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  1. merf added a post in a topic anyone tried Exposed Skin Care   

    I did try it, and I liked it, but it did nothing for my acne. Turns out topicals were not the cure for me. My acne needed hormonal treatment.
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  2. merf added a post in a topic Doxycyline doesn't work?   

    Really? It doesn't kick in for that long? I know my doc said to give it 8 weeks, but I didn't realize it would take that long to "kick in" -- I just thought it was because of IB and all that...
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  3. merf added a post in a topic "My Mood"?   

    I think the mood thing is cute but would be more funnerer if we could write in our own moods. So, maybe a selection of emos and we can freestyle the name of the mood. Would allow people to be more creative. The canned stuff isn't all that fun imo.
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  4. merf added a post in a topic I wish I never picked   

    At least you figured it out after a year, instead of 15 years of picking like me
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  5. merf added a post in a topic Spiro...Help!!!!!!!   

    I'm in the exact same boat, except for the dark hairs. If my current regimen doesn't do the trick, Spiro is my next hope. I hope you get the answer you need about the hair growth.
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  6. merf added a post in a topic Spiro...Help!!!!!!!   

    I think it's really strange that a doc would prescribe Spiro for someone with very mild acne, before trying every other option first -- antibiotics, retinoid, etc. And usually docs start you off very low -- 25mg -- and only increase by 25mg at a time, every 2-3 months. Curious.

    I've never heard anyone say Spiro made their acne worse, just that it didn't help. Hopefully it's just an IB, bringing junk up that was going to come up eventually anyway. I'm glad you plan to give it time, hang in there!
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  7. merf added a post in a topic My regimen   

    Hey, congratulations, I'm excited for you! I'm on a similar regimen as you, except I take an oral antibiotic instead of a topical one, and I don't use a medicated face wash. But it's BP in the morning and a retinoid at night. I am soooo optimistic. I hope I have the success you have!
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  8. merf added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Books on nutrition?
    I'm looking for a good book on nutrition to help jump start me. In particular, I am interested in the glycemic index. But any nutrition books that have helped you on your journey would be great.

    Any personal recommendations?
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  9. merf added a post in a topic Accutane just makes you look bad as a whole   

    Yeah -- add the dry skin, cracked hands, bleeding nose and lips, and it's hot. At least when it's all over you will look awesome.
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  10. merf added a post in a topic differin   

    My derm said he prescribed the antibiotic b/c topicals aren't going to get down to my cystic acne. He said I will hopefully only need the antibiotics for 2 months, then rely on the Differin to maintain my clear skin.
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  11. merf added a post in a topic differin   

    Hi there. I went to the derm yesterday also, and he put me on doxycycline, differin (PM) and BP (AM). My differin is 0.3% (there is only 0.1 and 0.3, so I'm thinking you have 0.1, not 0.01%).

    My doc told me that it's very likely I will have an IB and that I really need to use all three products for 8 full weeks before making a determination.

    So, I am prepared for an IB.
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  12. merf added a post in a topic DIM   

    Does anyone want my DIM (BioResponse 75mg) or CDG? I don't plan on using them, and they cost me a combined $50 so I hate to throw them in the trash. I'm happy to send them to you if you paypal me the shipping. PM me.
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  13. merf added a post in a topic DIM   

    Did she give you a reason?
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  14. merf added a post in a topic DIM   

    I've been taking DIM for about a week now, 150mg a day. Taking 250mg of CDG. Also started taking colon cleanse supplements about 4 days ago.

    Have been queasy/gassy for 3 days now, which I think is due to the colon cleanse. It feels awful, and I think I'll stop taking them. But that's so frustrating b/c it's supposed to be great for the skin.

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  15. merf added a post in a topic DIM appears to be making my acne worse!   

    Hey Jodiat,

    So is your fiancee taking DIM yet? How about you? My skin is breaking out a bit, but I started CDG today and am hoping that will help. I know my acne is hormonal, so it's a buzz kill to still have it even after progesterone cream, DIM, etc.
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