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  1. pandaboy added a post in a topic I'm water fasting for a week   

    Good luck dude.

    Please post your progress and results!!

    Looking forward to it.
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  2. pandaboy added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    Hi random. How is your skin doing now on this regimen? I'm on Day 30 aswell. I have not let water touch my face for the entire time, and whilst I have noticed a slight improvement, it is still a far way off being clear. I am still getting breakouts (like 4 or 5 a day) on this regimen which is discouraging, my skin is still quite dry and getting flakes. The flakes don't bother me that much, but the fact I am still breaking out is disappointing.

    Are you still getting breakouts??? I guess I just wanna know there is some light at the end of the tunnel for me, as I am getting discouraged.

    Seems like I am one of those lucky bastards that are destined for bad skin their entire existence.
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  3. pandaboy added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    lirika69 have you noticed any improvement at all after 30 days??

    Can you explain your journey so far. Are you getting dead skin? Still breaking out??

    I'm about 10 days in and still breaking out. I wasn't expecting this as I was previously only using water, so expected that it wouldn't be so bad transitioning.

    I dont' mind a little bit of dead skin, but the constant breakouts is really pissing me off.
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  4. pandaboy added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    9 days for me now. Face still an absolute mess. Whiteheads all over the place and dead skin. However I have faith and am sticking with it. Trying my hardest to last 30 days on this, without letting water touch my face.

    Anyone else think they can last 30 days without washing?

    Fingers crossed skin irritation is the cause of my acne, as I feel this is really my last hope.
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  5. pandaboy added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    wapak, Im breaking out in whiteheads in my problem areas - chin and cheeks and the jawline. Similar to your problem areas.

    It's not overly cold here. We are in Autumn at the moment and the weather is sunny but not hot. I would say the level of oiliness on my face is pretty much the same as when I was using water only. It's not really that oily at all.
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  6. pandaboy added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    On Day 6 of this caveman regimen. And I must say my face is looking terrible, definietly worse than when I started. Whiteheads and breakouts are popping up everywhere and some dead skin starting to appear. I was really hoping I would not have to deal with a breakout, as I was previously on the water only regimen, so I was expecting the transition to "no washing" would be relatively smooth. Not so.

    However face is not oily at all which is discouraging, as people who have posted having success with this have said they initially get oily skin. I'm not getting that at all.

    Nevertheless I'll stick with it, but initial results are not good.
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  7. pandaboy added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    Wapak the problem areas for me are my chin and the lower cheeks area just to the left and right of my chin. Can't seem to stop breaking out here. My forehead is pretty much clear.

    So from Day 1 to Day 50, water only touched your face once?! That's impressive.

    So how is your flaking now? Is your skin as smooth as a babies butt now??
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  8. pandaboy added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    Hi wapak,

    Just wondering if I can ask a few questions before I start:

    - How long into this regimen before you stopped getting any breakouts, or was it more of a case that you just gradually got less and less acne??

    - At what stage did you introduce water into this regimen? And throughout, how often would you wash your face?? Would it be silly to try and last 30 consecutive days without water?

    Thanks for the tumeric juice idea, but I don't think I will try putting anything on face just yet. I don't want to include another variable that may interfere with the recovery process.
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  9. pandaboy added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    I think I am going to try this. A lot of it makes sense, and I really hope I am a candidate for this regimen.

    Over the past few days I have done a lot of reading posted by Wapak, Adam08, WaterWater and AlexAlmighty who all have pretty much cleared from this "caveman" regimen. Now let me summarise that I have understood all the theory behind this. . .

    As I understand it we all have this "acid mantle" which acts as a protective barrier that prevents our skin from infection and bacteria (including acne). Now if this protective layer is somewhat "disturbed" or removed (via chemicals from topicals), then it can no longer do it's job, and as a result we get irritated skin which is more prone to acne. Hope I'm on the right track so far??

    So basically we need to stop ALL topicals, and anything else which might be a problem, to allow our skin to regenerate and for our acid mantle to be in a healthy state to do it's job (i.e. fight bacteria and prevent acne breakouts).

    Now in my situation, I have been on the water only regimen for about a month now, but still constantly break out all over the place. I had gradually weened off using BP after using it for 5 years previously. I am guessing that as I am still breaking out on the water only regimen, that even water is causing my skin to be irritated?? I am actually hoping this is the case, which would mean I would be a good candidate for this "no washing" regimen.

    I really hope this works as I have reached a dead end with all this holistic stuff. I hear all the time the statement "Our acne is a reflection that something is seriously wrong with our internals". As a result I have done almost everything, . . . liver flushes, colon cleansing, fasting, eat super super healthy, .. . . etc. and NOTHING I do seems to make any difference. I am beginning to think that there is nothing wrong with my body internally, but maybe my skin is just irritated and sensitive. And that skin irritation is the REAL CAUSE of my acne, NOT an unhealthy functioning body.

    Can someone who has researched this confirm this is the theory on why this works?
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  10. pandaboy added a post in a topic POST your PICS!   

    Ok fair enough, . . but I think you missed my point entirely. My posts were directly to those that "think" they have an acne problem but really they don't. The ones who are posting about how a couple of spots are ruining their lives , . . .etc when in reality their acne is so trivial it is barely noticeable.

    Those that remain on the boards after getting clear then great, as the more support we get the better. I never said they shouldn't be here.

    PS congrats on finding your cure.

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  11. pandaboy added a post in a topic POST your PICS!   

    Why would those people come on this site then? If acne really has no meaninglful relevance to their life then those people would not be posting on - and more specifically the "Emotional and psychological effects of acne" forum.
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  12. pandaboy added a post in a topic POST your PICS!   

    This is not about trying to put anyone down at all. If anything it should be a self esteem BOOSTER to those, as it is confirming to them that they don't have an acne problem AT ALL. It's all about perception and reality. I would sorta equate it with anorexia. These people look in the mirror and see a "fat" person when in reality they look completely normal and healthy.

    Exactly the same thing is happening here. Some of these people who have a couple of spots on their face, freak out and "think" they have a major acne problem, which then goes and prevents them from doing things they would otherwise do. Judging by how trivial most of the acne in these pics, their perception is waaaayyyy different to reality.
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  13. pandaboy added a post in a topic POST your PICS!   

    The longer this thread is, and the more pics I see, the more it PISSES me off.

    Do you guys seriously think you have acne?????? I have news for you guys, . . . having one or two bumps on your face is NOT having acne. Seriously guys what on earth are some of you even doing on this site?? Some of you have flawless skin for god's sake.

    Now I'm not trying to exclude anyone, or say anything like this forum should be restricted to those that have severe acne or anything, but some of you really have to get over it if one or two zits on face is ruining your lives. Most of us here would do absolutely ANYTHING to have skin like the pics posted so far.

    Sorry just had to get this off my chest, cos it really annoys me when people are on this site when they shouldn't be, and should just be enjoying their lives.
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  14. pandaboy added a post in a topic Finally after 10 years with acne, I am 100% clear with diet! Regimen included.   

    So you are saying you had dry patches of flakey skin forming on your face when you started this regimen?? My skin has never been this dry and I cannot risk getting any more patches of flakey skin, it's getting embarrasing. I really cant see how this is meant to be normal. Getting more nutrients = flakey skin??? If it is skin which is being rebuilt after 3-5 weeks then fine, but the skin regeneration process happens all the time and doesnt normally flake like this. I think I'm maybe losing too much oil on my face.

    At this stage I would much rather an oily face than a dry one. I think this regimen has maybe too many sebum controlling attributes to it, and the combined effect is stripping every drop of oil on my face.
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  15. pandaboy added a post in a topic Finally after 10 years with acne, I am 100% clear with diet! Regimen included.   

    Been on this regimen for 5 days now, and I have noticed my skin is extremely dry and slight flaking in areas. I think I might stop this for a couple of days.

    Maybe it's the cod liver oil? The one I have is Arctic Cod Liver Oil
    - DHA - 625mg
    - EPA - 410mg

    I think in conjunction with the Fish Oil I am getting too much Omega 3. Is an abbundance of Omega 3 the cause of dry skin?
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