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    Hell yeah, my minds fucked EXACTLY like yours...
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  3. ChrisJr21 added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    Wow, im begining to see how much this acne problem fucked up my mind for real... been dealin with this shit for 4 years now (19-22) and besides fuckin up my entire life, i swear to you i think im goin crazy. ive been on tane (80mg) for 4 months now and it has significantley improved my situation, still got some red marks and scars, but my mind is fuckin playin tricks on me.

    I keep thinking i look way worse than i do even tho ive made good progress, im gettin bad anxiety and uncomfortableness when i go out, like holy fukkkkkkkkk! the shit has mind fucked me so hard im confused... its like post trauma as wierd as it sounds

    im a guy and i hope i dont sound lke a crybaby on here ranting but geeez, i really just wanna put it behind me and jus live but im realizing ill be dealin wit this fora while... anyways can anyone else relate??
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  4. ChrisJr21 added a comment on a gallery image day 65 off accutane pt. 2   

    you can see the little pink patch, that's where i've been trying to get a milia out to no avail. but it is now actually dry but flat. yay!
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  5. ChrisJr21 added a post in a topic Is acne gods way of making us ugly?   

    You dont have to be religious to understand that God's not trying to make us be or feel ugly, and that God doesnt want anything bad to happen to us. This is life... shit happens. People die and suffer all around the world, we are no different. I can go on and on but i think your just caught up in the moment right now, you'll survive.

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