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  1. 110 lb 22 year old Latina female on 80 mg/day

    I will be following your log. Im 31 also Latina. Today is day 11 for me. My derm started me on 20mg. This is my second time on accutane.
  2. Day 9: So my derm told me I could continue with Aczone and Tazorac this month. So I have been. Today I noticed a very small amount of peeling on my nostrils and betwen my eyebrows. I get this sometimes when I use Taz more than a few days a week. So I dont think this is due to the Absorica. My forehead and cheeks are still oily. Lips are normal. I think I will cut the Taz out but will continue the Aczone. I got a new pimple on the right side of my face and on my right ear lobe. I popped the one on the right. I know it's bad but it had a white head and it was hurting. It felt like it was ready to pop. Feel so much better now that I did. Dont think this is my IB though. I always have one to three active pimples similar to this.
  3. Accutane initial breakout

    I really hope so. My derm said she makes her decisions after seeing how im progressing and depending on the lab results
  4. (Black) Teenage Female on Accutane

    You think the aloe vera gel made you oily? Mmm I buy the acutal leaf. And use the aloe vera juice or whatever you call from the leaf to put on my face. My face has always been oily though
  5. Accutane initial breakout

    I started On 1/6/17. I also started on 20mg but im on it all month. Im still oily as ever. Im sure soon it'll start to go away.
  6. Day 6: Still oily as ever. No changes. No side effects as of yet.
  7. Starting accutane on a high dosage?

    Im 5'4 and 168lbs. Im 31. I have mild acne and my derm started me at 20mg. I think my dose is too low.
  8. I just started my second course. I dont think my derm had me on a high enough dosage the first time. I was 26 and weighed 170lbs. I was put on 20mg, 40mg, 40mg, 60mg, 80mg, and finally 40mg. Im hoping my derm ups my dose a bit more this time, so I can get the suggested required cumulative dose.
  9. Day 4: So I started on Absorica (20mg) on 1/11/17. I just took my fourth pill. So far I havent noticed any difference. My face is oily as usual. Lips are normal. No dryness at all. I had been getting 1 to 3 new pimples weekly prior to starting Absorica so im not surprised I have a new pimple close to my lip on the left side. I also have a new pimple below my right eye brow but its not noticeable at all. I can feel the bump though and it hurts.
  10. Well it looks like Im going back on accutane. I was first on it when I was 26. I had a log on here from my initial experience. Was hoping to continue it but its been archived. But a quick recap. I had mild acne since Puberty. My family physician put ne on prescription creams and birth control but it never went away. Tried proactiv and no results. In my early twenties it turned to moderate cystic acne and I decided to see a dermatologist. She had me try so many products (differin gel, duoc, retin A, antibiotics, etc) with little results. She finally put me on tazorac which was a big help. I wasnt all the way cleared but it drastically Improved my skin but I still had very oily skin. She suggested Accutane and I went on it for six months. My first month after accutane my skin was clear and the oiliness was gone. The oil came back though - after the first month. Pimples started popping up regularly but not as bad as before. My derm put me back on Tazorac and Aczone and I have been on it since. She periodically gives me antibiotics when im having unusually bad breakouts. Im 31 now. Still seeing the same dermatologist so she knows my skin very welll. My acne today isnt bad but it seems like it maybe getting worse than I have had the last few years. My pimples are popping up more frequently and im having the blind ones with no head. They last a long time. I went back to my dermatologist earlier this month for antibiotics and this time she said she was recommending I go back on accutane. Im not happy about it but even she has noticed my acne is worst than its been. Its even started on my chest and back. Well I agreed to go back on it and Im starting after I get my blood work done in two weeks. Does anyone have any experience with a second course of accutane for mild acne? Im anxious about being 31 and having an initial breakout. Ugh, im starting a new log and will update with pics.