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  1. I've had Restylane and Perlane injections. My first time was done by somebody who had A LOT of experience. I was disappointed and felt like I wasted $200 a couple days later though after the swelling went away. The problem was that after the first injection, my face started swelling up and you can no longer see where the depressions are and if you remembered where they were, you can no longer tell how deep it was and therefore can't tell how much to inject in the area and which part of the scar to fill up more. I then found a source to buy Restylane and Perlane without a prescription from a canadian pharmacy and ordered myself some. With some guidance that I found on this sub, I injected my own skin. I observed each scar that I wanted to inject and made sure I understood which part was the most depressed. My results were better than the professional's. Furthermore, I was able to touchup areas that were underinjected a couple days later. I did that 2-3 times a year my Restylane and Perlane eventually expired and I was unable to purchase any more without a prescription. I actually want to get it done again very soon, before I go on my vacation but Im worried I will be disappointed like I was the first time. It's not easy throwing a few hundred dollars away here and there. If someone has had Restylane/Perlane injections done in Southern California with success, please let me know who did it.