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  1. My log/blog/epitath

    Woke up this morning and found that my new spot had developed two heads which were ripe for popping. Quite a bit of pus shot out into the mirror - despite the amount of times this has happened to me, I'm still not numb to the disgust that splattering pus promotes! Thankfully, the heads haven't reformed, just scabbed over. And the spot itself seems to have lost about half of it's volume, so it should be gone in a few days and can be downgraded from a BAD spot to a MEDIUM spot!
  2. My log/blog/epitath

    Been over 3 months since I last posted and that's because no news is good news! The couple of nasty spots I had from my last post started dying off after that last post, but the one on my nose left a red mark which has only just faded away! Unfortunately, the reason I'm here is that I've had my first spot come up in 3 months. I found it yesterday evening, just above my moustache. Medium sized, red, but no real pain. It's got a bit worse today as it's not developed a head, but it's well beneath the surface of the skin and I can't squeeze it out. There seems to be quite a bit of pus in it, so it could prove to be nasty. Hopefully it will develop a head which can be popped tomorrow. It's got me feeling a bit crappy about myself, but as I've only had 4 bad spots since January it's difficult to feel really down.