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  1. kkass added a topic in Scar / red mark treatments   

    Orange peel skin - What are my options?
    I'm using Green Cream and Mandelic acid which are controlling my hormonal acne. However because my skin is clearer now, my huge pores are more noticeable. Actually they're between ice-pick scars and large pores, very deep holes that my my skin saggy. To make matters worse, I have oily skin so my skin has a "waxy" complexion all the time. So my skin literally looks like an orange peel. Is there any viable treatment that can improve my overall complexion, or smooth out my pores somehow?
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  2. kkass added a post in a topic Mandelic acid is amazing against blackheads and acne ...   

    I just wanted to thank LionQueen for this thread and also praise Mandelic Acid + Green Cream. I didn't break out very often, probably 3-4 red bumps a month but they used to get really big and leave red marks that took forever to fade. I think I had hormonal acne because about two years ago I started to develop the acne mostly on my jawline and on the sides of my forehead, really large red bumps. So about 6 weeks ago I started to use Green Cream and Nucelle mandelic serum and the difference has been amazing. At first, I purged a little with tiny white heads but they have already gone away and haven't left any marks. Then my skin cleared up and the old marks are actually fading way faster than they used to.

    At first I tried a sample of Vivant 15% mandelic acid and it cleared my deep blackheads. Then I moved to Green Cream and 10% Nucelle mandelic acid, but the blackheads came back with a vengance. Now I'm using 10% Nucelle MA plus moisturizing in the mornings, and 15% Nucelle mandelic acid plus Green Cream at night and my jawline is completely clear for the first time in two years. Green Cream makes my skin more oily so I stopped using it during the day, the mandelic acid serum actually is great for controlling my still very oily skin.
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  3. kkass added a post in a topic Blue/red light faq   

    Thank you for your reply. Do you think this might worth the price? It seems to fit within the range but it's awfully expensive. I don't break out that much but when I do I end up with a big red mark on my face that takes forever to fade, and I'm sick of wasting my money on lotions that don't work.

    I just read that the unit is the pro version, but I read that they're gonna have a consumer version with similar specifications for a fraction of the price.
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  4. kkass added a post in a topic Blue/red light faq   

    So would this just not work?


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