little sooner. Around 15/16 would have been perfect!