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  1. Day 103: Still taking 80mg of absorica. Weirdly enough the eye dryness has gotten better. I had a pimple pop up under my chin a few days ago. It left a red spot. The cyst I had (the one that I got a cortisone shot on) left a bump that doesnt seem to want to go away. At least it isn't red so that's a positive. I still got the two bumps on the side of my lips but those have really gone down but remain pinkish. Overall things are going well.
  2. Day 96: I got a small cyst on each side of my lips since I last posted. They are healing up, still red and peeling a bit. There is still a bump on my cheek from the cyst that I got a cortisone shot for. At least it aint red.
  3. Day 88: That cortisone shot helped so much. Its still raised but looks so much better that it did this past Monday.
  4. I think you will be fine. It's not like antibiotics that you have to take on certain hourly intervals to keep the levels in your body at a constant. Im starting 80mg tomorrow been on 60mg this past month. My derm said i could take them all at once or take one in the morning and one at night.
  5. Ill be starting my fourth month on accutane in a fews days. I been 20, 40, and 60mg. Moving up to 80mg in a few days. I developed a pretty badly inflamed pimple on my cheek, 80 days into treatment. Its the type that doesnt have a head. Saw my derm today and she was surprised to see it since by now I should be seeing more clearing and not breaking out as much. She said that it was really inflamed and suggested a cortisone shot and antibiotics for ten days. So i jumped at it. I need it gone, ASAP. Does anyone know how long it takes for the pimple to go down? When does the redness go away? Like its really messing with my self esteem. I been hiding in my office all day.
  6. Day 84: I went to my derm today. She was surprised to see the inflamed pimple on my cheek and the other spots on my face. She said by now I should be clearing and not having as many new ones. The one on my cheek has been throbbing and is really inflamed. She actually suggested a cortisone shot to make it go down and put me on antibiotics for ten days. This was my first time getting a cortisone shot. Im feeling pretty down I mean it looks terrible and birthday is like a wek and a half a way. It has gone down a bit since the shot but the redness is still there. The first pic of the one on my cheek was from yesterday. The second pic below was taken like 4 hrs after she gave me the shot. Oh, she also changed my dose to 80mg. Ill start taking that dose in six days. Since my skin hasnt been drying as much she said to go back to using Aczone everyday, unless my skin cant tolerate it anymore. This sucks
  7. Day 82: Yup still getting pimples. Havent cleared yet, smh. I go back to see my dermatologist on Tuesday.
  8. Accutane 2017

    Im on my third month. I just updated my log. I update it at least once a week and usually include pics. My post is the one with the title that goes something like - going back on accutane after 4 years (w/pics). Check it out if you like
  9. Accutane and preventing more acne

    Im 77 days in and I still have random pimples popping up. I wash my face every night with ceravae hydrating cleanser and use ceravae lotion in the morning.
  10. Day 77: Three active pimples right now. Two on both sides of my lips and one on the side of my face. Just when I thought I was clearing up, more pop up. Using more lotion quickly cleared up the dry thing on my hands.
  11. Accutane Finally @ 29

    Good luck on your journey. Im on my second course of accutance. This time around my acne wasnt as bad as when I went on the first time. Im hoping this does the trick.
  12. Day 69: The pimple on my forehead cleared up. It left a pink mark. No active pimples right now. Im still using aczone here and there. Not often at all maybe twice a week. Im using it just on the areas of my face that seem to break out most or on spots where I feel a pimple brewing. Im doing pretty good though. The skin on my face isn't dry which im surprised at. Last time I was on accutane, the skin on my face was peeling and flaking. I think it's because im using Cervae this time. In my opinion, it's a way better facial lotion than Cetaphil. I have been using aquaphor religiously and I havent had any lip cracking. Still using the eye drops at night. Eyes are dry when I wake up but Its manageable. Still wearing my contacts daily. I have noticed some little scabs on my hands which seem to have been caused by dry skin. It's like a dry skin rash. The top of my hands are a little rough to the touch. I been picking at the little scabs. I cant help it, lol. In my pics, the darker spots you see on my hands are the little scabs im talking about. Seems to be improving now that im using lotion on my hands like four times a day.
  13. Day 64: So Im taking 30mg in the morning and 30mg at night. Havent seen any worsening of side effects. Last time I was on accutane I had a lot of skin flaking and my lips were cracked often. So far I have barely got flaking. Only around a pimple that was drying out. My lips are dry but aquaphor is working fine. My eyes are dry but the eye drops are helping alot. As far as pimples - i got a new one on the right side of my forehead above my eyebrow. I got another on my chin - left side. Other than that I been relatively clear just hyper pigmentation from old spots.
  14. Should I request Absorica brand?

    Like the writer above I was on Claravis during my first course. Im on my second course (4yrs later) and my doc put me on absorica. She said that it absorbs better than the other brands and doesnt require you eat the high fat diet. So far its been working well.
  15. My isotretinoin journey

    Wow that is pretty expensive. Im assuming this is without health insurance?
  16. Thanks for the advice. I think taking one dose after breakfast and one after dinner may help with not waking up with my eyes feeling like a desert. That's been my biggest issue. Day 60: Today, Im taking my last 40mg pill and I move up to 60mg tomorrow. My eyes continue to be pretty dry in the morning. Im still wearing contacts ( I only wear them during the day) but its difficult. I have to use drops during the day to help with dryness. I saw my optometrist today and was telling her about being on the accutane (Absorica) and that my eyes are dry. She recommended Refresh Extended Therapy Gel Drops that should help some.
  17. Accutane Journey - Stephen

    How long are your pimples lasting? I noticed mine take forever to clear up
  18. Day 58: I went to the derm this past Tuesday. She is increasing me to 60mg. Ill start 60mg on Sunday. She said I can take it all at once or take one in the morning and the other at night. Havent decided which ima do. Ive had some skin flaking around my pimples. Also, i havent drank almost any water the last several days so might be a reason for it too. Got a new pimple under my chin. Got a lot of hyperpigmentation from old spots.
  19. Day 54: Went to Red Robins today. Bad idea. The corners of my mouth cracked a but when I went to open wide enough to take a bite out of my burger. Just slathered on a crap load of aquaphor. Smh got these damn pimples on the right side of my face. Man do they take forever to clear up. Like the bumps have been sticking around for weeks and they are so notiecable. And the pimples are so red. They dont have head. It's so embarassing. Im so over the "initial breakout"
  20. How long did it take for you to dry out?

    I startdd on 20mg in January. My skin was pretty oily. By day 19, my skin was almost completely dried out.
  21. Day 51: Seriously getting annoyed with the eye dryness. I wake up every morning and my eyes are crazy dry. Usually they are fine after several minutes. Wearing contacts has been a little more difficult. They feel dried out by late afternoon. Been using rewetting drops. I got some new pimples. These I cant hide behind my hair and are more so on the left side of my face. My right side Is clearing up. Just redness left where the pimples were. Today, im feeling kind of down. Don't think it's due to the medication though. Just not feeling happy with some things in my life.
  22. 4th month on accutane

    Hang in there. I know it's difficult but it takes some time for accutane to work. Just think about how much clearer your face will be when you are done.
  23. I think it has something to do with the low dose. I had mild acne. On my second course. My derm prefers to start patients at a low dose and work up since it helps your body get use the medication and she says gives you a less severe breakout. Im on my second month (this is my second course of accutane). My first month I was on 20mg and I used moved up to 40mg. I had a steady flow of pimples.
  24. Im 46 days into my second course of accutane. Let me know if you have any questions. I have a log in here if u wanna check it out.
  25. Accutane and its IB

    What dose are you on?